Street Fighter X Tekken Rebalances Ryu, Gems System

Capcom being shy on specifics, however.

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Street Fighter X Tekken Rebalances Ryu, Gems System
Capcom is lining up a rather meaty rebalancing update for Street Fighter X Tekken, but the company is remaining tight-lipped on exactly what tweaks have been made besides a significant nerfing of Ryu. Contrary to player feedback, the developer has also said the gems system, while improved, will remain.

Producer Tomoaki Ayano explained to Siliconera that Ryu's Hurricane Kick was one of the moves rejigged for the balance update, by "reducing the hit box and reduced the number of frames of advantage it has." He added that "Every character is getting some kind of gameplay fix or rebalance like Rolento’s standing jab," but wouldn't go into further details.

Gems are being rebalanced too, so that players using them will end up seeing more of a difference in play. "In terms of gems, we’re rebalancing the auto-throw and auto-block gems. These were gems initially intended for beginners, but as it turns out they are really good for experienced players as well.

"We’re going to increase the amount of [super] meter they take... as well as the number of gem slots they take. In addition to that, the auto-block gem used to only drain your meter if you blocked incorrectly. Now it will drain your meter even if you block normally. Basically, you won’t have any super meter for the entire battle if you select this."

Ayano concluded that the gems system is an "integral part of what we envisioned Street Fighter X Tekken could be," suggesting that they will not be removed from the game.


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