GTA Lost and Damned PS3 News is Damned

Bit of a cock-up on the official front.

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GTA Lost and Damned PS3 News is Damned
"And they (Rockstar) were certainly showing some PS3 love - Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned was available to play in a special 18+ area, we didn?t manage to get our hands on it due to the MASSIVE queue - but those inside looked pretty ***** excited."

So said a chap named Yaster. That chap is in fact a moderator on the official Playstation EU blog yeserday. But you won't find the quote on the blog now, it's been thoroughly deleted (cutely, there is now a thread aimed at helping the poor guy out).

In case you hadn't realised, Lost & Damned is an Xbox 360 exclusive. (Insert dramatic music) Or is it?

Yes, yes apparently it still is.


Mog 21 Aug 2009 14:26

Lost and Damned was always a timed exclusive.

It was always stated that eventually the PS3 would get it, Rockstar said that themselves, and I believe Kaz mentioned it a long while back too.
jono 30 Aug 2009 11:17
will it come out on ps3?
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zach 30 Aug 2009 11:18
wot a lod da wank
Papzotic 4 Oct 2009 21:46
Isn't There another one still but will not putting this one mess up s**t
Papzotic 4 Oct 2009 21:48
Is This game worth it for ps3?
Brian 25 Oct 2009 01:58
Lost and the Damned will come out with Gay Tony in liberty city Storys like Rockstar did for xbox when Ps2 has GTA3 and Vice. The story was like the same Sony bought GTA and it would never go to xbox then Money talked and it was on Xbox same will happen and Sony will step in and make a deal with Rockstar.
Rockstar will not give any answer and Sony said that they do not know if Rockstar will sell right for a PS3 release of Last and the Damned and Gay Tony or a two game disc with both called Liberty City Storys. They said they would be open to talk to Rockstar.
adam 19 Nov 2009 00:30
i hope this lost and demend does cum out 4 ps3
adam 19 Nov 2009 00:33
i really hope it does a love gta games
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