Got info on SCEE?
Full name: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Established: 1995

Established in 1995, the London-based Sony PlayStation Division serves Europe, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA) and Australasia.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

SCEE's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1995 title, "Cybersled" (PlayStation).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, PC, PSVita, PS3, PS2, PSP and PlayStation. Of these, "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue" (PS3), "Tekken: Dark Resurrection" (PSP), "SingStar Abba" (PS2), "Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters" (PSP), "God of War: Chains of Olympus" (PSP) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "The Last of Us Part II" (PS4).

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PlayStation TV Hardware for Europe News

At long last, additional hardware for steaming games.... but not watching TV

11 Jun 2014

PS4 Figures Could Cheer Nintendo News

Sony sees massive change in fortunes for PlayStation brand as Microsoft trails

04 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Stolen News

Thief takes the top spot from LEGO

03 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Everything is Awesome News

LEGO movie tie-on remains on top of an illusion of choice.

24 Feb 2014

UK PS4 Supply Fix in April News

Limited supply to be cleared up after Easter by Sony as PS4 launches in Japan

21 Feb 2014

Europe's Largest PlayStation "Teaching Lab" Opens News

Abertay University teams up with PlayStationFirst with Vitas

21 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Broken by LEGO News

The Lego Movie Videogame has shaken up the Top 20 of the UK video game charts

17 Feb 2014

The Last of Us: Left Behind Gets Full Trailer News

Plus, a behind the scenes interview

23 Jan 2014

PS4 166k Consoles Ahead of Xbox One in UK News

But physical game sales down

02 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Crashes News

Sony's PS3-only title has a terrible opening

09 Dec 2013

Sony Seeks to Justify Digital PS4 Game Pricing News

Says it is trying to keep retail healthy

29 Nov 2013

New Gran Turismo 6 Trailer and In-Depth Blurb Revealed News

Loads of details revealed

05 Nov 2013

PlayStation Memories Video Brings on the Nostalgia News

Nearly 20 years of PlayStation celebrated

21 Oct 2013

Xbox One Will Sell More than PS4 says UK Retail News

John Lewis more comfortable with Microsoft than Sony

10 Oct 2013

Sony Respond to PS4 Price Changing Scandal News

After SimplyGames forces up pre-order costs for PS4, Sony dives in

07 Oct 2013

Psygnosis to Return as Online Broadcaster? News

Famous Scouse Lemmings maker gets new interest from Sony

01 Oct 2013

Sony: In 2015 PlayStation Will Be "With and Without Boxes" News

UK boss dances round Gaikai delay

30 Sep 2013

ShopTo Says PS4 Games Have SRP of £54.99 or £59.99 News

It's a dubious claim, though

27 Sep 2013

No Single-Player Save Ports for Xbox One or PS4 News

Multiplayer carry-over only for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4

27 Sep 2013

Sony Confirms Killzone PS4 for UK News

The one we all wanted to happen is happening

26 Sep 2013

Sony: PlayStation Vita Wasn't Ready for Tablets and Fremium News

Handheld about to come into its prime, apparently

30 Aug 2013

Sony Apologises for GTA V Blunder News

Grand Theft Auto V Leak has now been patched

27 Aug 2013

Sony to Announce PS4 'Release Plans' at Gamescom News

Date looks likely

16 Aug 2013

Rumour: Sony Halts PS4 Preorders News

Microsoft says it's 'working hard' to meet Xbox One demand

08 Aug 2013

PlayStation's DriveClub Will Adapt on the Fly News

"DriveClub will apparently adapt to community behaviours and iterate accordingly..."

05 Aug 2013

Sony: PS4's Digital Library Means You Can Play on Any Machine News

Blu-ray will also have background installation

11 Jul 2013

Huge Security Flaw Discovered in PS3 Firmware 4.31 News

Security firm approached Sony six months ago, corporation slow to respond.

29 May 2013

Report: Sony Mandates Remote Play for PS4 Development News

PS Eye games are the only ones excepted.

29 May 2013

The Witness Developer Video Highlights Indie Benefits News

Jonathan Blow talks open-world puzzles.

24 May 2013

Gran Turismo 6 Outed Ahead of Formal Reveal Tonight News

Obviously an accident.

15 May 2013

Sony Teases "Amazing" Vita Game Announcement News

And it's not an indie title, either.

10 May 2013

Huge Down Time as PlayStartion Network Off for 17 Hours News

Maintenance as "big changes" are occurring within SCEE

12 Apr 2013

Sony Claims Top UK Console Manufacturer Position News

Comes straight out and says it, but where are the figures?

08 Mar 2013

PS4: First Knack Screens Nibble

21 Feb 2013

Europe Gets New PS3 YouTube App - Pix and Deets Here News

Possibly a little familiar if you've got the USA version though?

11 Feb 2013

Rumour: Killzone 4 Will Be Announced Alongside PlayStation 4 News

Could be a launch title.

11 Feb 2013

Sony Does Awesome PR Job with PlayStation Prince Harry News

He's good with his thumbs.

22 Jan 2013

Shadow of the Colossus Movie is Not Dead - A New Writer Appears News

This has been going since 2009.

08 Jan 2013

UK PlayStation Store Having Problems News

Slow and re-directing to older Store

18 Oct 2012

Free-to-Play Future for SingStar Teased as PS3 Viewer is Discontinued News

Reveal expected later this week.

15 Oct 2012

PlayStation Store - New Look - New Feel Now Dated News

Sony finally makes the much needed changes to its online PlayStation offering

11 Oct 2012

Sony Claims 5 Million PlayStation Sales in the UK News

Brands the console as 'iconic' and claims big number

11 Oct 2012

PlayStation Mobile Live in the UK - Game List Here News

PlayStation Vita plus Android and Sony phones to benefit

03 Oct 2012

Sony "Nowhere Close to Giving Up on PS3" News

Did anybody say that Sony was close to giving up on its console?

01 Oct 2012

PS3 Sees 138 Percent Sales Boost on Super Slim Launch News

500GB top-loading model sparks sales frenzy.

01 Oct 2012

Sony: 3D Gaming Not Hugely Important Right Now News

Consumers have voted against Sony's 3D push with their wallets.

01 Oct 2012

God of War Film: Kratos to Follow in Batman's Footsteps News

Movie to focus on Kratos's roots

31 Aug 2012

120+ PSOne Games for PlayStation Vita in Europe News

Take your pick of historic gaming goodness

28 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: PlayStation Plus Gets Storage Upgrade News

Red Dead Redemption to be next free-to-play game.

15 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: Sony Unveils PlayStation Mobile News

Seamless content between tablets, phones and Vita.

14 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: SCEE Introduces Cross Buy News

Q-Force coming to Vita.

14 Aug 2012

Sony: Vita Hasn't "Hit the Spot Just Yet" News

But killer software is coming!

02 Aug 2012

PlayStation Store Update: Dead Space 2 Free for Plus Members News

Rock of Ages also, finally, released.

01 Aug 2012

PSN Shooter Retro/Grade Launching in August News

Can be played with a guitar controller.

31 Jul 2012

PlayStation Network Downtime - Excitement Holds News

PSN having some updating work done...

24 Jul 2012

Red, White and Silver PS3s Hit Store Shelves News

Released on the sneak, it seems.

24 Jul 2012

Sony: "No Definitive Plans" for Resistance News

Burning Skies on Vita title is the last one for a while.

26 Jun 2012

Sony Might Be Not Go Major European Video Games Show News

Major blow to gamescom if Sony decides not to go.

07 Jun 2012

Sony Financials in a Bad State - PS3 Sales Down News

Look away everybody, it's all going well, don't worry about Sony

10 May 2012

Exclusive: Sony Admits It's Not Been Easy to Develop for PS3 News

Vita is very developer-friendly.

22 Feb 2012

Sony Smacks Apple: "Vita is the True Next-Gen Handheld" News

Even more than the PSP - but competitor devices too.

22 Feb 2012

PlayStation Vita: "We've Gone Above and Beyond PS3" News

Hundreds queue up for Sony's next handheld device.

22 Feb 2012

PlayStation Vita Euro Trailer - Multi-Language Hipsters News

Euro-ads are always hilarious... let's enjoy the Vita launch one.

14 Feb 2012

PlayStation Vita: PSN Games Priced - MotorStorm RC Sub £5 News

SCEE lets the pricing for PSN first-party titles loose.

13 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur Hits Home Run News

Darkness also falls across all formats and all prices

13 Feb 2012

Sony Says Tetris was Best Selling PSN Title of 2011 News

Yes, Tetris beats Res Evil 4 and Mortal Kombat

24 Jan 2012

Sony Denies PlayStation Vita Launch Problems News

SCEE's head of PR makes no bones about it.

21 Dec 2011

Sony: "Undesirable" to Launch PS4 Later than the Competition News

But can it keep up with Microsoft?

24 Nov 2011

PlayStation Vita Gets Launch Shooter - UPDATE News

PS Vita launch line-up builds

23 Nov 2011

Sony Confirms Vodafone as PlayStation Vita 3G Partner News

The UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands get Vodafone

21 Nov 2011

PlayStation Store Updates are In: Battlefield 3 and All News

Battlefield 3 and more...

26 Oct 2011

Sony Provides UK PlayStation Pricing but No Data Plans News

PSP2 (Vita) pricing for UK is... but no data pricing

19 Oct 2011

PlayStation Launch and Pricing Date Fixed for Europe News

PS Vita pricing not for the UK quite yet.

19 Oct 2011

Winning Eleven Wins on PS3 in Japan Game Charts News

Media Create Charts are in...

13 Oct 2011

Starhawk Beta Codes Bundled with Uncharted 3 News

Shoot people in the modern day, then shoot them in the future. In space!

12 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Resists RAGE for Top Spot News

Dark Souls debuts at #3! Hurrah!

10 Oct 2011

Man in Real Car Beats Other Men in Fake Cars in Race News

David Clouthard is as exciting as it sounds! Really!

12 Sep 2011

EA: Vita has "Better Chance" of Succeeding than 3DS News

Big supporter of Sony's handheld.

26 Aug 2011

Sony Kicks off Massive PSP Software Sale News

Unfortunately, it's only temporary.

25 Aug 2011

Sony: We Don't Want 3D in Every Game News

People not interested in the technology if implemented incorrectly.

