The Charts Ė A Hat Trick For FIFA Street 2

Sony BUZZes into top five.

Posted by Staff
Itís been another good week for EA this past week, with urban soccer title FIFA Street 2 scoring its third week at the top of the All Formats Chart as supplied by ChartTrack.

EAís Fight Night Round 3 climbs up one slot to two, knocking Ubiís Tom Clancyís Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter down to third position.

Sony steams in this week with two new releases in the top five. Party game favourite Buzz! The Big Quiz! is straight in at four, making an early entrance in time for the Easter hols. Hot on the heels of Buzz! is popular telly spin-off 24: The Game.

Atari claim the other top ten new release this week, with Driver: Parallel Lines straight in at number eight. So itís a good week all around for the PS2, with the three biggest new releases of the week only exclusively (for the time being) available on PS2. The Xbox version of Driver: Parallel Lines releases this week.

Other news in the top ten - Burnout Revenge crashes back in at nine, no doubt due to the release of the Xbox 360 version. EA staples The Sims 2: Open for Business and the classy FPS BLACK hang in there at numbers six and seven respectively, whereas Codies superb racer TOCA Race Driver 3 drops four places to ten.

There are four other new releases in the top 40 this week, with THQís The Outfit in at 13, Eidosí Commandos: Strike Force in at 18, SEGAís Sonic Riders flying in on an airborne hoverboard at 20, and Capcomís Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams in at a rather disappointing 26.


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