Mega Man X Command Mission

He's blue, he's got bombs and he's back

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Did somebody light a match?
Did somebody light a match?
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Capcom has been putting little old Mega Man through his paces over the last few months. Retrospective anthologies, 3D action games, 2D platformers... the sweet blue chappie must hardly know whether he?s coming or going. To add to this cocktail of confusion, Mega Man is now getting the full RPG treatment on GameCube and PS2 as "Mega Man X Command Mission" gets a US release this summer.

Appropriately for a cartoon-style franchise, though wearing a little thin, Command Mission is a cel-shaded affair and is set within colourful three dimensional environments. In terms of these visuals, Capcom has done a sterling job in staying true to the Mega Man style. Fans of mecha manga will find much to appreciate here.

The game itself will be one of the more combat focused RPGs out there (Virtua Quest excepted), with many of the upgrades revolving around new special moves and weaponry. These are utilised by carefully organising the three (out of a choice of seven) members of your team to maximum effect. Hopefully gameplay will reach beyond just the strategic fighting, otherwise it could turn out to be a disappointingly shallow affair.


Joji 14 May 2004 00:45
Another Bring me more. Megaman is cool.
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