24 Aug 2011

PS3 Price Drop Prompts Sales Spike News

Big advertising push still to come

22 Aug 2011

Battlefield 3 Best Game at Gamescom - EA Wins Big News

EA gets plenty of wins, actually.

17 Aug 2011

inFAMOUS 2 Gets Blood-Sucking Downloadable Episode News

Festival of Blood expands on Cole's story.

17 Aug 2011

Sony Officially Announced PlayStation 3 Price Cut News

But Amazon beat them to it.

16 Aug 2011

PlayStation Vita Getting Gothic Survival Platformer, Escape Plan News

Gothic black and white action game.

16 Aug 2011

Sony Announced Sub 100 Euro PSP News

No wifi

16 Aug 2011

Resistance: Burning Skies Announced at Gamescom News

Tilt and touch screen controls featured.

16 Aug 2011

GAME Selling PSN Games in Store News

Red Dead PSN Redemption.

15 Aug 2011

Sony Gamescom Conference to be Streamed on PlayStation Home News

A reason to use PlayStation Home this year!

11 Aug 2011

SCEE to Replace PSP of Boy Attacked in London Riots News

Ashraf Haziq story goes viral.

10 Aug 2011

Fresh Videos of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Astound News

Intro sequences to both games in HD.

10 Aug 2011

No EA Sports 'Season Ticket' for PS3 in Europe News

EA hasn't reached an agreement with Sony

03 Aug 2011

Sony Reveals Vita-to-PS3 Connectivity Features News

Use the Vita as a PS3 controller, for a start.

02 Aug 2011

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Studio Snapped Up by Sony News

Making games exclusively for Sony platforms.

20 Jul 2011

New Uncharted Movie Director 'Starting from Scratch' News

And yes, he likes Nathan Fillion

19 Jul 2011

FirstPlay Shut Down, New PS3 Programme Emerges News

Future Publishing still working with SCEE.

13 Jul 2011

Novarama Becomes Sony-Exclusive Developer News

Invizimals developer now first party.

29 Jun 2011

Bad Santa! PlayStation Vita to Miss Xmas Launch News

Sources close to Sony say so

24 Jun 2011

Sony UK Says Microsoft Kinect Lacks 'Legs' News

And PlayStation Vita will fulfil business speak

17 Jun 2011

inFAMOUS 2 Hitting Europe Early June News

Multiple hardware bundles and special editions planned.

17 May 2011

Soul Searching Sony Supremo Slings Hook News

Ray Maguire resigns

05 Apr 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Gotta Catch 'Em All! News

Everyone wants to be a Pokemon master.

07 Mar 2011

Sony Hits Another Hacker Problem - Threatens a Million Euro Suit News

Hacker refuses to bow down

28 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Returns to Top Spot News

Fights Marvel vs Capcom 3 for #1 position.

21 Feb 2011

Sony on PS4 in Developement - We're Not Saying News

Also, more Moves on the way.

08 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Isaac Calling the Shots News

Dead Space 2 holds on a second week at #1.

07 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Sackboy Sacks off EA, Ubisoft and Activision News

LittleBigPlanet 2 Blow Black Ops

24 Jan 2011

Motorstorm Apocalypse: Dated and Cover-Arted News

It's coming folks

13 Jan 2011

Toyota to Offer Free LittleBigPlanet 2 Content News

Be sure not to crash.

12 Jan 2011

PlayStation App for iPhone and Android Now Available News

Is there an XMB for that?

12 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Still Top of Table News

Fitness reigns.

10 Jan 2011

Killzone 3 Story Trailer: Right Now News

Get it while it's hot

06 Jan 2011

Capcom Calls Sony Out on Lack of Super Street Fighter IV Costumes News

Platform holder doesn't pay additional DLC costs.

05 Jan 2011

PS3 Custom Firmware Now Possible News

Won't allow piracy... yet.

05 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Takes Black Ops News

Final week of 2010 chart domination denied!

04 Jan 2011

Hackers Crack PS3 Security For Good News

Who needs a set of encryption keys?

04 Jan 2011

Rumour: Playstation Phone to See April 2011 Release News

Yeah, it's the PlayStation Phone again

22 Dec 2010

SCEE Boss Never Doubted 2010 Release for GT5 News

'Strong confidence' at Sony

22 Dec 2010

PS3 Takes Over UK Games Top 10 for Christmas News

Going to have a good party

21 Dec 2010

Retail Listing Suggests LittleBigPlanet 2 PSP News

Sequel gets shrunk

20 Dec 2010

US and UK SingStar Stores Get Merged News

Cross the Atlantic and brought together

15 Dec 2010

PSN Mobile App Hinted News

Do what you gotta do, on the move.

15 Dec 2010

SCEE: Digital Retail Needs Design Change News

Confusing to browse and a lack of search options.

14 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Cataclysm Challenges FIFA News

Black Ops still #1.

13 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Comes Back News

GT5 knocked down to 4th.

06 Dec 2010

Uncharted Movie to Feature Extended Drake Family News

Progress moving apace.

02 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Overtakes Black Ops News

Disney Epic Mickey failed to chart.

29 Nov 2010

GT5 November 24th Launch Confirmed for UK - Trailered News

Worldwide launch then

12 Nov 2010

GT5 Get November 24th Release Date - That's 2010 News

Not another false start please

12 Nov 2010

Sony Confirms UK PSP Go Price Gutting News

Yes, gutting

25 Oct 2010

Sony Move's 1.5m European Units News

SCEE bigs up sales

15 Oct 2010

SCEE: GT 5 Delay Will Be Short News

The game will live up to expectations

15 Oct 2010

Sony Ends PSP Dev Kit Supply News

Phasing them out for PSP2 launch?

07 Oct 2010

Sony's £2m Move Marketing Targets Supermarkets, X-Factor News

Not so much word of mouth

10 Sep 2010

Sony's iTunes Challenger Confimed for PS3 News

Music to come from the cloud

02 Sep 2010

Sony Pins PS3 3D Update to October News

Firmware update will miss September

02 Sep 2010

THQ and Sony Looking to Slam Pre-Owned Gaming News

Smackdown vs RAW 2011 to come with locked online play.

23 Aug 2010

Sony: 3D No Significant Dev Cost for Games News

Senior UK exec makes the call

19 Aug 2010

ITV on Demand is Coming to PS3 News

Details from Gamescom confirm collaboration between Sony and ITV

18 Aug 2010

Sony Gamescom 2010: Resistance 3 Rolled Out News

And some final factlets for you

17 Aug 2010

Sony Gamescom 2010: New Ratchet and Clank Revealed News

And a few more factettes

17 Aug 2010

Sony Gamescom 2010: MAG Gets Move News

And some more snippets to keep you going.

17 Aug 2010

Sony's Gamescom Event - GT5 November 3rd in Europe News

And a few more factoids

17 Aug 2010

Killzone 3 the Beta Gets Going News

Players will be able to try the latest instalment soon

09 Aug 2010

Channel 4 On Demand to PS3 News

Anonymous source speaks up

06 Aug 2010

Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition Europe Detailed - £150 News

Play in a supercar, win a supercar.

04 Aug 2010

PS3 Move Starter Pack Contents Priced & Detailed News

And price re-affirmed

29 Jul 2010

Sony Slims PS3 Firmware Updates News

Less of a download for firmware updates

28 Jul 2010

Sony Teams Up With Indie Games Label for Home News

Will take advantage of the Central Plaza space for social times.

20 Jul 2010

Sony SingStar Man: EA Could have Quality Problems with Rock Band Network News

Also, spinning DLC to users is interesting.

16 Jul 2010

Tax Relief Scandal: Activision, Sony Could Pull UK Investment News

But that's two out of the 'sabotage' scandal

30 Jun 2010

PlayStation Plus UK Pricing Confirmed News

SCEE delivers the cost

16 Jun 2010

PS3's 3D Games Named News

Stereoscopic that is

10 Jun 2010

PlayStation Home To Come Out Of Beta This Year News

So says key developer in Dundee.

27 May 2010

Ape Escape Official "Fan-Page" Talks PS3 Sequel News

Official Twitter page links through to suspicious third-party site, to open in June 2010.

27 May 2010

Sony's UK President Confirms Paid For PSN News

Andrew House drops the bomb

26 May 2010

LittleBigPlanet PSP - Why There's No Multiplayer and Won't Be News

We speak to the men who know.

21 May 2010

LittleBigPlanet 2 - First Trailer News

Link levels to make full games

10 May 2010

Sony Admits PlayStation Nework - Call of Duty and Wallet Problems News

Things are in hand apprently

06 May 2010

Amazon Issues Refund on PS3 'Other OS' Removal News

20% for withdrawal of advertised feature

09 Apr 2010

Ex Sony MD Moves to Capcom News

Becomes COO of Capcom Europe

31 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Chaos Reigns News

Just Cause 2 destroys competition this week.

29 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

ModNation Racers Release Date Announced News

US date revealed, and a ballpark window for Europe. Plus, boxart.

16 Mar 2010

UK Games Charts 2010 Week 9 - Bad Companies 4 Lyfe News

DICE's sequel outsells original Bad Company almost 3:1

08 Mar 2010

God of War III EU Release Date Confirmed News

But no GoW 1 and 2 remake for you yet.

01 Mar 2010

UPDATE: Sony Computer Entertainment Dies and Rises News

Kaz Hirai to lead new division for better network integration.

24 Feb 2010

UK Charts: EA And Ubisoft Dance Off News

Mass Effect 2 pips Just Dance to #1.

08 Feb 2010

God of War III Hitting US 16th March - Europe Same Week News

Plus: Box art and incoming trailer details.

29 Jan 2010

Rumour: Rockstar Spent Over $20 Million On L.A. Noire Since 2006 News

Has been revamped, ported and delayed four times over.

26 Jan 2010

iPhone Hacker Breaks Into PlayStation 3 News

Complete hack details to be revealed online soon.

26 Jan 2010

BBFC Confirms God of War Collection for UK? News

BBFC rating suggests British release

22 Jan 2010

MAG Open Beta Launches Finally News

After a few hiccups yesterday, the game is now fully operational.

05 Jan 2010

PlayStation Home Gets TV Show - Not Big Brother News

Community news and updates from SCEE.

05 Jan 2010

UPDATED: Did 1 Million Users Make PlayStation Home in the Last Week? News

Plus: new Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank spaces

18 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home European Sodium One Break-Down News

It's all detailed here...

