PSP Development Costs Halved

Sony attempts to attract smaller devs

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PSP Development Costs Halved
SN Systems, a subsidiary of Sony which provides development tools for gaming hardware, has halved the cost of its development tools for the PSP.

The discount is in effect as of today and includes (according to SN Systems) "full and rental ProDG for PSP, Tuner, Build Tools and ProView licenses ordered through the UK-based SN Systems office". The company also says that support fees will be similarly halved.

The company's director, Andy Beveridge, said, "SN Systems development tools for PSP are well-established and mature, having been on sale since the end of 2004. Since then, the tools have grown extensively as a result of direct feedback from PSP game title developers. Significantly reducing the cost of the tools will help to ensure that PSP game title developers have everything they need to continue creating great titles. This price reduction, coupled with the recent addition of Tuner (performance optimizer) to ProDG for PSP, makes the core development tool a very attractive package."

Back in November last year, Sony took a similar slash at the cost of developing for the PS3.

The move is no doubt aimed at attracting more developers to the PSP by providing a cheaper entry point to smaller developers. The PSP has not been quite as well supported as its rival, the DS. SPOnG currently has 658 titles on its database as either out or in development for the DS, while the 542 PSP titles are listed.

EA recently said that it expects the PSP to be outsold by the DS by as much as two to one in Europe and North America this year.


SuperSaiyan4 4 Feb 2008 16:12
You know if Sony was just able to do away with that disc altogether and use its own Memory Sticks with say 4gb space for games instead I think they would save even more money by shifting memory sticks, and doing away with moving parts.
mrAnthony 4 Feb 2008 17:33
yes, and having a ton of tiny little slivers of plastic everywhere, with no proper boxes or art work, and having to download everything. etc etc etc, the things that the majority of people, ie not technically minded, don't do, or haven't got access to doing so. By doing away with one thing and getting rid of the other you don't necessarily get more people involved, you potentially alienate existing costumers. Surely a mix of the two would be best.

We live in a very diverse world now, people like to be able to pick and choose, you are very one sided when it comes to certain things, thats why people have a go at you a lot.
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deleted 4 Feb 2008 18:22
WHere the hell is the Microsoft portable gaming device? i dont care how cheap the psp is to develop for, i think some more competition is needed in teh portable market and who better to give a run for there money than the Mr Gates Wonder Company
daz 4 Feb 2008 21:02
haritori wrote:
who better to give a run for there money than the Mr Gates Wonder Company

answer: anyone, small and MS don't seem to get along
soanso 4 Feb 2008 22:35
They're too busy trying to ruin our goddamn email to make things like that.
daz 5 Feb 2008 01:33
soanso wrote:
They're too busy trying to ruin our goddamn email to make things like that.

and anything else that they somehow get there hands on
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