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Full name: Bungie Software Products Corporation
Established: May 1991

Based in Chicago, Bungie Software is a rarity in the electronic entertainment industry, a private corporation dedicated to both developing and publishing outstanding, immersive electronic games that surpass conventional technology and provide compelling and repeatable play. Makers of the smash “Myth” and “Marathon” series, Bungie is undoubtedly now best know for its more recent hits with the "Halo" series on Xbox and Xbox 360.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Bungie's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1992 title, "Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete" (Mac).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Power Mac, Xbox and Mac. Of these, "Halo 3" (Xbox 360), "Halo 2" (Xbox), "Halo: Combat Evolved" (Xbox), "Halo 3: ODST" (Xbox 360), "Halo: Reach" (Xbox 360) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2018 release "Destiny 2: The Forsaken" (Xbox One).

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On Film: Seven Minutes of Bungie's Destiny News

New FPS from Halo maker gets huge trailer

29 Apr 2014

Bungie Confirms Halo Composer's Departure News

Says they parted 'as friends', O'Donnell says it was 'without cause'

16 Apr 2014

Halo is Coming for Xbox One in 2014 News

Just when you didn't think it had been overlooked

07 Jan 2014

Bungie's Destiny is Settled News

The Activision all-formats title will be with you...

09 Dec 2013

Destiny Beta And Beta Code Details Here News

PS3 & PS4 users will be the first to get the Destiny beta

15 Nov 2013

Bungie Releasing Destiny Beta Codes Into the Wild This Week News

It's going to be luck of the draw, though

21 Oct 2013

Bungie: 2014 Destiny Beta Will be Treated Like Full Launch News

Destiny 'demands more'

02 Oct 2013

Here's Destiny's Box Art Nibble

30 Sep 2013

Bungie's Cancelled Project Phoenix Was "Minecraft-Like" News

Pre-dating the super-popular Minecraft.

10 Jul 2013

PS4: See All The Announced Games Here News

Teaser trailers for your eyeballs.

21 Feb 2013

Activision: Destiny Will Not Release in 2013 News

Still releasing for Xbox 360 and PS3, though.

19 Feb 2013

Destiny Will Be Coming to Next-Generation Consoles News

No PC support just yet, though.

18 Feb 2013

Bungie Unveils 'Shared World Shooter' Destiny News

Persistent world, no subscription, requires constant online connection.

18 Feb 2013

Bungie Makes Spartan Helmet for Sick Nine-Year-Old After Liver Transplant News

Father calls Halo maker an 'amazing company'.

22 Jan 2013

Bungie to Showcase Destiny in March News

Get a glimpse of the next ten years at the studio.

17 Jan 2013

Bungie's Post-Halo Smasher is Bad News for Two Game Platforms News

But there is Planet Smashingly Grand Art!

28 Nov 2012

Bungie: Xbox LIVE Wouldn't Have Made It Without Us News

Halo series pushed the service further.

16 Nov 2012

Bungie's Destiny Leaked: Gameplay "Still Quite Like Halo" News

Engine showcase and hands-on impressions from presentation attendees.

07 Nov 2012

Sir Paul McCartney Confirms He is Working on Video Game Tunes News

Non-gamer and ex-Beatle is working with Bungie

09 Jul 2012

Extended Halo 4 Trailer Hits During England vs France Euro Game News

Get someone else to make tea as you settle down with space shooting

11 Jun 2012

Activision and Bungie: It's "Xbox 720" News

Legal document also reveals that Bungie is to develop four 'sci-fantasy, action shooter games,' code-named 'Destiny for Activision

22 May 2012

Halo 4 to Get Live Action Series News

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn web series to get life!

30 Apr 2012

Massive Attack Man on Halo 4 Plus Ten Female Bulgarians! News

He also did music for Lucozade, Smirnoff, Clash of the Titans... yes, Clash of the Titans

11 Apr 2012

Bungie Founder a "Bit Nervous" about Halo 4 News

But Bungie's Alex Seropian isn't too scared

29 Feb 2012

Bungie Co-Founder to Make Hardcore Mobile Games News

No more mini-games!

