EyeToy Comms revealed - New Name Given! First screens!

EyeToy chat confirms months-old leak.

Posted by Staff
Regular readers will remember that, way back at the beginning of the year, we revealed Sony Computer Entertainment was working away on a massive PlayStation 2 online communication service that was carrying the internal title EyeToy: Comms.

This has now been confirmed, with Sony Europe yesterday announcing the package, renamed as EyeToy: Chat.

Chat seems to be a pre-emptive strike at Microsoft?s soon-to-be-uncovered MSN Messenger derivative. Sony has taken the videophone route, pushing face-to-face communication hard as part of its broader strategy.

Users will be given the option to communicate via voice, chat, video mail and video chat, confirming our story from January. Other details include the ability to play simple (as of launch) games with contacts.

The text chat rooms allow 256 people to talk together, with 16 people able to converse at one time in the voice chat rooms, as well as real-time video.

Developed by SCEE?s London Studio, a heavy emphasis has been put on the safety of users. As the accompanying press release explains, ?SCEE has worked very closely with several children's charities to ensure that 'EyeToy: Chat' is safe as possible to use for even the youngest members of the family. New 'EyeToy: Chat' users will be required to register their details online at PlayStation Net; they will then need to verify their details by inputting the PIN number sent to their address. With strict safety measures in place, chat room moderators and clear processes for grievances, 'EyeToy: Chat' is one of the safest communication packages available on any system on the market.?

Expect the package on shelves by September of this year. And remember where you read this first.


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