17 Dec 2009

DS Trumps PS2 as Best Selling UK Console Ever News

Passes the 10 million mark

10 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home: Get Your Tree House, Meet Santa News

Plus: new MotorStorm space, flashing light hats

09 Dec 2009

PSP Comics - Some Publishers, Little Spark News

Plus: more freebies

27 Nov 2009

Sony's House & The Confused PSP Go Economics News

Price can take some blame

26 Nov 2009

MAG Beta Code Give-Aways for SPOnG Readers News

Beta extended - you can get a code!

23 Nov 2009

PSP Get Your Comics Reader - Just no Comics News

Plus: new Media Go features

20 Nov 2009

PlayStation Video Store Hits Europe Today News

SCEE launch over 2,000 films for the service.

19 Nov 2009

PS3 Europe: Firmware 3.10 Detailed News

We catch up with the USA

18 Nov 2009

Braid for PlayStation Dated - It's Soon News

November 12th

04 Nov 2009

PlayStation Video Store Pre Xmas List News

Movies to watch when games get too dull.

04 Nov 2009

Digital Distribution Will "Outstrip Traditional Retail" by 2013 News

London Games Conference to discuss inevitable overtake of digital media.

07 Oct 2009

Four UK Retailers Slash PSP Go To £199 News

Amazon,, HMV and GAME selling well under RRP.

06 Oct 2009

SCEE PSP Go Sales Up to Expectations News

Everybody's happy

05 Oct 2009

Firmware Update v6.10 Good to PSP Go News

SensMe and Tethering introduced

01 Oct 2009

BBC's Watchdog PS3 Show FAIL News

Ridiculous farce of a 'show'

18 Sep 2009

Sony Snaps at BBC over PS3 Failure Report News

Calls in the numbers

17 Sep 2009

16 Thousand PS3 Mag Beta Codes to Give Away News

European multi-player madness.

15 Sep 2009

WipEout HD Slips to a Disc News

Blu-ray for Liverpool racer

14 Sep 2009

SCEE: PSP Minis Could Come On UMD News

Cheap, downloadable games considered for physical disc format.

11 Sep 2009

Sony Release PSP Firmware 6.00 News

Light on features, heavy on preparation?

10 Sep 2009

PS3 Slimpact: Sony Refuses To Comment On Sales News

MCV throws out potential figures, while SCEE's lips are sealed.

09 Sep 2009

Sony on PS3 Themes "We Missed Publishing Window" News

Plus Uncharted still broken

09 Sep 2009

Sony Scotches Gran Turismo 5 UK Release Date Rumour News

SCEE says "there's no validity" to the rumour.

08 Sep 2009

France: PS3 Slim Sales Shoot Up 1000% News

La Tribune publishes huge increase in console sales.

08 Sep 2009

SCEE to Address PS3 Firmware 3.0 Issues Today News

Sony to break silence on user issues on blog.

08 Sep 2009

Confirmed: PS3 Sales Up More than 1,000% News

11-fold increase

07 Sep 2009

SCEE Clarifies PS3 Install Base Maths News

A little more clarity on the subject

04 Sep 2009

PS3 vs Xbox 360 Install Base Chaos Rears Up News

Install bases differ in calculation and region

03 Sep 2009

Yet more "Make. Believe" from Sony and Playstation News

PS3 is key at this pivotal moment

03 Sep 2009

No God of War Collection for UK in 09 News

SCEE still planning its planning

03 Sep 2009

PS3 Firmware 3.0 Available Now News

Just in time for the slim

01 Sep 2009

DiRT 2 on World Tour - Filthy Footage News

Get it here

28 Aug 2009

Sony for Colin McRae DiRT 2 Timed Exclusive News

Sony steps in on Codemasters' DiRT 2

27 Aug 2009

PSN Going Down Again Today Nibble

25 Aug 2009

GTA Lost and Damned PS3 News is Damned News

Bit of a cock-up on the official front.

21 Aug 2009

Launch Any Game from PlayStation Home News

Plus: shopping gets more real life

20 Aug 2009

Netflix? PlayStation Video Service Detailed News

Lots of decent studios lined up.

19 Aug 2009

PS3 at 10 Million Install Base in Sort of Europe News

Europe, EMEA, SCEE? We can't tell

18 Aug 2009

PlayStation Network Down During Press Briefing News

No live feed from Home then.

18 Aug 2009

SCEE Clarifies 'Slimmer' Cologne Press Briefing News

It's standard length

12 Aug 2009

SDCC 09: Ratchet & Clank - Timely New Shots News

Clank gets some screen time

23 Jul 2009

Killzone 2 Map Bundle Hits Today News

New video!

23 Jul 2009

LittleBigPlanet Gets New Edition News

Game of the Year edition inbound

10 Jul 2009

PlayStation 3 Slim and Backward: Denials, Rumours, Ructions News

Backwards compatibility in a few weeks?

02 Jul 2009

PlayStation 3 Vidzone and the Metal, Dizzee Rascal BBQ News

New playlists added

02 Jul 2009

Video: Evil PMCs in MAG Nibble

01 Jul 2009

Gran Turismo PSP: The New Screenage News

Get them here

26 Jun 2009

Sony Firm on PS3 Price Cut News

Cost and profitability still getting in the way

25 Jun 2009

PSP Go: Sony Wants Non-Gaming Developers News

SDK price drop to help

25 Jun 2009

Feel the PAIN on Blu-ray Nibble

17 Jun 2009

Sony: Motion Control "Essential" to PS3 News

Motion-sensing peripherals have now arrived, apparently

16 Jun 2009

inFamous: Fastest-Selling PS3 First Parter Ever News

First-party new IP

12 Jun 2009

PS3's VidZone Launches Today News

Three solid weeks of music videos to watch

11 Jun 2009

WipEout HD: Furious New DLC Screens News

DLC snapped

11 Jun 2009

Sony PSP Go: Retail Gets Game News

Plus: Still an untapped market for disc-based games

09 Jun 2009

E3 '09: God of War 3 in Action! News

Trailer, screens - the good stuff!

03 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Natal Fury - PS3mote for Sony's Press Conference News

What's Sony got in its pants?

02 Jun 2009

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Not 360 Exclusive News

Kojima teaser site morphs

02 Jun 2009

New PlayStation Hardware - Secret Blown News

UMD out, downloads in

01 Jun 2009

PSP Phone Hint? Sony Ericsson Phone Talks to PS3 News

Remote Play brought to a phone

29 May 2009

Tomorrow's Killzone 2 Patch - Full Details News

Q&A with Guerrilla lead multiplayer designer inside

27 May 2009

Sony Confirms inFamous PS3 Bundle for UK News

Amazon listing is a go.

26 May 2009

Sony Seeks Younger PSP Crowd News

Watch out DS! And maybe avoid the buzz saw.

20 May 2009

PlayStation Europe: Honest Home Admission News

European Home is behind the rest

13 May 2009

Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone Madness News

Phone maker gone mad?

08 May 2009

PS3's Music VidZone Streaming in this Summer News

Music videos coming to a PS3 near you soon

06 May 2009

Sony Grabs Ghostbusters for Timed Exclusive News

Sony grabs from Atari so game coincides with Blu-ray movie release

06 May 2009

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge - Track Screenage News

Tracks detailed

05 May 2009

European PlayStation Store Updates News

inFamous wallpaper ahoy.

30 Apr 2009

Sony: PS3 Will Dominate in a Dead Heat News

It's a tortoise and hare thing

30 Apr 2009

MAG: Great Big New Trailer News

See it here

29 Apr 2009

Capcom Bypasses UMD on PSP Release News

UMD inches ever-closer to death

29 Apr 2009

Sony: The Official Uncharted 2 Multi-Player Facts News

Well, that's a relief

27 Apr 2009

Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Details Leaked? News

Screens here

27 Apr 2009

PS3 Exclusive Character in Batman: Arkham Asylum News

Anything for Xbox?

24 Apr 2009

PS2 Still Leads UK Console Install Base News

Useful figures!

22 Apr 2009

Europe PlayStation Store Update News

Lots of stuff for you PSP or PS3 and both or... erm

16 Apr 2009

PlayStation's European Boss Quits News

Sony Corporation marketing man to replace

15 Apr 2009

inFamous Gets US Date, Dateless in UK News

Still 'TBC' over here

14 Apr 2009

Sony Semi Independent Blog Loses Semi News

EU blog ahoy

09 Apr 2009

Team Ico Game for the Big Screen News

Legend of Chun-Li writer attached

08 Apr 2009

Jak and Daxter Get Lost News

New game coming autumn

02 Apr 2009

Sony: No UK PS2 Price Cut News

Britain won't be joining Europe...

31 Mar 2009

PlayStation Cloud: Sony Versus OnLive? News

PS4 to use streamed gaming?

31 Mar 2009

GDC: Sony Takes Indie PSN Devs to the Pub News

Dev costs matched on exclusive titles

27 Mar 2009

Ratchet and Clank Break Time News

New game heading to PS3

26 Mar 2009

GDC: LittleBigPlanet Only Half Finished! News

Media Molecule wants more accessible level editor

26 Mar 2009

New Pornographers! PlayStation Store Europe: Updates March 09 News

All the new stuff for your PSP... and PS3

20 Mar 2009

Comics Store Coming to PSP? Nibble

17 Mar 2009

Why LittleBigPlanet isn't Downloadable News

Sony shows sensitive side

12 Mar 2009

Official Change4Life Supporter and the Game Controller News

But one company can stop you video gaming death

10 Mar 2009

Red Alert 3: PS3 Demo Coming News

DLC planned

10 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: An Empire Turns Into a Killzone News

Sony shooter laid low

09 Mar 2009

Sony Announces its Millions of PS3s and PSPs News

Big UK milestones hit

05 Mar 2009

Sony Responds to God of War III Release Date News

E3 expected for more info.

04 Mar 2009

Sony Kills Go! Messenger from PSP News

Go! Messenger... gone

23 Feb 2009

Microsoft: Sony is a Barometer of Success News

But we all respect each other.

16 Feb 2009

New MotorStorm 2 Demo and Screens News

Motor Storm Pacific Rift demo available now

13 Feb 2009

Only 'Rule Breakers' Buy Killzone 2 Promos News

Copies going for £212 on eBay

10 Feb 2009

PlayStation Home Patch - Helping You to Exclude News

Exclude people from games!