24 Feb 2012

Activision: Call of Duty 2012 Already 'Looking Fantastic' News

New CoD bringing innovation to franchise

10 Feb 2012

The Man Who Annoys Bungie with Halo Maps Speaks Sense! News

Texas based company makes maps, stays independent.

26 Dec 2011

Halo 4 Creative Director Jumps Ship News

From Corporate to Creativity in one (not so) easy leap

06 Sep 2011

Bungie Posts Huge 'New World' Video - Hints at New Game News

Halo dev is now an 'underdog'

05 Aug 2011

Halo 4: Not a New Engine - No New Halo Each Year Either News

More Halo 4 facts ahoy

14 Jun 2011

Bungie: Activision's Role is "Hands-off" News

Kotick can't touch this.

29 Mar 2011

Bungie's MMO is a Joke News

Bloody hilarity ensues

07 Mar 2011

Bungie Destroys MMO Rumour News

It's a fact

04 Mar 2011

Bungie to Kotaku - There are No Lay Offs News

NO... no and No.

18 Feb 2011

Halo Reach Defiant Maps Detailed News

Spartan information...

14 Feb 2011

Report: Halo: Combat Evolved Gets HD Re-Run News

Money, rope and game...

04 Feb 2011

HALO: Reach logs 1.3 billion matches played News

Ah-ah-aaaah...ah indeed

21 Dec 2010

Red Dead Redemption Wins VGA Shootout News

BioWare earns several accolades too.

13 Dec 2010

Halo Movie Will Happen After All News

So says Frank O'Connor

23 Nov 2010

Apple's Jobs Turned Down Bungie Buy News

No idea why he was so angry then

27 Oct 2010

Microsoft Angered Apple With Bungie Buyout News

Business Evolved.

26 Oct 2010

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Trailered News

30th of November release for pack

25 Oct 2010

Kotick: Bungie Had No Alternative to Activision News

But what do data centres and World of Warcraft have to do with it?

24 Sep 2010

Halo Reach Beats Halo 3's UK Launch News

Figures are in

16 Sep 2010

Halo Reach $200m Day One Compared to Halo 3 News

Makes for interesting reading

16 Sep 2010

No Halo Reach Co-op Campaign for 4Gig Xbox 360 Owners News

Microsoft looking for a fix.

15 Sep 2010

Halo Reach: The Banhammer Looms! News

Bungie "Already Aware" of Halo: Reach Cheaters

14 Sep 2010

Bungie Oiling Activision's New Engine News

Crafting new game engine for upcoming Activision project

14 Sep 2010

Halo: Reach - Real Life Spartan Jetpacks Round Nelson's Column News

Really, not much more to be said.

13 Sep 2010

Halo: Reach on Sale Early - Stats Already Reset News

No need to worry about your online Spartan stats being wiped.

13 Sep 2010

Halo: Reach DLC Maps and MP News

Committed to the game for quite some time after launch.

26 Aug 2010

Halo: Reach Leaked! News

Microsoft is investigating.

23 Aug 2010

Bungie Tones Down Halo Reach Grenades News

The beta results in useful changes

03 Aug 2010

Halo Reaches Out with Latest Action News

Lots and lots and lots and lots of space killing!

29 Jul 2010

Halo: Reach Worldwide Release Date Revealed News

Hope you're not planning on going back to college this year.

24 May 2010

EA Hopeful For Future Bungie Deal News

Publisher was in talks with studio before Activision sealed the deal.

18 May 2010

Activision: More Than One Game Release from Bungie News

No up-front payment though

07 May 2010

Bungie: Halo Reach Beta: Sub-Optimal Performance News

But it's being worked on

04 May 2010

Bungie: We Showed Our New Project To Microsoft And Sony News

And both were naturally very keen on having it.

30 Apr 2010

Microsoft Deal with Bungie 'Unchanged' by Activision News

No surprises there

29 Apr 2010

Activision Bungie Deal - Nine Months in the Making News

Thomas Tipl heading up the deal

29 Apr 2010

Activision Signs Bungie in 10 Year Exclusivity Deal News

Bungie's next game universe goes to Activision

29 Apr 2010

Halo Reach Beta Details: Classes, Moves And Maps News

Elites and Spartans mix it up one more time.

