No God of War Collection for UK in 09

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No God of War Collection for UK in 09
All was happiness and joy (or suspicion that we were being made to pay for the same stuff again) this week at the news that God of War and God of War 2 were to be remastered from their PS2 form to run in HD on PS3.

The joy has not been tempered by the fact that while the USA will be getting the God of War Collection, it looks like the UK (and probably other SCEE territories) won't. We certainly will not be getting the set this year according to an official Sony statement that reads, "it will not be possible to release the games this calendar year. We will provide further information in due course."

So, unless you've still got your PS2 - or an early PS3 with backward compatibility - you're not going to be able to play legacy GOWs. Actually, even if you do have these things, you won't be able to play them in glorious remastered form... yet.



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