Bet on EyeToy: Groove - Monkeys for 20

Staggering demand across Europe to see camera installed base undo bookies?

Posted by Staff
It looks as though plucky punters may well be able to make a tasty stack of cash this Yule, with some interesting news regarding EyeToy sales breaking this morning.

EyeToy: Play sales exceeded everyone's expectations from the start, with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe taking the bold step of releasing the untested concept that is a camera, alongside a motion-sensing, somewhat niche and most definitely camp set of minigames.

However, Europe went mad for the little bundle of joy with news today from Sony claiming that sales have already exceeded 2 million units in Europe alone, an incredible announcement indeed. SCEE has also claimed, somewhat hyperbolically, that it has had to airlift emergency supplies of the EyeToy Camera from Asia, to meet demands across the multi-language oddity that is EU PAL.

And this leads us straight to the point: Ladbrookes, using information from industry body ELSPA, is offering odds of 25/1 on EyeToy: Groove taking the number one spot in the UK.

With over 2 million EyeToy cameras in homes across Europe, combined with the fact that the UK devoured more copies of EyeToy: Play than anywhere else, this has got to be a good bet for Christmas. Indeed, a stake of 20 would net you 500, or a monkey for our Cockney readers.

Not bad at all.


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