06 Feb 2009

New Sony PSP 3000 Colours Nibble

06 Feb 2009

Killzone 2 Demo Now Available on EU PSN News

Off you go...

05 Feb 2009

Sony's Reeves Tries to Rope a Dope with PS3 News

Sony just like Muhammad Ali

05 Feb 2009

Reduced Cell for PS3 Mid 2009 News

Plus: Sony's Reeves vs a Straw Man

05 Feb 2009

Uncharted 2: Trigger-Happy Drake News

New screens!

03 Feb 2009

SCEE Reviewing its Media Planning Relationships News

A new advertising agency to go with a new spend?

03 Feb 2009

SCEE Confirms Killzone 2 Demo Details News

All the guff about pre-orders was... guff

02 Feb 2009

Sony: Video Games are Not Recession Proof News

Popular wisdom is wrong

02 Feb 2009

Official Killzone 2 Intro Movie! News

Get it here

29 Jan 2009

European PlayStation Store Update - Jan 29 2009 News

FF XIII trailer meets the Grateful Dead

29 Jan 2009

Finally: Sony's PS3 Adverting Blitz News

Does Sony advertising spend highlight underperformance?

29 Jan 2009

Official - Sony Europe: No Plans for PSP2 News

PSP2 stories 'made up'

27 Jan 2009

PS3 Pricing: Aussie PlayStation Boss Hits Out News

Getting the lawyers in.

27 Jan 2009

Uncharted 2 Screens: Drake in from the Cold News

Summertime and the living is easy.

23 Jan 2009

Arsenal FC: Instant Replays on PSP News

Instant replays and more offered through PSP

22 Jan 2009

Fight! Microsoft Calls Sony Old News

Sony getting complacent

21 Jan 2009

Resistance Action Figures Revealed! News

Plus: Prototype comic listed for April

20 Jan 2009

UK Game Charts: Wii Fit to Bust News

Shaking off the Xmas fat.

19 Jan 2009

US: Nintendo Ruled 2008 News

Xbox 360 outsold PS3 two to one in December

16 Jan 2009

Molyneux [Hearts] LittleBigPlanet News

Lionhead man slaps big "2008's most important creative innovation" sticker on LBP

16 Jan 2009

Killzone 2 Death Opera News

New video here!

13 Jan 2009

Resistance: Retribution Date Unconfirmed News

Coming in March?

09 Jan 2009

Nintendo vs PS3 vs Xbox 360: UK 2008 Sales News

The UK numbers by platform

07 Jan 2009

Christmas PlayStation Network Goodies News

Ways for you to spend tomorrow

24 Dec 2008

PS3 Home: Flying Couch GTA Homage? News

It's a bug's life

18 Dec 2008

Sony Won't Comment on Home Hack News

Telegraph bigs it up

16 Dec 2008

PS3 Backwards Compatibility for SingStar News

Patch coming today

16 Dec 2008

God of War Concluded Says Sony News

Plus: new details!

15 Dec 2008

Uncharted 2: Drake Gets Chilly News

New video right here!

15 Dec 2008

Sony Gaming Losses 'Not that Much' News

Standing by no price cuts

12 Dec 2008

Home Open Beta Hits a Snag News

Technical problems could delay launch

11 Dec 2008

Uncharted 2 Pushes PS3 to its Limit? News

Plus: tonnes more details

11 Dec 2008

PlayStation Opens Home for Holidays News

Open beta to launch tomorrow!

10 Dec 2008

Sony UK Elusive on PS3 Job Cuts News

It's an ongoing process

09 Dec 2008

PS3 vs Xbox 360 Sales Snowstorm News

PAL vs Europe vs EMEA vs... huh?

04 Dec 2008

PS3: Break Even in 2009 News

But still no price cuts

04 Dec 2008

PlayStation Home Mall Opens Doors News

New ways to spend in Home now...

04 Dec 2008

November Brought Record Xbox 360 Sales News

Very good, but where are the numbers?

04 Dec 2008

PS3: Uncharted Sequel Named News

Drake dropped for an Italian

02 Dec 2008

UPDATE: Sony's Online PS3 Deal Undercuts Retailers News

Direct deal leaves retailers in the snow

01 Dec 2008

Street Fighter Sackboys Hitting PSN? News

Fight! Awww...

01 Dec 2008

PlayStation Europe Website Tied to PSN News

Sony Europe follows American cousins

28 Nov 2008

God of War III Preview plus PS3 Price Cut Meeting Confirmed News

Big ol' Sony leak oozes forth

24 Nov 2008

PlayStation Home Open Beta in Weeks News

Open beta to be 16-rated

19 Nov 2008

LittleBigPlanet to PSP - A Reminder News

Memories grow short. US sites grow weary

17 Nov 2008

PlayStation 2 Grows Stronger by the Day? News

Indian summer for SCEE?

12 Nov 2008

PlayStation Network Down Today: LBP Ahoy! News

All hands on deck

04 Nov 2008

PlayStation Store Europe Update: New Content Complete List News

PSP and PS3 goodies for you

30 Oct 2008

Sony's First-Party Releases see Resistance 2 Dated News

Loco Roco 2 also for November

30 Oct 2008

New LittleBigPlanet European Release Date Confirmed News

That's good news then

20 Oct 2008

Confirmed: LittleBigPlanet Delayed for Qur'an Reference News

New date unconfirmed

17 Oct 2008

Sony PSP and PS3 Firmware Updates October 15th with Flash 9 News

Plus: one feature SCEA didn't mention...

14 Oct 2008

Sony PSOne: Finally Going to a Better Place News

Well, stationary and chairs...

14 Oct 2008

Sony Europe: Those Pre Xmas Game Releases in Full News

Those first-party games in full..

13 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet PS3 Bundle Confirmed, Priced and Pictured News

Guess how much it costs. Go on, guess!

13 Oct 2008

Hirai: PlayStation 3 Still Full-Price for Xmas News

PS3 already "very good value proposition"

13 Oct 2008

TGS: inFamous - The Problem With Superpowers News

New screens here!

10 Oct 2008

TGS: Tecmo's Quantum Theory Confirmed as PS3 Exclusive News

Phallic towers and ladies with swords bound for Sony console

10 Oct 2008

Alex Evans: LittleBigPlanet Beta Levels Set for Full Game News

Other Media Molecule folk seem unsure

10 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet's Little Big Computer News

See it in action here

08 Oct 2008

Heavy Rain Screens Fall News

Quantic Dream thriller pictured here

07 Oct 2008

MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Full Hippy Track Details News

Plus: image deluge

03 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet: How Sackpeople Make Love News

New video here

03 Oct 2008

Former Marvel Man Confirms Uncharted Movie News

Plus: how Drake is different to Indiana Jones

03 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet Leaping Onto PSP? News

Job listing hints 'yes'!

02 Oct 2008

Wii Dominates as UK Console Install Base Doubles News

ELSPA trumpets importance of games industry

01 Oct 2008

Northampton Crooks Love the PlayStation 3 News

£600,000-worth of Brothers in Arms games nicked off police

29 Sep 2008

No Online Create Co-op for LittleBigPlanet at Launch News

Coming on an update...

22 Sep 2008

Crytek: PlayStation 4 in Three Years? News

Crytek linking itself to next next-gen PlayStation

22 Sep 2008

LittleBigPlanet Goes Gold Plus Freebie News News

Freebies to download at launch

19 Sep 2008

LittleBigPlanet Re-Dated News

Release moved forward!

17 Sep 2008

WipEout HD UK Release Date Confirmed News

Pretty-pretty racing for all

15 Sep 2008

Public Little Big Planet Live Previews! And Not in London News

You're mad for it though, yeah?

12 Sep 2008

LittleBigPlanet: Sackboy in his Natural Environment News

New video right here

10 Sep 2008

PSP PlayStation Network Titles Hitting UMD News

Puzzle and Power Packs announced

05 Sep 2008

Killzone 2 Face Disintegration News

New screens here

01 Sep 2008

UPDATE: SCEE: 160GB PlayStation 3 Is 'Special Edition' News

New model a seasonal offer

29 Aug 2008

Sony: 160GB PlayStation 3 is Limited Edition News

No love for Australia

22 Aug 2008

Fore! Sony Makes God of War's Kratos Family Friendly News

The big fella's good with wood.

21 Aug 2008

Leipzig: 160GB PS3 Announced and More: UPDATE News

Plus: New PSP, PS3 keypad, LittleBigPlanet dated!

21 Aug 2008

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Summer Bummer News

Sunny new screens below

21 Aug 2008

Demographictastic: PlayStation 3 to Pimp Music Videos News

Is it shameless self-promotion?

21 Aug 2008

UK 80Gb PS3 to Ship Week Early? News

David Reeves' second release date changed?

18 Aug 2008

PlayStation 3: Leipzig Fog Rolls In News

Sony announces that something we didn't think would happen... won't

18 Aug 2008

Sony Corrects PS3 PlayTV Launch Date News

Coming a little later than it said...

13 Aug 2008

US PlayStation Blog Announces European Home Beta Plan News

North American Beta opens out with Theme.

08 Aug 2008

What's Sony's 'Blockbuster' Leipzig Announcement? News

Euro-centric excitement promised

25 Jul 2008

LittleBigPlanet User Content Free "At Launch" News

Option for payment model left wide open for the future

22 Jul 2008

PlayTV Dated for PS3 Europe News

TV tuner WILL record and play at the same time

18 Jul 2008

E3: 80GB PS3 Coming to Europe News

More storage at no extra cost

17 Jul 2008

E3: Platinum PS3 Titles Confirmed for Europe News

Budget titles coming in August

17 Jul 2008

E3: Killzone 2 is Unforgotten News

New screens

16 Jul 2008

E3: Kratos Unchained News

God of War 3 Video right here and now.

16 Jul 2008

E3: PSP Resistance: Retribution - The Meat News

And pictures of the meat!

16 Jul 2008

E3: LittleBigPlanet LittleBig Screens! News

And some BigLittle renders

16 Jul 2008

Sony Europe: We Want PS3 Beta Testers News

That means you.

11 Jul 2008

Sony's Wrong Number for PS3 Update News

You've got to laugh... really.

08 Jul 2008

The Charts: Smash Bros Keep on Brawling News

Are snakes slippery after all?

