TGS: Tecmo's Quantum Theory Confirmed as PS3 Exclusive

Phallic towers and ladies with swords bound for Sony console

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Tecmo's Project Zero 3
Tecmo's Project Zero 3
Tecmo's upcoming third-person shooter, the enigmatically-named Quantum Theory, has been confirmed as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The game emerged in the most recent issue of Japanese gaming bible, Famitsu. It was known to be bound for the PlayStation 3, but details were sketchy as to whether it would be exclusive. Tecmo's Makoto Shibata, director of the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series, has cast all doubt aside, however, stating on the Tokyo Game Show floor that the title is indeed exclusive to the Sony machine.

Shibata, director of Tecmo's Team Tachyon, described Quantum Theory as Japan's answer to Gears of War. It features a gargantuan, labyrinthine tower through which our suitably muscular hero must traverse, bringing with him his token sexy female accomplice who has a gun that turns into a sword.

More on Quantum Theory as we get it.

Source: Joystiq


HyperTails 10 Oct 2008 13:10
Should be a good game. Wonder if this will actually remain as a PS3 exclusive though...
PS3 Owner 10 Oct 2008 14:50
@HyperTails: It will remain exclusive because they have confimed it is exclusive! You will notice that all the so called big lost exclusives for the PS3 so far were never actually announced as exclusives, most of it was just based on assumption if it had been an exclusive in the PS2 or PS1 days, or if the first reveal happened at a Sony event...

If they were planning a 360 version, they would say something like "currently it's only announced on PS3" or "we don't comment on rumours and speculation" or some similar way to answer the question without answering the question! "Exclusive" is a definitive confirmation...
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HyperTails 11 Oct 2008 11:30
FFXIII was a PS3 exclusive, look what happened there. Though TBH, this doesn't seem like the type of game that Microsoft will be too bothered about losing.
CK 11 Oct 2008 21:11
Yeah it is. It's a game that some people will want a ps3 for. So MS must have it. With Exclusive DLC
Was p 12 Oct 2008 19:56
Gears of War is good, but what will the Japanese answer to GoW be like? There's a good chance it'll be a bit weird but will it be a good weird or bad weird?

There is a chance that this is a SONY exclusive because MS said no, we don?t need a game like GoW, because we have GoW, just as SONY doesn?t need FORZA, because it already has GT but MS needed answer to GT, and SONY would like an answer to GoW.

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