21 Apr 2010

Halo Reach Beta Offers New Weapons, Assassinations News

Embrace the next generation of tea-bagging.

01 Apr 2010

Bungie: All Platform Options Are Open News

Considering PlayStation 3 and Wii development.

25 Mar 2010

Bungie Files Trademark For Aerospace News

Building a proprietary game engine division?

12 Mar 2010

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Announced News

Along with video; jetpacks galore.

03 Mar 2010

Bungie Makes U-Turn On Future Of Halo News

Now the studio says they might revisit the series after Reach.

24 Feb 2010

Halo Reach Beta To Feature Almost Everything News

It'll be a really good representation of the final game. Well, we hope so.

23 Feb 2010

Halo 3 and Halo Reach Will Co-Exist Online News

Servers to stay alive

19 Feb 2010

Bungie: 3D Halo? Not From Us News

Studio has probably had enough of 'future Halo' questions.

11 Feb 2010

Bungie Blowout: First Screens of Halo Reach News

First screenshots, concept artwork and personnel details.

26 Jan 2010

Halo Reach - is Like Titanic News

Very dark... about to hit an iceberg?

21 Jan 2010

Halo 3 - Mythic 2 Map Pack February 12 News

Previously only for ODST

20 Jan 2010

Bungie - Halo 3: ODST DLC "Too Much of an Investment" News

Co-op tech not there yet

18 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Halo Reach Beta: Spring 2010 News

Also HD trailer ahoy

14 Dec 2009

VGAs: Halo Reach Reveal Will Be 'Phenomenal' News

Spike TV's Video Game Awards the venue for Bungie showcase.

07 Dec 2009

Naughty Dog Explains Thanks To Bungie, Infinity Ward News

Uncharted 2 dev shared resources with multi-plat studios.

14 Oct 2009

Bungie: Halo's Six-Year Plan News

Frank O'Connor discusses toys, books, comics, anime, games...

08 Oct 2009

Ex-Bungie Guys form Moonshot Games News

You can take the dev out of development but...

07 Oct 2009

The UK Games Charts: Halo 3: ODST Smashes All Comers News

Professor Layton misses out

28 Sep 2009

District 9 Director Politics Up Master Chief News

Will Neill Blomkamp please make his bloody mind up

21 Sep 2009

Disney's Media Grab Continues: Grabs Halo Guy News

Alexander Seropian to head video games division.

09 Sep 2009

Cops Descend on Bungie in Halo Rifle Scare News

Yes, seriously

04 Sep 2009

Halo 3: ODST Footage Leaked News

Loads of gameplay to be seen

03 Sep 2009

Halo 3's Daily Million Uniques News

Still popular, if turns out

14 Aug 2009

Halo 3 ODST Video Insights News

Nathan Fillion as Sergeant Buck takes you through.

31 Jul 2009

343 Industries IS Microsoft's New Halo Division News

Rumours confirmed

23 Jul 2009

And the Halo 3: ODST Maps Are... News

ODST's multiplayer guts revealed

08 Jul 2009

Halo: Avoiding the 'C' Word plus Natal for Reach News

It's full steam ahead for Bungie

29 Jun 2009

Bungie We Want to be Pixar News

And firefight is for Dads

29 Jun 2009

Microsoft - Halo 3: ODST Full Price Justification News

It's all in the scope

12 Jun 2009

New Halo Comic Coming July News

Helljumpers scheduled

22 Apr 2009

Halo 3: ODST - Really the End for Bungie? News

More Bungie confusion

27 Mar 2009

GDC: Bungie Confused Over Halo 3 Plans News

More coming after ODST?

26 Mar 2009

Halo 3: Mythic Sandbox Dusted Off! News

Plus: more details on the Mythic pack

30 Jan 2009

Xbox Live's Fate in '08 News

More shooters hot on heels

05 Jan 2009

Halo 3 vs Gears 2 Fight! News

Plus: shooter closes in on 3 million sales

08 Dec 2008

Halo Trilogy Soundtrack Teases Halo Wars News

Plus: Legendary Map Pack going cheap

02 Dec 2008

Bungie: NXE Install Issues Affecting Halo 3 News

Bungie 'fesses up

20 Nov 2008

Bungie: We Carried Xbox 360 News

Bitter? Noooo.

