gamescom 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Details

Cross compatible multiplayer and data.

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gamescom 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Details
Capcom has revealed some tasty morsels of information regarding the Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken. Included in the list - touch controls, boost gems and console sharing with PlayStation 3.

The touch screen and rear touch pad controls relate to the game's 'novice' mode, to allow beginners to get to grips with the gameplay mechanics. Tapping the front touch screen performs regular moves, swipes pull of specials, and the rear touch pad switches characters.

Players can also customise their Boost Gems to give themselves a strategic advantage, and among some of the new multiplayer and Vita-specific features you'll also be able to use AR to see little Ryus and Kens hop about on your coffee table.

Best of all, is the news that data between the Vita and PS3 versions will be shared, and multiplayer modes will be cross-compatible.


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