WipEout HD UK Release Date Confirmed

Pretty-pretty racing for all

Posted by Staff
WipEout HD UK Release Date Confirmed
Sony has confirmed the release date for WipEout HD in the UK. Here on these island shores we'll get the game on September 25th, just 10 days from today.

The game will be available for download only and will set you back 11.99.

The date matches the US release, which was confirmed a little earlier today. The price also pretty much matches the toll of $19.99 levied in the US, which makes for a nice change.

To celebrate, SPOnG has also grabbed you a purdy new render from the game. It's all black and white and stuff, which makes it classy.

If you're not quite sure what this piece of the future has to offer, get the skinny over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


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