08 Jul 2008

Sony: “Fully Robust” Home Still On Track News

PS3 owners still get to head Home in Autumn

04 Jul 2008

PlayStation 3 Update Problems Still Seeking Solution News

No solution presented

03 Jul 2008

Sony Europe Won't Comment on PS2 Games in PS3 Store News

Sony not commenting

01 Jul 2008

In-Game XMB with Update 2.40 Dated for PS3 News

Trophy system shown off below

30 Jun 2008

PS3: DualShock 3 Gets European Release Date! News

Get ready to... well, you know

30 Jun 2008

PlayStation 3 In-Game XMB in Moving Pictures News

Firmware update v2.40 is getting closer...

30 Jun 2008

PS3 Slim'n'Lite for Fiscal 2008? News

Shrinkage not always a bad thing.

26 Jun 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Ahead of PS3 in Europe News

Console war not over yet

26 Jun 2008

PlayStation 3 Movie Downloads this Summer News

Hirai announcement makes more Home sense.

26 Jun 2008

God of War III Rumoured for E3 and SCIV Appearance News

Guess what Sony says...

25 Jun 2008

Sony's Two Billion Dollar PS3 R&D Loss News

PS3 has cost Sony over £1.5 billion but it's not all bad news.

24 Jun 2008

Platinum PS3 Titles Nearly Here? News

Platinum pack shots spotted

20 Jun 2008

Google Coming to Sony's PSP News

Firmware update v4.00 coming soon

17 Jun 2008

Microsoft or Sony Which Wii Remote Will Get There First? News

More PS3mote rumoury appears

16 Jun 2008

Final Fantasy PSP Bundle Inbound News

Silver shininess coming soon

11 Jun 2008

When a God of War and Guitar Heroes Clash News

Plus: this week's PSN line-up

05 Jun 2008

Two First-Party Sony PS3 Titles Cancelled News

Budgets are re-aligned.

04 Jun 2008

Sony to Let Marketeers Tap-Into PlayStation 3 Users News

EA jumps on board

04 Jun 2008

Sony Working on 'PS3mote'? News

Get the gritters ready...

02 Jun 2008

Sony Joins Games Industry Bodies in Tax Break Call News

Give us a break...

28 May 2008

'Media and Events Space' for PlayStation Home Unveiled News

Video footage right here

27 May 2008

Microsoft Snows Xbox 360 European Hardware Numbers News

Give us hard figures! Please?

21 May 2008

UPDATED: PS3 and Xbox 360 Components Could 'Interfere with' Sexual Development News

And Greenpeace says Nintendo has no environmental policies

20 May 2008

PlayStation Portable TV Tech to be Trialled at Champions League Final News

Manchester United and Chelsea fans splutter into their cocktails.

20 May 2008

LittleBig Killzone 2 Trailer Right Here News

Plus: fresh screens!

19 May 2008

Microsoft: GTA IV Exclusive DLC 'Not Possible' for PS3 News

Microsoft joins the buck passing

16 May 2008

Microsoft: PS3 European Lead "Not Based on Actual Data" News

The Sony/Microsoft blizzard continues

16 May 2008

Sony: Microsoft 'Completely Wrong' on Figures News

Give us hard numbers!

12 May 2008

Tropical MotorStorm 2 Goodies News

What do they have to do with Lost?

08 May 2008

Sony OFFICIAL: PS3 Has Outsold Xbox 360 in Europe News

SCEE crows its glory...

07 May 2008

Sony's Kaz Hirai: Dealing with Gaming Issues News

Details of Kaz Hirai's PlayStation Day 2008 address right here

07 May 2008

Activision: Food and Fuel Could Drive Down Console Prices News

Plus: Activision breaking into sports?

01 May 2008

The Charts: All That's Fit to Print News

Mario Kart Wii falls behind

29 Apr 2008

Confirmed: PlayStation 3 GTA IV Bundle News

Price and date revealed

23 Apr 2008

PS3 Video Download Service This Summer? News

PlayStation Network VoD rumour abounds...

22 Apr 2008

UK Charts: Mario Kart Wii Holds Lead News

Japanese publishers dominate the top

22 Apr 2008

Clank Goes Solo and Secretive on PSP News

Diminutive right-hand-robot goes it alone - video and screens

16 Apr 2008

PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Gets Dated Again News

Still no word for UK

16 Apr 2008

PlayStation Store Update Available Now News

Fresh content on the way

15 Apr 2008

Resistance 2 Gives You 19 Hours To Live News

Teaser trailer right here

15 Apr 2008

The Charts: Mario Kart Races GT5 Prologue News

Nintendo reaps the benefits of huge launch

15 Apr 2008

UPDATED: Unofficial BBC iPlayer on PlayStation 3 Now News

Cheeky devs show how iPlayer could work on PS3

11 Apr 2008

New PlayStation Store - Fresh Images - Date Confirmed News

Plus: details of next content update

11 Apr 2008

Official GTA IV + PS3 Bundle on the Way? News

European retail listings spotted, Sony yet to confirm

10 Apr 2008

Car Smash-Ups Coming to GT5 Prologue News

Vehicle damage coming via download

04 Apr 2008

The Charts: GT5 Prologue Roars to Life News

God of War PSP doesn't fare so well...

01 Apr 2008

PlayStation Store Gets Overhauled News

Technical issues to be fixed?

31 Mar 2008

PSN Problems Fixed, GT5 Prologue Now Live News

New downloadable content available now

28 Mar 2008

UPDATED: PlayStation Network Security Breached News

Personal information accessed

27 Mar 2008

Resistance 2 has a Medicinal Moment News

New artwork inside

26 Mar 2008

Warhawk Throws a Whitie News

New expansion pack announced

25 Mar 2008

PlayStation 3 Home Walkthrough Footage Right Here News

Plus - Sony advertising to make you coo

20 Mar 2008

PS3 Firmware Update for Late March Details News

Plus: PS3/PSP interactivity enhanced

20 Mar 2008

Microsoft No 'Current' Xbox Blu-ray Plans News

Plus: platform holder expects to "trail" in February sales in US

13 Mar 2008

First MotorStorm 2 Trailer Right Here! News

Details confirmed inside

13 Mar 2008

Analyst: Sony To Hold Out For PS3 Price Cut... News

GT5 Prologue bundle, anyone?

11 Mar 2008

New PS3 Bundle - GT5 Prologue Comes Free News

Sony flushing out inventory?

11 Mar 2008

PlayStation Store: US versus UK Updates News

Separated by a common language are we?

07 Mar 2008

PlayStation 3 Motion Sensing Not Coming Soon News

But not too soon...

29 Feb 2008

New Gran Turismo 5 Prologue PS3 Bundle Inbound News

Blu-ray bundle also possible

28 Feb 2008

Resistance Fall of Man 2 Shows Off the Ugly News

Screens inside...

27 Feb 2008

MotorStorm 2 Coming For Christmas? News

Plus: top secret new Sony project in the works

25 Feb 2008

Phil Harrison Resigns from Sony News

A week after blaming Sony of Japan for mistakes?

25 Feb 2008

God of War Unchained in Video Here News

New video inside

22 Feb 2008

Resistance: Fall of Man 2 - Coming July? News

Plus: new Chimeran enemies?

21 Feb 2008

It Came From the LittleBigPlanet... News

New artwork inside

20 Feb 2008

Sony's Australian MD: PlayStation 2 Support for a Year News

We bloody invented it!

18 Feb 2008

Everyday Shooter and Guitar Hero Tracks Head up PSN Update News

Trippy old-school shooting and classic rock for your weekend

14 Feb 2008

God of War PSP: Thank a Deity for Cars News

New screens inside!

14 Feb 2008

Sony's PS3 Hits One Million In UK News

Sony console outsold 360 over last month

13 Feb 2008

Sky Dive onto PlayStation Network News

Yes, it must be Friday...

08 Feb 2008

Sony: PSP Yet to See "Day In The Sun" News

Plus: want a 120GB PS3? Make it yourself

04 Feb 2008

PSP Development Costs Halved News

Sony attempts to attract smaller devs

04 Feb 2008

PlayStation One Trio Crashes Onto PSN News

Devil May Cry 4 demo hits Europe

01 Feb 2008

ASDA Outdoes Sony On PS3 Bundle Price News

FIFA and Need for Speed thrown into the mix

31 Jan 2008

European Commission Not Targeting Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft News

Just the same old line cast out again

30 Jan 2008

New Uncharted/Ratchet PS3 Starter Pack Coming Tomorrow? News

What does it mean for rumble?

30 Jan 2008

Skype Available for PSP Today News

Software update version 3.90 hits today

30 Jan 2008

Eye-Watering New GT5 Prologue Screens Right Here News

Marvel as colour returns to the world!

29 Jan 2008

Sony's Reeves: PS3 Will Overtake PAL Xbox 360 This Year News

Already outsold Microsoft in France, Spain, Germany and Italy

24 Jan 2008

PSP Skype - Delayed In Japan News

Europe not affected

23 Jan 2008

Official: How NOT to Use Your White 40Gb PlayStation 3 News

Plus white PS3's internals exposed.

22 Jan 2008

Sony Europe: No Plans for White PlayStation 3 News

Shame! We're bored with our black one now...

22 Jan 2008

New PS3 Bundle: Pick'n'Mix-Up? 60Gb Dead? News

40Gb replaces 60Gb in 'new bundle'

14 Jan 2008

Latest God of War PlayStation Portable Shots News

Get warm and toasty with the lad Kratos.

08 Jan 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Rumble Yes but Why? News

The force returns

24 Dec 2007

Populous Heads Up PlayStation Network Releases News

Guitar hero III rocks up

21 Dec 2007

WipEout Pulse - Demo Available Today News

New screens inside

13 Dec 2007

New Warhawk Content Mapped Inside News

Plus: New Screens!

04 Dec 2007

New Warhawk Dropship Pictured Inside! News

Aircraft with tank-sized cling-ons within...

30 Nov 2007

Resistance Maps Drop Onto PlayStation Network News

Here there be screens

30 Nov 2007

Nintendo DS Has Record Breaking Week News

Beats PSP for most sales in single week

27 Nov 2007

Sony Spunks A Cool Million - 'Kooky' New Ad Inside News

Xmas marketing focus on Uncharted, Singstar and Ratchet

23 Nov 2007

UK PSN Updated Today – Full Details Inside News

Poor man's Tomb Raider leads the charge...

