Platinum PS3 Titles Nearly Here?

Platinum pack shots spotted

Posted by Staff
Update: Sony has responded to SPOnG's request for comment, with a rep telling us, "we haven't yet made any official announcements and do not comment on rumour or speculation".

Apparent Spanish pack shots have emerged of Heavenly Sword and MotorStorm that purport to feature budget Platinum branding, suggesting that a budget range of PS3 titles may be nearly here.

The pack shots appeared on a forum at with the words "Very soon" put above them by the poster.

The images do, to SPOnG's weary eyes, look a bit, well... shonky. Not to mention hideously ugly. Not to mention the fact that the borders are yellow, as packaging for budget PlayStation titles in Japan is, rather than the platinum shade that we get over here. That does not mean, however, that they aren't mock ups being used internally by Sony.

Japan already has its 'PlayStation 3: The Best' range and has done for the last several months. When that range was revealed, Sony told SPOnG, "We have introduced a Platinum range of best selling titles for all of our platforms to date, and it is likely that we will do so in the future for PS3. However, no decisions have yet been made on timing or line-up".

No comment on the matter was available from Sony this morning.



deleted 22 Jun 2008 22:57
I prefer preowned, always cheaper than platinum although once there is platinum those preowend titles go even cheaper!, aside from GTA4 i havent bought a game new for a long time, i usually wait a month or two before getting new releases as so i can pick them up for 19.99-24.99
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