06 Nov 2008

Bungie – Halo 3: Recon Product of Microsoft Schism News

Just how expansive is(n't) the Recon expansion?

13 Oct 2008

Halo 3: Recon - Bungie Talks News

Expansion is a "one-off", apparently

10 Oct 2008

UPDATED: Microsoft Names Halo 3 Expansion News

Details dished up

09 Oct 2008

Half-Life Loses Out to Halo in Hadron Collider Vote News

Half-Life facility name a close contender

18 Sep 2008

Three Distinct Bungie Projects In Works News

But don't expect a big revelation soon

28 Jul 2008

Bungie Still Exclusive to Microsoft News

Still exclusive...

16 Jul 2008

Bungie's New Project News Gagged by Publisher News

Master Chief is loved after all?

16 Jul 2008

Next Halo to Ditch Master Chief? News

E3 announcement coming?

14 Jul 2008

Bungie in Creepy Cold Storage Giveaway News

Legendary map pack gets price cut

07 Jul 2008

Halo 4 Already in Development? News

Perhaps not...

04 Jul 2008

Bungie: Halo Head Writer Quits News

Back to Microsoft with him.

19 May 2008

Halo 3 New Map Pack Dated News

Masterful stuff... and a mysterious map...

19 Mar 2008

Unreal Tournament 3 has "Surpassed" Halo 3 News

Plus: Cliffy B an idiot

25 Feb 2008

Microsoft On Portable Gaming: “Never Say Never” News

Shane Kim speaks out at DICE

08 Feb 2008

Halo 3 Laser Tag Coming To the UK News

But no Master Chief weapons...

31 Jan 2008

Brutish Live Action Halo Pics News

Plus: Microsoft launches Halo film-making contest

25 Jan 2008

Halo 3 Heroic Map Screens News

Halo 3's first downloadable content ahoy!

11 Dec 2007

American Brings First Halo 3 Law Suit News

Game isn't compatible with Xbox 360!

29 Nov 2007

Halo Theme Hits Guitar Hero 3 News

Rock out like a chief

22 Nov 2007

Halo Updates, Heatmaps And Sales Revelation News

"...still-secret, still-in testing adjustments..."

12 Nov 2007

Halo 3: Chief Of The Living Dead News

Bungie gets freaky for Halo-ween

31 Oct 2007

Nintendo & Bungie: No Plans To 'Reach Out' News

Wii hard drive on the way

23 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Takes Down Ben Stiller News

Hollywood executives blaming poor box office takings on Halo 3

16 Oct 2007

Halo 3 An Indicator Of GTA IV Success? News

Bungie's shooter a harbinger of things to come?

10 Oct 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 Sent Off By FIFA News

Has FIFA Scored?

09 Oct 2007

US Churches Use Halo To Lure Impressionable Young Minds News

Despicable misuse of videogames by religious organisation

08 Oct 2007

OFFICIAL: Bungie ‘Unleashed’ From Microsoft News

The leash is severed

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Triples Japanese Xbox 360 Sales News

Microsoft still languishing at the back

05 Oct 2007

Halo Movie – Latest News From Director News

Neill Blomkamp speaks

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Doubles Xbox 360 Hardware Sales News

£17 million pushed through retailer tills

04 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Beats Pokemon In Japan News

Free trips to Japan for everybody! Joke!

04 Oct 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 versus FIFA News

Can a bunch of over-paid prima donnas score over a bunch of helmet lovers?

02 Oct 2007

Rumour: Bungie and Microsoft To Part Ways News

Take with a barrel of salt

02 Oct 2007

Does Halo 3 Top Xbox Live? News


02 Oct 2007

Microsoft Concedes Halo 3 Disc Problems News

Replacements to be issued

26 Sep 2007

Mass Media Fudges Up Halo 3 Launch News

The BBC flails unthinkingly at video-games

26 Sep 2007

Halo 3 - Second Opinion News

Steve Boxer takes his first glance at the 'most important game in history'.

