BBFC Confirms God of War Collection for UK?

BBFC rating suggests British release

Posted by Staff
BBFC Confirms God of War Collection for UK?
A BBFC rating has popped up today classifying God of War Collection as 18. Of course, for a game to get a BBFC rating it typically has to be coming out in the UK. Putting two and two together, that's a pretty strong indication that the game, which packages together the first and second games in the series with an HD coat of gloss, will be getting released over here after all.

So far Sony has only confirmed that the Collection will be available as part of the God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy release in the UK.

It's possible, of course, that GoWC has been rated for the BBFC precisely because it will be part of Ultimate Trilogy, but typically the BBFC provides a single rating for a single SKU, then provides a breakdown of the different components of that SKU within the listing. At the end of the day, after all, Ultimate Trilogy will need one rating on the box for all the content.

All that aside, Sony would have to be a little bit crazy to not put out God of War Collection over here. Sure, the publisher might want to hold it back for a while to drive sales of the (very expensive) Ultimate Trilogy Edition, but the fact that Sony likes to make money makes it likely we'll get it as a standalone release at some point.

In any case, we've contacted both Sony and the BBFC for clarification.


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