23 Nov 2007

PS3 Firmware Update Available Now News

Stability issues addressed

20 Nov 2007

PS3 Firmware Update To Address Stability Issues News

Firmware 2.001 on the way

19 Nov 2007

High Velocity Bowling With Your Sixaxis - Footage Inside News

How will it compare to Wii bowling?

14 Nov 2007

The Charts: Call Of Duty Re-Enters Infinity News

Has it claimed Number 1?

13 Nov 2007

New PlayStation 2 For Europe: On Cards News

So what's all this about concentrating on PS3?

06 Nov 2007

Sony Forgiven By Church Of England News

But for what exactly?

24 Oct 2007

Sony Stays Quiet On Manhunt Leak News

Rockstar to take legal action?

22 Oct 2007

Sony Employs 'Media Savvy Cool Woman' News

Singstar Studios gets to double-good, Manc fox?

19 Oct 2007

Sony PlayStation 3 Sales Up - Massively News

Figures not giving breakdown...

16 Oct 2007

UK 40Gb PS3 Packshot News

In all it's glory

09 Oct 2007

Sony: 40Gb PlayStation 3 Is Your Only Choice News

PS2 no longer to be supported.

08 Oct 2007

Church Slams Resistance BAFTA Nomination News

“A disgrace that it has been shortlisted…. Virtual desecration”

08 Oct 2007

Sony's UK PlayStation Managing Director On Price Change News

Backward compatibility

06 Oct 2007

CONFIRMED: New PlayStation 3 AND A Price Cut News

40Gb confirmed. 60Gb price cut confirmed. 10th October Launch.

05 Oct 2007

Sony Refuses Comment On UK PS3 'Big Bang' News

That rumour mill, eh?

04 Oct 2007

PS3 Goes On Tour – First Concept Picture Inside News

Coming to a shopping centre near you

28 Sep 2007

PSN Update: SEGA Rally, Folklore And More News

Finally, PS3 owners are getting some online love

28 Sep 2007

Sony: Refuses To Comment On PlayStation 3 Lite News

..mainly because PS3 Lite is nonsense.

25 Sep 2007

The Charts: Can Midway Put EA In Stranglehold? News

Will Medal of Honor be Woo-ed?

18 Sep 2007

LocoRoco Cocoreccho on PSN Out Next Week News

Priced at a bargainous £1.99

12 Sep 2007

BBC Content Downloadable Via Xbox LIVE? News

Microsoft and BBC 'in talks'

10 Sep 2007

PSP Has Slowest Week Ever News

Anticipation for PSP Lite & Slim blamed

07 Sep 2007

Updated: PlayStation Games Dated, Home Set For October News

Along with a whole great list of other stuff

07 Sep 2007

PAL PS3 Bundles Will Vary Between Regions News

UK gets "soft bundles"

06 Sep 2007

Rumour Bust: PSP Lite WILL Ship With Video Cables News

No ceramic white model yet

05 Sep 2007

Rumour: Heavenly Sword In New PS3 Bundle News

New details leaked?

05 Sep 2007

LocoRoco Cocoreccho on PS3 Detailed News

Not a game, but an interactive screensaver

31 Aug 2007

£375 PS3 'Lowest Ever' Price - Woolworths News

FUll Monty, including two controllers, two games, two Blu-ray movies

24 Aug 2007

FIFA, EA And PlayStation Kick Off FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 News

£10,000 cash prize. Get involved!

22 Aug 2007

Buzz! Quiz TV for PS3 - Make Your Own Quizzes Online News

It’s Buzz! In high def. And online.

22 Aug 2007

PSP: Go!Video, Go!Messenger, Go!Explore News

It’s a new brand. Guess what it’s called!?

22 Aug 2007

Sony’s PlayTV for PS3 News

Watch out Sky+!

22 Aug 2007

Leipzig: PS3 TV and PSP Video Announcement Today News

announcements later today

22 Aug 2007

Wii Set To Rule UK Market News

Figures indicate could overtake 360 in next few months

16 Aug 2007

PlayStation 3 Cheaper Than PSOne In Beer News

Now that's what we call an exchange rate

15 Aug 2007

Edinburgh: Sony Studios Euro Chief On PS3's Home News

'We know where you live' - and new Heavenly Sword screens

14 Aug 2007

Edinburgh Interactive Festival: On The Ground Report News

SPOnG catches up with Ian Livingstone, Chris Deering and others

13 Aug 2007

PlayStation Network gets new additions News

Movies galore on the PSN

09 Aug 2007

See Sony's Banned PS3 Advert Right Here News

Apocalypse Now meets Clockwork Orange - who said originality was dead!?

08 Aug 2007

Sony: Developers Face Tough Platform Choice News

Easy ports a thing of the past

26 Jul 2007

Sony Takes Top Prize At Develop Awards News

European development awards get record turnout

26 Jul 2007

Sony To Bring PSP Development Kits To Universities News

Student discount offered

25 Jul 2007

New PS3 Firmware Update Available Tomorrow News

Customisable XMB and in-game video settings fiddling on the way

23 Jul 2007

Sony Europe Boss: PlayStation 3 “Like A Tsunami” News

Or: like a really big thing that kills people

19 Jul 2007

Sony's Reeves "Surprised" That People Buy PS3? News

80GB PS3 is unnecessary

13 Jul 2007

European PlayStation 3: Packshot News

Go on, take a look...

13 Jul 2007

Resistance Is Not Useless For Sony News

You'd never have guessed would you?

19 Jun 2007

The Charts: Forza 2 Versus DiRT - Brrrmmm! News

The top of the Charts parks up

19 Jun 2007

WipEout Pulse: Zippy New Screens! News

Plus: How the latest installment won't make you crash and burn

18 Jun 2007

Church on Sony Apology: Meet Our Demands News

Church still has outstanding demands

18 Jun 2007

Church Versus Sony: Tony Blair Slams ‘These Games’ News

PM backs Church of England in Resistance row

14 Jun 2007

Manchester Bishop Continues To Bash Sony News

Set in a mosque it would have caused uproar...

11 Jun 2007

Sony Euro Chief Denies PlayStation Portable Phone News

Update to follow shortly from Sony Ericsson in Japan

11 Jun 2007

Resistance Fall Of Manchester? Sony Slammed By Church News

We got permission for cathedral use

09 Jun 2007

PS3 Sells 1 Million In Europe News

Beats PSOne and PS2

08 Jun 2007

Updated: PS3 Sales in Japan Drop Below 10,000 "Psychological" Threshold News

Sony unlikely to hit target of shipping 11m consoles in 2007

06 Jun 2007

SingStar ‘90s – Radiohead, R.E.M., The Cure News

And, less excitingly, MC Hammer, Wet Wet Wet and New Kids On The Block

29 May 2007

PS3 Price Cut Too Little Too Late News

Analyst attacks... Sony could hurt

29 May 2007

Sony To Offer Phone Service On PSP News

BT to provide software

23 May 2007

80GB PlayStation 3 Available in June News

In Korea

21 May 2007

PS3 News Fest - MotorStorm's New Track Revealed News

Down in Shoreditch SPOnG's Steve Boxer dives for news and gets his hands on some games that had demonstrably come on since GDC, for our edification.

17 May 2007

Warhawk PS3 On Blu-ray Disc After All News

As well as being available as a PSN download

17 May 2007

PlayStation Network Officially Down Next Week - Big Things To Come News

Announcement today for Tuesday official outage for upgrade in Europe.

04 May 2007

PlayStation Eye - Sound As Rich As Vision? News

Microphone makes current conferencing systems look lame

01 May 2007

Father Of PlayStation "Working With A Wider World" - Nintendo? No Way News

Ken Kutaragi spills beans on PS4, 5 and 6

01 May 2007

Sony Responds to Mail on Sunday’s Dead Goat Outrage News

Nobody touched the goat and it was returned to the butchers!

30 Apr 2007

Sony Decapitates a Goat: Daily Mail Gets Upset News

Future Publishing recall entire print run of Official PS2 Magazine

30 Apr 2007

Snakeball To Use PlayStation Eye News

PlayStation Network goes disco

26 Apr 2007

Further Job Losses at Sony News

In America and Japan, apparently

26 Apr 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

Sony Slashes Price of PSP News

PSP Price Cut plus new Platinum range detailed

23 Apr 2007

Phil Harrison On PlayStation 3 Homebrew News

Net Yaroze for PS3 anyone?

23 Apr 2007

Sony “No Specific Plans” For PlayStation 3 Price Cuts News

Left-hand talking to right hand?

19 Apr 2007

Three Playstation Store Games Dated News

Jaffe’s Calling All Cars, plus Nucleus and Super Stardust HD

19 Apr 2007

Sony President - 'Revisiting PS3 Strategy' News

Choice quote: "Sales assumptions change"

19 Apr 2007

God of War II: The Real Reason For No 480p News

Developers give us the techie stuff

17 Apr 2007

Sony Europe Success Means 160 Staff To Go News

Culling of people due to ‘transitional’ period…

17 Apr 2007

Leaked: Wii Outselling PS3 in Sony's Third Week News

Three clearly NOT the magic number

11 Apr 2007

WipEout Pulse: First Screens! News

Who needs wheels, anyway?

04 Apr 2007

PS3 Sales Drop 82% - A Disaster? News

Is it as bad as it looks?

04 Apr 2007

120GB PS3 Expansion Pack for £46.40 News

Including VAT! Bargain!

29 Mar 2007

Can PS3 Maintain Sales Momentum? News

600,000 Plus PS3s Already Sold In Europe

29 Mar 2007

Mainstream Media Blames PS3 For Mugging - Non-Shocker News

Desperate attempt by Sun to drop police, store and console in the mire.

28 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch Software: Three Times Bigger Than PS2 News

But still less of an attach rate…

26 Mar 2007

PlayStation 3’s Record UK 165,000 Sales News

Astonishing sales figures for PS3

26 Mar 2007

PlayStation Stores - Only in 'Primary Markets' News

Online stores in 'secondary markets' still to be rolled out

26 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch Weekend - Outsold By 360? News

So much stock, so little demand?

26 Mar 2007

PlayStation Online Store Problems Across Europe News

And Saudi Arabia too!

