Something for the Weekend Sir? Games Out Today

What SPOnG is cosying up with this weekend

Posted by Staff
It’s officially autumn now, no two ways about it. Despite end of the global warming-provoked Indian summer, we’re all pretty chipper here at SPOnG. This can only mean one thing for gamers: a steady drip-feed of quality games in the run up to the kapitalistische driven greed-fest that is the celebration of the birth of our Lord The Little Baby Jesus in December.

Indeed, where would the games industry be without Jesus? How would we organise all of our time and effort if we didn’t have the one day that is Jesus’ birthday for our marketing geniuses to focus upon and fret about? (Random thoughts on this in the forum please!). Get on with it! Non-Messianic Ed.

So, as the messy pile of leaves on the lawn outside continues to grow, what are we going to be playing this coming weekend?

If you’ve got family with kids round for dinner, then you can’t really go far wrong with Sony’s Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party on PS2 the first Buzz! title marketed specifically at children. SPOnG suspects it will also be suitable for larger humans. It’s perfect for post-dinner shenanigans when you’ve got a group of little terrors to keep calm, happy and smiling. Play against each other as one of a selection of cheeky monkeys in up to 40 wild and wacky mini-games which include demolishing a totem pole, surviving being pelted by coconuts, base-jumping clutching an anvil, being chased by flesh-hungry lions and belting out the maddest bongo beat with the help of your orangutan drum instructor.

God game buffs might want to plump for Vivendi’s Caesar IV where you play the role of an aspiring governor of a newly formed province within the Roman Empire, climbing the empire's political ladder until you ultimately become Caesar and take control of ancient Rome.

Our Gavin will probably still be hacking his way through the rather marvellous Destroy All Humans! 2 from THQ.

The ‘new lad’ will be up till the early hours trying to do a better job with his beloved Bristol Rovers than the incumbent Paul Trollope in SEGA/Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2007 on PC

Adam meanwhile will be messing around with some puzzle and party games on the PSP, checking out Xplosiv’s strangely-named KAZooK, which promises to be a Wario-style mini-game treat; as well as Archer Maclean’s recently released slidey metal puzzlerMercury Meltdown. So, he’ll no doubt be telling us on Monday whether either title has manage to dent his affection for the DS as his handheld of choice.

Gareth will be trying to get a quick bash on Ubisoft’s latest AAA-release – Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

We’ll all be back first thing Monday bringing you all the videogame info, news, reviews and opinion you are going to need, straight into your eyes. There will also be some quite enormous SPOnG-related surprises.


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