25 Sep 2007

Halo Movie Latest - New Halo 3 Live Action Short News

Third taster from Halo movie director, Neil Blomkamp

25 Sep 2007

Rumour: Halo 3 Limited Edition Tin Damaging Discs News

Confusion and anger reigns

24 Sep 2007

More Halo 3 Merchandise Madness News

Halo 3 gets obscenely cute

21 Sep 2007

Halo 3: Gifts From The Masterfairy News

This is what you get if you're good.

21 Sep 2007

Halo 3 Torrents Spread Across the Internet News

Like a filthy virus

21 Sep 2007

Halo 3 Midnight Launch: Cancelled News

Pharrell Williams to save the day

18 Sep 2007

Play Halo 3 and Win £10,000 News

Courtesy of our friends at XLEAGUE.TV

13 Sep 2007

Call Of Duty 4 Gunning For Halo 3 News

Who will win the battle for Greedmas?

04 Sep 2007

Halo 3 Goes Gold News

Internet to be broken?

30 Aug 2007

Latest Live-Action Halo-Based Short Movie News

From director Neill Blomkamp

23 Aug 2007

Halo 3 To Get Online Co-Op News

Halo for four, sir?

01 Aug 2007

Halo 3 Gets Seriously Offline: Pics Inside News

Halo 3 laser tig!

31 Jul 2007

Halo 3: Real Warthog Roams New Zealand News

Motorists beware

23 Jul 2007

Halo 3 Co-op Not Online News

But Bungie ain't dumb

19 Jul 2007

Halo 3: E3 Short Movie Inside News

With real actors and everything!

11 Jul 2007

Halo 3: First Single Player Video Inside! News

PLUS: First image of Halo-themed Xbox 360

11 Jul 2007

Halo 3: E3 Screens Inside News

E3 press barrage begins

11 Jul 2007

Halo Precursor Heading For Xbox Live? News

Also Mad Tracks patched

13 Jun 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? This Week's Releases News

Did someone say 'Halo'?

08 Jun 2007

Halo 3 Single Player Missions Revealed News

The hackers are at it again

29 May 2007

Halo 2 For PC Slips, Again News

PC gamers can start banging their heads against hard things... now

24 May 2007

Halo 3 Beta Updated News

New play mode and vehicle available

22 May 2007

Hackers Unearth Halo 3 Co-op - Apparently News

Also: Bungie's chopper revealed!

21 May 2007

Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play News

This week's releases

18 May 2007

Halo 3 Beta Fixed News

Bungie grants four days of extra play as an apology

17 May 2007

Halo 3 Beta Broken News

Or dare we say... 'cracked'

16 May 2007

Halo 3 Release Date: September 25 News

Or 26th, should you be a European person

16 May 2007

Halo 3 Press Assault: New Screens! News

Microsoft comes at us like a horny gorilla

14 May 2007

Halo Creators Strike Back At Mario Maker News

Bungie-developed plumbing platformer coming soon...

14 May 2007

Halo 2 For PC: Trailer Here News

Polish off your big shiny helmet

09 May 2007

Halo 2 For PC Slips News

No F'ing FPS then...

