PlayStation 2 In The Pink

Shocking non Wii-related news as pink PS2s Fly off the shelves...

Posted by Staff
It?s not all about the Wii and the DS this Christmas, as the UK?s leading specialist videogame retailer has just reminded us.

?The popularity of the Pink PlayStation 2 has been overwhelming, and is simply down to the fact that girls love it! Following the launch of a wide variety of pink products this year, from mobile phones to iPods, they have become the latest must-have for girls and women who want to express themselves through their gadgets.

"By changing the colour Sony has broadened the appeal of the original PS2 and given it a fresh new look. The majority of sales have been parents buying the console for their children's Christmas presents - a market that is becoming increasingly gadget conscious and looking to get hold of the latest technology," GAME's Marketing Director, Anna Macario, just told SPOnG

?In the autumn, a range of pink consoles were released however we?re seeing a real demand for the Pink PlayStation 2. We?re now back in stock of the pink console in stores, so we?re hoping to fully satisfy the demand in time for Christmas,? she added.

?Perhaps parents have been going for them instead of buying Wiis, which are impossible to get hold of right now,? Nicky Thomas, mother of four, told SPOnG, following her unsuccessful search for a Wii for her youngest son this week.

?However, if I bought my ten year-old a pink PlayStation instead of a Wii this Christmas, I think he would not be very happy!? She added.

The pink PS2 retails for 129.99, which includes a pink PS2 console, 2 pink controllers, a pink memory card and Singstar Popworld game with microphones.


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