Edinburgh: Sony Studios Euro Chief On PS3's Home

'We know where you live' - and new Heavenly Sword screens

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Heavenly's the word.
Heavenly's the word.
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By Adam Hartley

Day two of the Edinburgh Interactive Festival is taking place at Edinburgh’s Lothian Road Odeon today (pictured) and I’ve been catching up with Sony’s VP of Worldwide Studios, Jamie MacDonald as well as the creative team behind the wonderful Heavenly Sword (pictured below) as well as a bunch of other leading games developers and execs.

MacDonald told me much more about the background of Sony’s Home service for PS3, which it turns out has actually been in development for over three years now.

“Many people seem to think that we are somehow imitating other developments, you know, MySpace, Facebook and so on, but Home has been in development for over three years,” he informed us.

(Not sure how that makes much sense as MySpace came into being in August 2003, while Facebook came into the world in February 2004. Ed)

“Its kind of like the invention of the lightbulb or the aeroplane, there are always groups of people working on these kinds of developments in pockets dotted all over the world,” he added.

(Right! Lightbulb and aeroplane and Usenet. Ed again)

Discussing the safety and security implications of Home, MacDonald told us that, “We don’t really publicise it so much, but ultimately users have to register with us and ultimately we can ban them. We also know where they live!” He added, ominously!

Watch out for more from Jamie MacDonald on PS3 Home, SingStar, LittleBigPlanet, PSN downloadables and more.

While you wait, make sure to have gander at the Heavenly Sword screens below.


deleted 14 Aug 2007 21:41
LOL @(with) Ed, lightbulb what a good example to use to prove you didnt steal the idea, errr not. Thomas Edision yep he invented the light bulb after everyone else got it off the ground 70 years earlier he just perfected it, why Sony everytime you open your mouth does the fountain of bullshit flow?
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