PS3 Sells 1 Million In Europe

Beats PSOne and PS2

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PS3 Sells 1 Million In Europe
The PlayStation 3 has now sold an impressive one million units across Europe and other PAL territories, according to Sony.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's president, David Reeves, elaborated on the specifics, saying, ?Early last week we went through the one million mark on PS3. And we did that in nine and a half weeks.? That's one million consoles sold, rather than the 'shipped' figures - which include consoles sat in warehouses and retailers - that platform holders often give.

Perhaps more impressive is how that figure stacks up against Sony's previous home consoles. ?That was faster than both PS2 and PSOne. And I think that the analysts out there will also realise that it?s faster than our brothers and sisters in the competitive world,? Reeves said.

Reeves also noted the success of PlayStation Network, stating that 460,000 users have registered with the online service, a figure that Sony has confirmed for SPOnG represents Europe alone. Reeves was quick to dismiss comparisons with Microsoft's rival Xbox Live service, saying, ?I don?t feel we?re competing with Xbox Live in any way. We?re in a different stadium. And with the introduction of Home at Christmas, we?re going in a completely different direction with something very entertaining. We don?t have our eyes on the competition in any way.?

In terms of software sales Reeves was less bullish. He revealed that 2 million first party games have been shipped, but did not give figures for units actually sold. Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm have shipped 600,000 and 500,000 units respectively.

Reeves conceded that that since launch there has been a lull in releases, but added ?our big bangs will be arriving around September and October; Phil [Harrison] will be announcing these at a later date, but they will probably be in the arena of social gaming as well as more traditional games?.

The hardware figures are certainly likely to cheer Sony. Following a successful launch there was a dramatic drop-off in PS3 sales in subsequent weeks, and today's news should serve to demonstrate that the launch weekend wasn't merely a phenomenon driven by fanboy anticipation and unusually high stock levels.

That said, the drop-off in releases mentioned by Reeves has led to a drop in Japanese PS3 sales to below the apparently ?psychological? level of 10,000 units per week recently.

Source: MCV


Ultimate Ass Monkey 8 Jun 2007 11:11
Sorry, but nine and a half weeks?!

I honestly wouldn't have thought so, especially with that pricetag, the massive queue's and awesome... Erm... lineup of games to date.

I mean come on... Weekly Japanese sales of less than 10K?

Come on Sony... Be honest.
Joji 8 Jun 2007 11:23
Not much to shout about but they have to cling to what positives they have.
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thomas day 8 Jun 2007 12:35
Sound like BS to me.

Come on sony own up to the PS3 being a mess and overly priced.

Drop the price to 250 get some AAA +++ games out of the block before it is too late.
alexh2o 8 Jun 2007 12:35
Yeah I just straight dont see how that is possible at all! Unless its something to do with them making so many that they are meeting demand. In which case how long will this last?

Seriously though, who would go and spend that much on a console with no real games to play? Obviously the hardcore, but who else?
tyrion 8 Jun 2007 13:01
Joji wrote:
Not much to shout about but they have to cling to what positives they have.

Selling faster than the PSOne and PS2 did at the same time in their lives and possibly faster than 360 and Wii have done. All that despite a higher price. Sounds like enough to shout about to me.
zonerx 9 Jun 2007 14:55
If thats true its really impressive, good for sony.

How is it possable to have sold 1 million consoles and only shipped 2 million games (first party). Are people really buying PS3s just for Blu-ray? It sounds a bit sad to me...
DoctorDee 10 Jun 2007 07:03
Ultimate Ass Monkey wrote:
Sorry, but nine and a half weeks?!

I couldn't work that one out. Then it occured to me, maybe they were watching the famously vapid 80's Kim Basinger/Mickey Rourke faux-porn movie when they got the news.

So it happened in Nine and a Half Weeks. Probably at the bit where they were spilling milk all over the Kitchen floor. Or maybe at that bit in the alleyway, with the rain.

BlackSpy 10 Jun 2007 08:51
How come my post was deleted?
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