UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Comes Back

GT5 knocked down to 4th.

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UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Comes Back
You can't keep a Call of Duty game down for long. After handing last week's #1 over to Gran Turismo 5, Black Ops has rallied its troops and gone for broke in the UK Video Game Chart this week. SCEE's PlayStation 3 killer app has plummeted to #4 after suffering a 61% sales drop.

{2} - 1 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Activision/Blizzard
{4} - 2 - FIFA 11 - Electronic Arts
{3} - 3 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Ubisoft
{1} - 4 - Gran Turismo 5 - Sony
{5} - 5 - Just Dance 2 - Ubisoft
{32} - 6 - Michael Jackson: The Experience - Ubisoft
{6} - 7 - Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Electronic Arts
{7} - 8 - Wii Party - Nintendo
{13} - 9 - Wii Fit Plus - Nintendo
{11} - 10 - Professor Layton And The Lost Future - Nintendo

Don't feel bad for the Sony exclusive however, because according to Chart-Track the racer has remained the biggest-selling individual SKU for a second week running. Leaping ahead of GT5 this week are FIFA 11 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, while two more Ubisoft titles bring up the rear - Just Dance 2 at #5 and Michael Jackson: The Experience at #6.

The Wii has been the real winner of the chart this week, with Chart-Track noting that software for Nintendo's white box has outsold all other formats, the first time it's done so since Easter. The bottom of the chart is peppered with Wii and DS hits, while the only two new releases this week - Donkey Kong Country Returns and Super[/i] Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary - also helped add to software sales.


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