WipEout Pulse - Demo Available Today

New screens inside

Posted by Staff
The good chaps over at Sony have informed us that a demo for its futuristic, Scouse-developed PSP racer, WipEout Pulse, is launching on the PlayStation PC store today.

The demo will feature one track and one team from the FX400 League, with PSP owners getting to choose from a Single Race or a Time Trial challenge. The course in question is the Moa Therma White track, with players getting dropped behind the controls of a Feisar ship.

If all that's not enough, download it for the soundtrack from German synth popsters Kraftwerk. Appropriately, Aero Dynamik is what's being offered.

If the demo still leaves you unsure of whether to shell out your hard-earned pennies for WipEout Pulse when it's released on Friday, check out SPOnG's interview with the game's director, Evertonian Tony Buckley, for more.

In the meantime, check out the screens below from the demo.


jordanlund 13 Dec 2007 19:43
Any word on a USA release date for the game? I see it's been rated E10+ on the ESRB site so it must be coming soon, but there aren't any links for it on the GameStop or EB Games sites...


Bueller? Bueller?
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