Best rumour ever: Rare co-coding Halo 3 for Xbox 2

The rumour even we couldn?t see coming

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Best rumour ever: Rare co-coding Halo 3 for Xbox 2
Perhaps the funniest rumour to be doing the rounds right now, and perhaps the funniest of the year, reached our inboxes this morning, proving that when it comes to utter bullshit, the Internet is still head and shoulders above its closest rival.

Rare, the failing UK developer, has teamed up with Bungie for work on the Xbox 2 launch title, Halo 3. Coming straight from the notoriously poor TeamXbox forums, the above revelation is fact. Honest.

What?s more, work on the game has been going on between the two studios for over two years. Really.


GeoffreyBa 16 Nov 2004 14:00
Haha. If this were true though, I don't know how well this game would actually be, everything that Rare has touched in the last couple of years has not been very good at all. I also don't think Microsoft would be stupid enough to force Bungie to work with Rare. Well atleast I hope they are not.
Rod Todd 16 Nov 2004 16:28
This has got to be true. Think about it from some Excel pilot suit at Microsoft's point of view. If Rare are allowed to keep making s**t games that sell zero copies, buying them will look like a BAD BUSINESS DECISION.

But if they can be allowed to rub themselves aganst something that is bound to make money, they might manage to appear mildly profitable, thus saving face for all concerned.

And given that they and Bungie are now little more than Microsoft robot drones, there's no loss of face for anyone.
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GeoffreyBa 16 Nov 2004 18:48
Haha yes I see the reasoning for your point of view. I still wouldn't believe it even if we were not told it was a rumor. I don't think I could compel myself to believe it until I had a copy of the game in my hand with a Bungie and Rare symbol on the package. Or maybe they could just be called "Rare Bungie" for that project or if I really wanted to be cynacil and make fun of a very fun internet cartoon it could be called RvB. But then again I don't see that happening it either.
Kaxxx 17 Nov 2004 12:33
Thats a good one alright. Hehe

Imagine if they got some control over the art direction of the game..........

....Enter the new Master Chief!!!

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