Sony Slashes Price of PSP

PSP Price Cut plus new Platinum range detailed

Posted by Staff
Sony has just sent word that the official price of it's amazing handheld Lumines game (otherwise known as 'the PSP') has been cut back to an RRP of 129.99, alongside details of a new 14.99 PSP Platinum range.

The new lower price point of Sony's handheld Lumines-player and bargain-bucket budget range will take effect as on Friday May 4th, with the news following the recent US price-slashing.

If you've missed a number of PSP classics over the past few years then you'll now be able to pick them up for under fifteen quid new, which is rather good news, including such gems as Ridge Racer 2, Tekken, Killzone, Loco Roco and Moto GP.

?PSP is unique and is constantly evolving. It offers the widest palette of mobile entertainment, from gaming to video, music, photos and internet,? said SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire. ?But now the exciting possibility of connecting remotely to PS3 makes PSP more relevant than ever. So what better time to offer a brand new price point, and the launch of five new Platinum titles??

Lumines II, at the time of going to press, is still unfortunately a full price PSP title.


Duoae 23 Apr 2007 17:40
A 20 cut is hadly "slashing" the price.
RiseFromYourGrave 23 Apr 2007 21:27
yeah, still a tad too expensive for me, but then again i dont think it has a library worth the initial purchase anyway so i probably will wait until its at a lower price than most would
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crs117 24 Apr 2007 17:37
i think i may pick one up now and start my umd collection because watching semi-hi-def movies on something i can slide in my pocket (with killer speakers) is what i am need. =)

jordanlund 24 Apr 2007 22:58
I'd highly suggest Valhalla Knights if it's out in the UK. Very nice game. But my favorite is still Wipeout Pure. Yes, it's a launch title, but the downloadable tracks and cars double the size of the game.
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