Steel Battalion Clunks Online

Big tanks, big joysticks and big ideas for online play.

Posted by Staff
Steel Battalion: Line Of Combat has been confirmed for use with Xbox Live. So if the enormous joystick/dashboard unit wasn't enough, now you'll get all that headset malarkey as well (you could even don your camo gear for even extra realism). Bearing in mind that Steel Battalion joystick owners probably pay a separate council tax bill for their peripherals, we're sure the opportunity for expanded play will be welcomed.

There'll be a choice of 10 different Vertical Tanks which can be selected to stomp around the battlefields, wreaking havoc as they go. The online battlefields do sound impressive, as Capcom are building a bespoke world for the VTs to fight for. This will evolve and shift constantly as different teams claim their respective territories, providing an ongoing challenge for all the VT pilots out there.

Steel Battallion: Line Of combat is due out early 2004.


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