Litigious Sony Sets Sights on Lik-Sang

Toys continue to fly from SCEE pram

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Litigious Sony Sets Sights on Lik-Sang
Stroppy Sony of Europe is throwing its weight around once again this week, in its crusade to crush all websites that aim to supply European gamers with a PSP ahead of its September release in the region. When Sony recently brought the full force of its crack legal attack squad to bear against European sites like Electric Bird Land and Nuplayer – with varied success – it found itself in a firestorm of negative publicity. The aggressive SCEE press releases gave the impression to many keen gamers that Sony wanted to confiscate all PSPs that had made their way into the country, even ones they had already bought. This hurtful misunderstanding was so widespread that it had to be set right with further press statements.

Since then Sony has turned its attention to the Honk Kong-based websites that offer imported PSPs to European would-be consumers. Recently Play-Asia bowed to pressure and agreed to stop shipping the handhelds to European addresses. But import gamers’ favourites Lik-Sang is being a little more stubborn about things. After receiving a court order from Sony asking it to stop selling PSPs to Europeans, Lik-sang responded equally aggressively, calling the action nothing less than a "cynical attempt to disrupt the successful online business again, gain total market control, and garner publicity" The Hong Kong website also pointed out that import gaming has been an accepted fact in European gaming culture since time immemorial, saying "a very active part of the gaming community has been enjoying Japanese gaming culture for over two decades, and that's what the Empire is now willing to destroy".

We would suggest that Japanese gaming enthusiasts are perfectly entitled to purchase Japanese systems so that they can enjoy the titles that do not make it over here. And cynics might be tempted to suggest that any domestic sales lost to importers are a result of the PSP’s extremely tardy European release date. In any case, it doesn’t look like Sony is going to lose out too much, with most UK retailers reporting that they have already filled their pre-order allocations. You know what you can do with your opinions on this; stick ‘em... in the forum below.


Rod Todd 8 Aug 2005 14:10
Sony really are a bunch of c*nts.

They want, and exploit the global market, but because they can't organise themselves well enough to manage a global launch, they cry foul and pull this kind of s**t.

I strongly encourage everyone to boycott Sony Europe and buy a PSP on import.
Coxy 8 Aug 2005 16:07
I agree completely, in fact I have an imported PSP as a form of rebellion (well, it was mostly due to the fact i couldn't be arsed waiting.)

The whole launch fiasco is Sonys own fault, and since its delayed for so long its only natural that people would get fed up of waiting, so Sony deserve what they get and I hope it teaches Sony a lesson.

God help them if the PS3 gets delayed.
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Joji 8 Aug 2005 16:39
I know what you mean Todd, and it's stuff like this that has me hating Sony more as each day passes.

I remember back in the day, Nintendo tried the same bs when we used to import SNES, GB etc. These days it all comes down to this. I believe Nintendo's previous experience in this area has them in more of a relaxed attitude because there is only so much you can ever do. Also anyone with half a brain would rather the console creator get their money than buy a dodgy pirate game/console.

Dear Sony, would you rather have me buy another DS instead of an import PSP? I have no problem doing that as it's you that is losing sales due to your own arrogance and bs. What matters is that regardless of an import PSP or not, you are still getting some damn money for your goods, so stop the bitching.

For you suited monkeys at Sony to bark at a customers like me, like I'm some kind of dog ona chain for you is unforgivable. If you continue this I'll just buy a 360 and Rev instead. As I said before I already have a mother (i don't need another in the form of you telling me what to do), and I'm an individual gamer. Understand why people are importing your goods, it's certainly not because they hate them. Try talking to your disgruntled customers than chastising them.

It is not illegal to import a bloody PSP, let alone a car so get with the program and naff off, Sony (shutting down sites/shops from selling aint gonna do jack but piss people off more). I will do the same for all of your product if I see fit to do so. Be greatful truckloads of PSPs haven't disappeared in transit into the night yet due to your own release date f*ck up.

soanso 8 Aug 2005 23:18
Next thing Sony will come out with will be "Playing import UMDs on your euro PSP will kill it".
Like for every import DS game, they kill another puppy in Fukuoka just to make you feel guilty!!!
just stop bothering the little people and release the damn thing!!
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