"I Love Bees" Madness Subsides - Halo 2 Beta Tester to be Punished with Excessive Force?

Trying to decipher more promotional gibberish.

Posted by Staff
The bizarre web-japery that is Ilovebees.com and its perverse Halo 2 promoting ways seems to be drawing to a close. Previously the site had been indirectly indicating various timetables for the production process, and was being watched closely by fans. The latest update, however, is even more oblique than the last. It reads as follows:

?TRANSMITTING. Authorised personnel can check rendezvous info here. Unauthorised personnel should know that I have full license to use any means to protect the security of these new transmissions. I believe that punishing even minor transgressions with shockingly excessive force is the best deterrent. I am relentless and I have absolutely no conscience when it comes to executing my mission.
Make your decisions accordingly.?

However, trying to make any decisions, accordingly or otherwise, from such peculiar prose is not an easy task. The one conclusion that seems vaguely plausible is that this relates to the actions of Beta testers. Some juicy Halo 2 gossip was plastered all over the international electro-web earlier last week, and that had been sourced from a loose-lipped rogue Beta tester. Could this be a slightly back-handed, yet ominously menacing threat towards anyone else entertaining the same course of action? If so, it looks like the offending multiplayer mode-revealing tester could be in line for a good ?needling? at some point soon. Better watch out m?lad!


schnide 25 Aug 2004 13:38
Halo 2 yeah? I love bees, cool!

I don't have much to say on this, but I do have to say that if Spong tell you that you've won a prize for posting on this forum, don't expect it within the year because I'm still waiting for mine when I didn't even ask for it.

Halo 2, sure it'll be great etc etc.
config 25 Aug 2004 16:44
The ILoveBees thing is part of a game designed to increase awareness and interesting Halo. It's much like the game surrounding the launch of the movie AI - it too had fake websites... dozens of them!

This particular game has been dubbed the Haunted Apiary, and seems to revolve around an AI that's taken control of the ILoveBees site to communicate with the outside world. If you take a look at the HTML source and view images on the site using a text editor, you'll find hidden messages in them.

Yesterday (24 Aug), payphones across the US rang at specific times at specific coordinates, all dislcosed on the ILB links page. Players had to be at the phone and respond correctly to get a piece of the puzzle - an audio clip. These are now on the ILB links page, and players are putting the clips together to unravel the story further.

It's kind of a real-world adventure, using web sites, email and phones to dish out clues. The puzzle can only be completed by collaborating with other players.
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Mecha Ghandi 25 Aug 2004 17:43

wot config said

Bejeezuz, that sounds like the most indirect 'indirect marketing' I've ever heard of. Do you reckon doing all that really does raise interest and awareness in Halo?

It sounds like quite a complicated way of not achieving very much. Especially when 90% of folk with an Xbox would buy Halo 2 even if it's not advertised at all... which, of course, it will be.

They might as well have gone the whole hog and actually conjured up a full scale invasion of planet earth. (microsoft, taking over the planet? tsk, as if)
DoctorDee 25 Aug 2004 18:37
schnide wrote:

>Halo 2 yeah? I love bees, cool!
>I don't have much to say on this, but I do have
>to say that if Spong tell you that you've won a
>prize for posting on this forum, don't expect it
>within the year because I'm still waiting for
>mine when I didn't even ask for it.

I told you Stef will handle it when he gets back from holiday. But he got stuck in Spain with a massive f**king life-threatening thrombosis. So if Stef dies, It might be a while longer until you get your prize.
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