04 May 2007

Latest Halo 3 Screens And Artwork News

Well... what more do you need to know

02 May 2007

Halo 3 – Split Screen, Not 1080p News

Latest Bungie Weekly Update

30 Apr 2007

Miyamoto More Influential Than George Bush News

Nintendo guru currently Number 2 in Time 100 polls

24 Apr 2007

Bungie Explains Halo 3 Beta Timescale News

It's for your own good

23 Apr 2007

Halo 3: The X Button Revealed News

Fears about igloo villages put to rest

16 Apr 2007

Halo 3: First In-Game Footage! News

Plus: nerds at work

10 Apr 2007

Halo 3 Pre-Orders Open News

GAME taking Xbox 360's golden game orders

26 Mar 2007

Halo 3 Packaging Unveiled News

Microsoft gears up for PS3 launch

16 Mar 2007

Halo 3 Due Autumn: Details Here News

Xbox 360 killer app this autumn, official teaser ad revealed

19 Feb 2007

Halo 3 To Silence 'Poltroons' News

Multiplayer will allow silencing of idiots

12 Feb 2007

New Halo 3 Documentary on Live Arcade News

Seven minute doc outlines new, improved Brutes and more

21 Dec 2006

It's Halo Day – Halo 3 Beta to Open Spring 2007 News

Plus, new Halo 3 screen, new Halo 2 multiplayer maps and lots more inside

15 Nov 2006

Bungie: Big News This Week News

Halo 3 or something else? Birthday outing looms!

13 Nov 2006

Jackson's Halo Movie Postponed News

Microsoft and King Kong remaker agree to let Halo movie slip. SPOnG sighs with relief.

01 Nov 2006

Polish Master Chief's Special Helmet in Halo 3 News

Special Edition to come in swanky box

30 Oct 2006

Halo Movie Latest – Studios Pull Financing News

But Microsoft and Peter Jackson steam ahead regardless

23 Oct 2006

Rumour: New Bungie Project to Make Genre Jump News

Information trail ends...

01 Aug 2006

Revealed: X06. New IP is New Bungie Title. News

Halo run now over?

27 Jul 2006

Bungie Offers Halo 3 Test Tease News

Essential Live FPS draws ever closer.

03 Jul 2006

UPDATED: Halo 3 - Mini Documentary Video News

A brief glimpse into the brain of Bungie

07 Jun 2006

Halo 3 – Trailer and New Info News

Worst kept surprise ever unveiled.

17 May 2006

Halo 3 out March 2007 News

To be called Halo Cubed

31 Mar 2006

Massively Multiplayer Online Games Meet Reality TV News

The future just got loads weirder.

27 Feb 2006

Shock as Halo not Released for Revolution News

Website gets Bungie jump.

10 Feb 2006

Moore: Halo 3 Not a PlayStation 3 Spoiler News

Oldest rumour ever grinds to halt.

25 Jan 2006

Halo 3 close? Pre-orders open News

Could Xbox FPS update sooner than expected?

22 Dec 2005

Bungie coy over next project – Game confirmed as running News

Halo 3? Must be... Surely...

19 Dec 2005

Bungie on Dead or Alive 4 Team Ninja Collaboration News

Big and bouncy meets hard and steely in next-gen girlfight.

15 Dec 2005

Bungie Confirms Halo and Halo 2 360 Improvements – First Screens News

It must be someone’s birthday…

10 Nov 2005

Halo Script Leaked: A Game Movie Worth a Non-Masochist’s Time? News

Mystery script ignites Internet

08 Nov 2005

UPDATED: Breaking X05 news: Peter Jackson signs on for Halo movie News

Exec producer revealed as film spin-off peps up

04 Oct 2005

Halo 2 Update Today! Weapons, Glitches, Cheats and More News

Bungie readies massive Live auto-update.

18 Apr 2005

Bungie Doubles Halo Resources for Xbox 2 Debut News

Movie-like experience promised.

07 Mar 2005

Halo 3 to be PlayStation 3 Spoiler? News

Game Vs console showdown looms.

01 Mar 2005

OXM US predicts Halo 2.5 for Xenon News

Kind of like the last Halo .5 rumour, just a bit different

18 Nov 2004

Halo 2 – Latest Xbox game to see patch News

New map and multiplayer fixes revealed

18 Nov 2004

Best rumour ever: Rare co-coding Halo 3 for Xbox 2 News

The rumour even we couldn’t see coming

16 Nov 2004

Hands raised for Halo 2 News

Bungie releases massive after-market QA

15 Nov 2004

Phoenix – It’s not that Phoenix – Might be nothing at all News

Bungie resurrection doubted

03 Nov 2004

Halo 2 Live Starter Kit to stimulate online action? News

Microsoft announces 'limited edition' £60 bundles

22 Oct 2004

Bungie – Halo 2 leak left emotional scars News

Developer speaks on leak shock

20 Oct 2004

UPDATED: Halo 2 leak shock - MS speaks News

Reports suggest massive title may have hit the 'Net

14 Oct 2004

Halo 2 Gold – Game complete News

Biggest Xbox game to date in production

12 Oct 2004

Wideload's Halo-Based Game Gets A Publisher In Aspyr Media News

Mac publishers "ready for the craziness..."

