WipEout Pulse: Zippy New Screens!

Plus: How the latest installment won't make you crash and burn

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Don't try this in your Mum's Micra. Seriously.
Don't try this in your Mum's Micra. Seriously.
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Sometimes cruising round the local Staples car park and doing doughnuts to impress the lasses isn't enough for SPOnG. Sometimes, even blasting round New York in front of screaming crowds doesn't hit the spot. Nope, sometimes we need a vehicle that hovers and has fantastically-coloured bursts of light coming out of its arse end. Sometimes, we need WipEout. With that in mind, it seemed ridiculously fortuitous when these screens from WipEout Pulse for the PSP landed in our inbox.

The new game includes fully customisable ships, Mag-Strips on the track (loop-the-loops!) and, perhaps most importantly, a much reworked and more accessible difficulty level in the game to entice more new players into the world of WipEout.

In our forthcoming interview, WipEout Pulse director Tony Buckley informs SPOnG that:

"In terms of difficulty we’re trying to address the difficulty curve. We’re trying to make it more accessible. So, the ‘Venom’ speed class, which is the lowest speed class, give a nice feel that you are going fast, but its manageable you know?

Then we just have to ensure that the increments that we put on each speed class are manageable, so players get a chance to appreciate the different speed classes. One thing that we are doing to try to help that is to have difficulty levels within each speed class. So if you feel that you get to a speed class that is at around your limit, you still the option of selecting a competitive or an ultra competitive race. Or an easy race. So we are really conscious that it is all about speed and that the faster you go the harder the game gets to control, so we don’t want to alienate those people who are not speed freaks. We have to get a balance for it, which has been our focus."

However, at the other end of the spectrum, Buckley is keen to continue to please the hardcore fans.

“Oh yeah, and I’ll say now, that the ‘phantom’ class will always be for nutters! People whose talent with WipEout tracks and ships is almost frightening! You know, there was a WipEout conference a couple of months ago in Holland and the speed these people go and the control they have over this ship is simply amazing. We will always have a speed class that is for those purists."

Read the full Wipeout Pulse interview right here.


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