26 Mar 2007

Microsoft Hits Back at Sony's Telly Stunt News

We don't need to give away tellies. Just lager...

23 Mar 2007

Sony: TVs Discouraged eBay Scalping News

Thanks to these loyal enthusiasts...

23 Mar 2007

PS3's £100m Launch Weekend News

Though the press has caused it some heartache

23 Mar 2007

Microsoft’s Cheeky PS3 Launch Spoiler Antics News

Shouting lager, lager, lager…

23 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch: The Morning After News

HMV and GAME both buoyant after early morning launches

23 Mar 2007

Euro Retail PS3 First Look News

We bought one so you don't have to ... yet

23 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch: Sony Gives Away £250,000 Free Booty News

Amazing Bravia TV giveaway - launch event pics inside

23 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch: Ebay Anti-Frenzy News

Scalpers set for losses

22 Mar 2007

Final PS3 Launch Line Up News

Your full and final PS3 checklist

22 Mar 2007

Second UK PS3 Owner Speaks News

It’s a girl too! And a hardcore Sony fangirl at that.

22 Mar 2007

First UK PS3 Owner Speaks News

Ritatsu Thomas's vengeance for not getting his Wii!

21 Mar 2007

Virgin's MegaStore PS3 Pre-Launch - More Pics News

More pics from the UK's official PS3 launch event

21 Mar 2007

Virgin MegaStore's PS3 Pre-Launch: First Pics News

But is the girl at the front a Sony stooge?

21 Mar 2007

Sony: PS3 Launch Delay 'Beneficial' News

Sony's been shaking it hard

21 Mar 2007

PS3 Street Date Broken News

Italian retailers jump the gun

21 Mar 2007

Virgin Megashop’s PS3 Launch Camp News

Carry on camping. On Oxford Street!

21 Mar 2007

Sony Confirms PS2 Game Compatibility On PlayStation 3 News

PS3 backwards compatibility website live

20 Mar 2007

PS3 Submissions Procedure Causes Launch Title Slippage News

Is this why PS3 launch titles are slipping?

20 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch Plans: HMV, Virgin, Gamestation, GAME News

Where you need to be at midnight this Thursday

19 Mar 2007

Warhawk on PS3 – Disc or Download? News

Download sez Sony

14 Mar 2007

Virgin! PS3 Launch Spectacle News

Yet another videogame launch on Oxford Street

09 Mar 2007

Phil Harrison’s GDC Keynote Speech News

Any time now kids!

07 Mar 2007

Sony Bigger Than Nintendo And Microsoft Combined News

In-house software development will win out for PS3

01 Mar 2007

Sony's Harrison Talks PS3 Price, PS2 Lifespan, Software Strategy With SPOnG News

SPOnG speaks direct to the President of Sony Worldwide Studios

01 Mar 2007

Sony Confirms PS3 Chip Removal – Won’t Confirm Number Of Incompatible Games News

Sony Confirms PS3 Chip Removal – Won’t Confirm Number Of Incompatible Games

27 Feb 2007

Sony Confirms Sub £40 PS3 Games News

10 games for less than the console itself… erm?

26 Feb 2007

PSP: Uefa Champions League New Screens! News

And no dodgy French policing

23 Feb 2007

PS3: PAL Hardware Specs: Less Backwards Compatibility News

Cost reduction means games reduction - but at least the news is out there early!

23 Feb 2007

The PS3 Confused With Wii News

Lots of online action for pre-orders plus some hilarity!

22 Feb 2007

PS3 With Free Gran Turismo: HD News

For Australians at least

22 Feb 2007

£50 PS2s From the ASDA's! News

Limited number across the country...

21 Feb 2007

New SingStar Pop Hits – Full Details and Line-Up News

Sony Announces Cheese-tastic Indie-Pop karaoke game

19 Feb 2007

PS3 Stock Shortages A Ploy? News

E-tailer guarantees every pre-order filled on launch day

14 Feb 2007

Sony Head Of Sales Jumps Ship News

Departure comes five weeks prior to PS3 launch

13 Feb 2007

PS3 Launch Allocations Confirmed News

Pre-orders now being taken

12 Feb 2007

Sony Shaken But Not Stirred News

Bond Blu-ray offering to entice half-a-million PlayStation network subscribers

12 Feb 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Loads and loads of them

09 Feb 2007

UK Consumers Want the 20GB ‘Core’ PS3 News

So say UK retailers

02 Feb 2007

220,000 PS3s Hit UK for March Launch News

But why no cheaper 20GB models?

01 Feb 2007

Who Does Sony Blame For PS3 Price Point? News

The Government, of course...

01 Feb 2007

UPDATED: A Third of a Million PS3s at UK Launch? News

According to Sony’s ‘semi-official’ blog

25 Jan 2007

PS3 Euro Launch Confirmed – Full Details Here News

As SPOnG predicted… now officially confirmed

25 Jan 2007

PS3 Launch Titles - Full Details Here News

Racey, pacey, and golfy to name but a few...

25 Jan 2007

PS3 Launch Details At Midnight Tonight News

It’s official – well the announcement of the launch is…

24 Jan 2007

Sony PS3 Launch Announcement Delayed News

According to ‘semi-official’ Sony blog

23 Jan 2007

March 23rd For PS3? Nah. News

However, confirmation is likely in what remains of this month

15 Jan 2007

PS3 European Launch Ad News

Is Sony in its cups?

15 Jan 2007

Is Motorstorm the first must-have killer-app for PlayStation 3? News

Official US and European websites launched

29 Dec 2006

PlayStation 2 In The Pink News

Shocking non Wii-related news as pink PS2s Fly off the shelves...

15 Dec 2006

Sony Confirms PS3 Firmware Update - Hints At Tivo News

Details on new PS3 firmware update here

14 Dec 2006

Littlewoods Lists Inflated UK PS3 Bundle Price of £549 News

Pricing confusion begins four months out from release. Well, at least it isn't launch day.

04 Dec 2006

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Games Out Today News

War, what is it good for? (Answer: videogames)

10 Nov 2006

PlayStation 2 Sells More Than Original PlayStation News

40 million PS2’s sold in Europe to date

09 Nov 2006

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Games Out Today News

GTA Vice City Stories, Killzone: Liberation, casual sex and violence, and gardening.

03 Nov 2006

Sony’s New Media Manager for PSP: Detailed News

The PSP takes on yet another guise with a view to, well, viewing things...

01 Nov 2006

Exclusive: Dave Perry on Redesigning the PSP News

“Did user-created content hurt YouTube? Why not open the PSP?", Perry on future of the PSP.

27 Oct 2006

Sony: No Grey Areas News

Company says it will use ‘full scope of the law’ to block PS3 imports prior to the European launch… next year.

23 Oct 2006

Something for the Weekend Sir? Games Out Today News

What SPOnG is cosying up with this weekend

20 Oct 2006

UMD Not Over Yet Says Sony Boss News

Apparently it has a 'fantastic attachment ratio'..

13 Oct 2006

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Games Out - Friday 13th October News

Brick’Em All DS, Ridge Racer 2 PSP and more

13 Oct 2006

The Charts: Three 360 Exclusives in Top Five News

Record market share for Microsoft's next-gen console.

12 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3. Brand New Hardware Hardcore News

Explicit, close-up and fully exposed

24 Aug 2006

PS2 Going Cheap! Now! News

SCEE goes announcement crazy, cuts price of PS2 with immediate effect.

21 Aug 2006

PSP Goes Pink Too News

Portable joins PS2 in the pink.

21 Aug 2006

Sony Shows Some Pink. Sexy Pink News

Not gay. Check this out!

21 Aug 2006

Interesting PlayStation Announcements Planned News

First in a series of unveilings planned for Leipzig

18 Aug 2006

The Charts – Cars, Guns, Magic Mushrooms, Gays News

Summer holiday buying bonanza boosts sales.

08 Aug 2006

Nintendo Backs Leaner, Meaner E3 News

Still no word from the Microsoft or Sony camps.

02 Aug 2006

PS3 Pre-order: £150 Should Secure It News

SCEE discussing allocation scheme to avoid repeat of 360 debacle

21 Jul 2006

Sony Apologises for Race-Flare PSP Adverts, Pulls Campaign Extension News

Marketing re-think on the record.

13 Jul 2006

Massive Leaked Internal PlayStation 3 QA News

Real, apparently. Fill your boots...

11 Jul 2006

Sony Avoids Slap for Controversial Ads News

Complainants should "take a running jump here"

21 Jun 2006

The Charts: Agent 47 and Lara Hit Top Three News

Hitman and Her star in the All Formats chart.

06 Jun 2006

LocoRoco - PSP Demo Inside News

PSP's cutesy roll-em-up scores E3 awards

02 Jun 2006

PS3 - £425 for 60GB version News

Still no news on 'tard pack availability

19 May 2006

The Charts: Lara Holds on to Top Slot News

Post-Easter sales slump.

25 Apr 2006

Charts: Easter and Eidos Boost Sales News

Lovely Lara rules the roost.

19 Apr 2006

MCV Awards 2006 – Nintendo Rules News

UK industry hangover kicks in

07 Apr 2006

Charts: Godfather Muscles into Top Slot News

Marketing vs. Originality. Marketing wins.

04 Apr 2006

New PSP video culture-zine News

Sony/ICA collaboration launches today

03 Apr 2006

Sony Ramps up PSP Advertising News

Marketing giant awakens from post-Xmas slumber.

27 Mar 2006

The Charts – A Hat Trick For FIFA Street 2 News

Sony BUZZes into top five.

21 Mar 2006

GRAW fails to take Number One slot News

This week’s charts – Ubisoft denied, 360 grows

14 Mar 2006

‘Irresponsible’ PSP Ads Taken Down in Manchester News

Sony gain more PR coverage. Job done.

09 Mar 2006

Sony announces ‘Gangs of London’ on PSP News

Crime, strategy and pub games in the mix

01 Mar 2006

The Charts: BLACK at Number One News

Gun law wins out over horse fantasy.

28 Feb 2006

PlayStation 3 to Launch in March 2007 in Europe News

Phasing hints at global roll-out

16 Feb 2006

SingStar Rocks! Sony Announces The End of Rock and Roll News

Rock music now totally co-opted by The Man.

