PS3 Backwards Compatibility for SingStar

Patch coming today

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PS3 Backwards Compatibility for SingStar
We've all prattled and moaned about the lack of backwards compatibility in many PS3s to the point where we're almost bored. Lest we forget, Sony has sent news of an intriguing patch that will go a tiny distance toward rectifying the situation. For SingStar fans, at least.

The company is releasing a patch today that will enable owners of SingStar PS3 with a back catalogue of PS2 SingStar games to play the older discs through their buxom next-gen console.

The way it will work is pretty straightforward. When the patch goes live at 10am (GMT) today, users who download it will just need to start a session in the PS3 game as normal, but will then be able to switch to PS2 discs at will.

While this is clearly not the system-wide fix enabling backwards compatibility that many are looking for, it's certainly intriguing. It doesn't seem to take all that much to make a PS3 run PS2 games, does it?

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Gareth Edwards 16 Dec 2008 10:08
Wouldn't it be better, for SingStar, to let you rip the tracks to HDD and save all that buggering about with swapping discs?

In related news, I see Lips has really wowed the 360 kids, entering the charts at #39

I guess 360 isn't yet home to them there casual gamers
James 12 Jan 2009 08:34
The fact that they are reviving backwards compatibility for just ONE game isn't gonna cut it.

The fact that it only costs 25 bucks per console to re-add in the emotion engine for PS2 compatible and the decision for Sony to take that out disgusts me.

I have 120 games, and cherish them.
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