FirstPlay Shut Down, New PS3 Programme Emerges

Future Publishing still working with SCEE.

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FirstPlay Shut Down, New PS3 Programme Emerges
FirstPlay, the interactive TV show that sat on your PS3 and beamed advertorials on your screen for a nice price, has been shut down to make way for a new magazine video show. The good part? This one's free.

The new programme hasn't been named yet, but will be made available in the same way as FirstPlay was - via Sony's PlayStation Store service. The new focus for the show will be that of the recent community-based PlayStation Access events, with presenters reporting from the floor and everything.

FirstPlay's last episode was released on 6th July. No word on when we'll see this new show, but obviously Future Publishing and SCEE are very excited.

"Production on the new show is well under way and editorial standards are impeccably high," says Future's entertainment group publisher Simon Maxwell, while SCEE's Alan Duncan adds that "this is a great content initiative which forms a key part of SCEUK’s strategy to reward and engage with our consumers in a more meaningful way."


CaptSkyRocket 13 Jul 2011 10:23
Did any ever actually buy an episode of FirstPlay? I'm surprised it lasted this long.
Duncan 13 Jul 2011 12:23
I subbed for 3 months but soon got bored with its poor reviews and general content. Maybe the replacement will be better but I doubt it.
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