03 Feb 2006

Sony Gearing Up for Colossus Launch News

Unique packaging, new PAL content, stunning website

01 Feb 2006

Sony Announces Killzone: Liberation on PSP News

Successful franchise ported to handheld.

26 Jan 2006

Buzz! The BIG Quiz News

Annoying quiz show host returns.

20 Jan 2006

PSP TalkMan Translator gets EU Release News

Translation thingy whatsit for EU PSP

13 Jan 2006

ICO sequel release set for Feb News

Shadow of Colossus and ICO out on same day

05 Jan 2006

Shadow of the Colossus rumoured to be in development for PS3 News

More grist to the colossal PS3 rumour mill

12 Dec 2005

Trendiness Overload! Su Doku on PSP! News

Trump fellow travellers with Go! Su Doku

03 Oct 2005

Slimline PlayStation 2 is Latest Console Deathtrap! News

Burn yourself to death – again!

13 Sep 2005

Sony PSP: biggest UK console launch to date News

Charts get owned by SCEE!!!1!!1

06 Sep 2005

Litigious Sony Sets Sights on Lik-Sang News

Toys continue to fly from SCEE pram

08 Aug 2005

PlayStation in Europe: Q1 2006 News

Reeves makes bold claims.

21 Jun 2005

Sony Europe Announce PSP UMD Launch Titles News

Make of them what you will.

20 Jun 2005

Sexy Silver Slimline PlayStation 2 Europe Bound News

Bigger is better? Lies! Look at this!

29 Apr 2005

Sony Reveals Date and Price of Euro PSP News

Guesswork and retail red herrings brushed aside.

26 Apr 2005

DS Sees Power Sales in PSP Euro Void News

Sony loss is Nintendo’s gain once more.

31 Mar 2005

ICO 2 Confirmed for Europe News

New name, rough date and other pleasing titbits.

02 Mar 2005

PSP delayed until July in Europe? News

Online reports point to multilingual wait shame

04 Feb 2005

Sony set to fulfil iPod killing dream – Prepares PSP music download service News

Reports suggest iTunes-a-like offering this summer

31 Jan 2005

Gran Turismo 4: It’s coming out on this date in Europe – Honest! News

Latest release date for Polyphony joy machine offered

31 Jan 2005

PSP – Final European date revealed News

By accident. Drum roll please

01 Dec 2004

Canny PR or retail rush? PlayStation hardware shortages examined News

Question: What is it that everyone wants?

19 Nov 2004

EyeToy expands – Gamers shrink News

Exercise themed update from SCEE

18 Nov 2004

Gran Turismo 4 and Killzone get PAL release dates News

Sony's killer apps cue up

25 Oct 2004

Eyetoy's Technical Capabilities Boosted as Play 2 is Revealed News

SCEE delivers a punch at exactly 39.8 mph.

19 Aug 2004

Evolution Only for Sony - WRC Screams Towards PS3 News

SCEE signs exclusivity deal with developer Evolution.

16 Aug 2004

PAL PS2 enjoys headstart on The Getaway 2 and Colin McRae 2005 News

Codemasters and SCEE to test patience of US gamers.

12 Aug 2004

SCEE Reveals Monumental Q4 Release Schedule News

Make your PS2’s Christmas a happy one.

23 Jul 2004

New Jak III screens revealed News

Naughty Dog’s platform hero returns.

28 Jun 2004

Jackie Chan readies Eyetoy for September release News

Cheeky Kung-Fu chappie heads to PS2.

28 Jun 2004

Peripherals the Key to Console Longevity? News

SCEE squares up to Nintendo for current-gen showdown!

10 Jun 2004

E3 Round-up: West Hall uncovered: Nintendo genius overpowers Sony News

Hardware dominated, Nintendo Sony contrast unmissable to all

13 May 2004

EyeToy Comms revealed - New Name Given! First screens! News

EyeToy chat confirms months-old leak.

06 May 2004

SCEE Boss Comments on PS3 and PSP News

Revealing interview sees future plans laid bare.

05 Apr 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue Europe-bound News

Aperitif racer to bridge online dev-strife.

22 Mar 2004

Latest Killzone Screens - The World’s Greyest Game? News

Guerrilla debut gets apathetic response.

22 Mar 2004

Brand new Sing-em-up for PS2 News

New Karaoke game and microphone peripheral revealed.

17 Feb 2004

EyeToy + Digimask = Latest ‘Face in Game’ News Story News

Narcissism and videogames. If only we weren’t so ugly…

26 Jan 2004

The Getaway 2: Screenshot overload - Fresh details News

London set to tremble again...

16 Jan 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Off Track News

SCEE confirms new summer date

09 Jan 2004

Sequel to Super-expensive The Getaway in the Works. News

Announced. Erm, that’s about it...

28 Dec 2003

Bet on EyeToy: Groove - Monkeys for £20 News

Staggering demand across Europe to see camera installed base undo bookies?

18 Dec 2003

Sony Comment Hints at PSP Wipeout News

Freudian, or merely an innocent slip of the tongue?

15 Dec 2003

5m PS2’s in UK News

Milestone announced as Christmas shopping hots up.

15 Dec 2003

Sony Europe Re-Shuffles Top Brass News

Deering and Reeves move on up.

09 Dec 2003

Design PS2 Games in the Privacy of Your Own Home News

EyeToy offers players the chance to create.

01 Dec 2003

PlayStation 3 to Feature Controllers and Games! News

Internet naivety drags news out of nowhere.

26 Nov 2003

EA Sports for Xbox Live not Impossible News

Bat and ball not taken home after all.

13 Nov 2003

PS2 sales still on the up News

Europe keeps PS2 sales buoyant as Japanese market declines.

07 Nov 2003

EyeToy: Play shifts a million News

Huge success for Sony as EyeToy: Groove beckons.

28 Oct 2003

UK PlayStation 2 price cut details here! News

Price war begins in earnest.

26 Sep 2003

Exclusive: Sony Europe brakes (sic) GT4 slippage silence News

The game’s up: key title out of view

24 Sep 2003

PSP development kits to ship next week News

Hands-on with fully spec'ed machine due.

01 Sep 2003

World Exclusive: First PSP game revealed! News

Game development begins for super handheld

28 Aug 2003

Jak II Update News

Respected platformer returns, looking bigger and better that ever before

27 Aug 2003

ECTS - Gran Turismo 4 News

More heavenly racing from Polyphony

27 Aug 2003

EyeToy uses Optical Attack! Pokemon has fainted! News

Wonderful organic buzz sees true innovation sell-through.

19 Aug 2003

UK Charts: EyeToy dethrones Lara! News

Window cleaning overthrows tomb raiding…

22 Jul 2003

Tomb Raider slippage truth causes storm News

Eidos 'unable to manage development process' says analyst

27 Jun 2003

PlayStation experience to double in size News

SCEE ramps up key first-party event.

10 Jun 2003

Exclusive PlayStation 3 details emerge! News

Development strategy rethink as Quasar 2 powers future machine

01 May 2003

Win work placement at SCEE Studio Cambridge News

National Art Competition to celebrate Sony's latest video game event.

17 Feb 2003

British Telecom: The blight of gaming News

Comms giant demands cut to Getaway

03 Jan 2003

The Getaway gets a pre-Christmas date News

SCEE to make its mark

16 Sep 2002

SCEE finalises PlayStation Experience hitlist News

Earls Court playable games revealed.

09 Aug 2002

Australian regional lock-out case gathers pace News

Australia to have region free console gaming?

18 Feb 2002

Sony slams PSone recall claims News

Cadmium content issue raised again

18 Dec 2001

Sony to take on mod-chip manufacturer News

It's not the Messiah, it's a very naughty chip!

11 Dec 2001

Dangerous Dutch PSone console update: Sony reacts News

No recall and disagreement over enforcement unravels

06 Dec 2001

PlayStation 2 broadband trials begin in the UK - There is a God! News

Dedicated high-speed PS2 network looms

06 Dec 2001

Budget range for PlayStation 2 announced in Japan! News

Three big ones and cheap too! Expect PS2 Platinum in the UK soon!

14 Nov 2001

PlayOnline and PlayStation 2 online detailed News

Sony solidifies online hardware strategies

12 Nov 2001

Sony release Wipeout Fusion track list News

Future racing music revealed as fans await game

01 Nov 2001

PlayStation 2 sales reach 20 million. SCE celebrate with multicoloured consoles News

Sony in the green as PS2 takes mass market in its grasp

11 Oct 2001

Green PlayStation 2 announced News

Ahh... Sony is so nice!

08 Oct 2001

PlayStation 2 price cut official! News

You. Will. Love. This.

27 Sep 2001

Syphon Filter backs away from PlayStation 2 News

No PlayStation 2 for Syphon Filter. Developer explains why.

11 Aug 2001

Ally of Justice details and first screens. Be hero on the telly! News

Televised superhero action for PS2

09 Aug 2001

PlayStation and PlayStation 2 sales figures update News

Not bad for a newcomer!

31 Jul 2001

Sony counts the cost of the PlayStation 2 News

Sony learns the console business is a tad costly...

28 Jun 2001

PlayStation 2 will not see another price cut this year News

Thirty quid's yer lot!

28 Jun 2001

More Sony sales figures handbag swinging News

Who cares?

22 Jun 2001

Sony Gears up for online PlayStation 2 with security deal News

Secure Internet for PS2

12 Jun 2001

PlayStation 2 takes advantage of its early lead News

PlayStation sales on a roll

12 Jun 2001

PlayStation 2 Hard Drive looms. Games confirmed News

PS2 takes a massive step forward. Full details inside.

07 Jun 2001

PlayStation 2 Linux kit available again News

Bedroom coders released!

07 Jun 2001

PlayStation 2 price cut set to steal rivals’ thunder News

Can cheap PlayStation 2s tempt you away from Xbox and GameCube

28 May 2001

Sony follows Nintendo’s lead and pulls out of ECTS News

New all Sony event planned this summer

28 May 2001

New model PlayStation 2 confirmed and dated News

PS2 goes online and develops memory

11 Apr 2001

Used Game Sales Ban lifted in Japan News

Trade ban lifted in Japan

29 Mar 2001

Sony prepares to wish the PlayStation 2 Happy Birthday News

It's nearly a year since the world's most controversial console launched and Sony want to party

28 Feb 2001

Happy Birthday, PS2! News

One year on, still going strong.

27 Feb 2001

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