40 Million Milestone for PlayStation 2 in Europe

PS2 now the biggest selling console in Europe

Posted by Staff
London, 9 November 2006 ? Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced a significant milestone for PlayStation®2 with 40 million units now in the hands of consumers throughout Europe and the PAL territories.

The 40 million mark establishes PlayStation 2 as the most popular computer entertainment system in Europe and surpasses its predecessor, PlayStation® (PS one®), which sold just over 39 million units. Now into its 6th year, PlayStation 2 has proved a worthy successor to the groundbreaking PS one, which at the same 6 year mark had sold just 33 million units.

??We are extremely proud of the continuing success of PlayStation 2??, said David Reeves, SCEE President and CEO. ??In the last month or so sales of PlayStation 2 throughout Europe and PAL territories has exceeded 100,000 units per week, which is extremely pleasing and proves the format is as popular now as it ever was. Through the continual development of new and innovative gaming titles, in particular the social gaming phenomena such as EyeToy, SingStar and BUZZ! PlayStation 2 will remain the computer entertainment system of choice for new and experienced gamers alike.??

The 40 million milestone also coincides with another noteworthy achievement; PlayStation 2 now has over 2000 software titles available in Europe with approximately another 50 due for release prior to Christmas.