31 Aug 2004

"I Love Bees" Madness Subsides - Halo 2 Beta Tester to be Punished with Excessive Force? News

Trying to decipher more promotional gibberish.

25 Aug 2004

Freshly Squeezed Halo 2 Details Leak From the Beta Version News

Four players connect to Live! through single Xbox?

17 Aug 2004

Halo 2 Buzz Amplified By Insane Web-Marketing Tomfoolery News

www.ilovebees.com gets hijacked in highly elaborate ruse

26 Jul 2004

Halo 2 Release Date Slips! News

Bungie’s hotly anticipated FPS delayed...a little bit.

09 Jul 2004

Fresh Halo 2 Details: Third Weapon and More Revealed! News

Bungie exposes yet more Halo 2 magic.

21 Jun 2004

Bungie slams Game Boy Halo chatter News

Amazingly, Halo for Game Boy Advance not in production

14 Jun 2004

Halo 2’s Definitely Still Due on November 9 News

Confirmed release date restated.

07 Jun 2004

Halo 2 Limited Collectors’ Edition revealed - first images! News

A big silver box of delights!

03 Jun 2004

Halo 2 enjoys panoramic view News

3D screenshot of Bungie sequel

01 Jun 2004

Halo 2 gets fixed release date News

182 days to go...

11 May 2004

Former Bungie Man Carries the Load News

Outspoken Seropian goes it alone...sort of.

26 Apr 2004

Another Two Halo 2 Screens Released News

Bungie drip-feed continues.

16 Apr 2004

Halo and Silent Hill staffers join EA's Bond push? News

Rumour talks of talent buy-out for key point in series

06 Apr 2004

Halo 2: Bungie Striptease Continues News

Multiplayer screenshot drip-feed update.

22 Mar 2004

Halo 2 launch now set for autumn - first ever multiplayer screenshot shown News

Killer app slips as relaxed development strategy bites gamers.

02 Feb 2004

Halo 2 Slips to Summer 2004 News

Fresh retail leak reveals June date.

26 Jan 2004

Peugeot Rips Off Halo? News

Surely not…

28 Nov 2003

Original Halo to go Online? News

Of course not. Internet amateur night universally slammed.

14 Nov 2003

Bungie Speaks on Halo 2 'Secret 2003 Release' Rumours News

Website nonsense provokes official reaction.

12 Nov 2003

Exclusive: Bungie speaks on Halo 2 slip chatter News

MS Insider gossip claimed wrong

15 Sep 2003

Stunning Halo 2 artwork emerges! News

Prepare to smile.

02 Sep 2003

Halo: Sales evolved News

Killer app sells three million.

15 Jul 2003

Bungie makes Halo PC commitment News

Online play and GPU agnostic release promised.

07 Jul 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

Halo Again News

Details to be revealed about much anticipated PC version

12 May 2003

Halo 2 rush fears emerge as game slips out of 2003 News

Bungie still determined not to be pushed – key Xbox release slips.

10 Mar 2003

New Halo 2 details revealed News

Character enhancements and multiplayer modes discussed.

25 Feb 2003

Massive Halo 2 FAQ emerges News

Killer app details break MS silence.

18 Feb 2003

Halo 2, first screenshots! News

Check out the game all Xbox fans are waiting for. Plus: Project Gotham 2 announced, screens included.

28 Aug 2002

Halo sequel confirmed News


21 Jun 2002

Halo goes Platinum News

Good news for Microsoft as killer app sells a million in Xbox home territory.

12 Apr 2002

Bungie speak on Halo success and future projects News

In an interview with Team Xbox, Max Hoberman of development studio Bungie comments on the game’s success and future projects at Halo. Well, nearly!

11 Apr 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Xbox first party line-up News

First person shooters first personified by Halo

24 Dec 2001

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