Bungie Doubles Halo Resources for Xbox 2 Debut

Movie-like experience promised.

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Bungie Doubles Halo Resources for Xbox 2 Debut
According to a report in the Seattle Post, Bungie Studios is considerably upping its resources for the next Halo game, doubling the team for what is expected to be one of the most lavish videogame productions since Sega?s Shenmue.

The development team will see an increase in size from 65 people to around 120, a huge number for a single project, even in today?s increasingly costly world of videogame production.

Furthermore, a cinematic approach will be the game?s focus, exceeding the first two games in the series that were in themselves standard-setting in the rapidly converging game and movie industries.

"Making a game is getting to be more and more like making a movie," stated Xbox lead J Allard. "You need to hire more artists, more animators and more musicians."

Nothing of any substance is known of Halo 3 at this time, though its showing at this year?s E3 is confirmed by several Microsoft insiders. Reports sprang up last week that claimed Halo 3 would be launched on the same day as Sony?s new PlayStation, an interesting software/hardware showdown if it proves to be true.

And who knows, the Game Developers Conference currently taking place in San Francisco might also throw up a few Halo 3 titbits. We?ll let you know.


claudioalex 7 Mar 2005 14:22
The HYPE started again, hope this game will be trully enhanced, and please improve the single player mode, finish this time the history.
This time iŽll wait a little before buyng it after its launching date, without hurry. First iŽll ask to my friends about it, I wont commit the same mistake preordering it.
config 7 Mar 2005 15:14
SPOnG wrote:
Furthermore, a cinematic approach will be the game?s focus

Oh god help us. I've just got over the click-a-thon that is the fscking cut scenes in MGS:Snake Eater. What a tedious distraction that whole comms chatter text is - even the cinematics hurt my head, with their horrid scripting.


I couldn't be arsed playing any more than finding the backpack snagged in the tree!

Back to Halo. Sure, dress it up in pretty cinematic cut scenes, but if Bungie don't ensure those cut scene further the story arc or are essential to the game, we've got more bloatware on our hands.

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fluffstardx 7 Mar 2005 15:17
Let's hope for moire Halo 1 interactive cutscenes, rather than the dividing videos of Halo 2.

And of course it'll be a big leap from Halo 2. Judging by those shots of what EA's games will look like on the next MS box, We should be talking nigh-on real graphics, surpassing by miles even Half-Life 2.
Rod Todd 7 Mar 2005 15:32
fluffstardx wrote:
We should be talking nigh-on real graphics, surpassing by miles even Half-Life 2.

Dude, just because a machine claims to be capable of rendering near-real graphics doesn't mean that a developer is capable of modelling and animating them, especially not on a game budget.
Alan is my first name 7 Mar 2005 19:33
My fears are being confirmed daily.

The video game industry is going to soon become as wry and pretentious as the movie industry has become, plauged with cheesy sequels and unoriginality, so long as Microsoft and/or Sony get their way.
claudioalex 7 Mar 2005 23:13
You are right, we are heading into debacle
Look at EA ,with its clonal game industry .
Unfortunatly the videogame players who look for good quality games are less day by day.
And the big internet videogame reviwers dont help either, some reviews sounds like the editors were influenced by companies gifts. or simple afraid of the misslead opinion (thanks to the HYPE campaign this $ companies sponsor) of the huge amount of buyers of these games.
All This money could go to developers of good games so they can keep developing more original and amusing games.
We need more honest editors and support companies which deliver good quality games.
Ditto 8 Mar 2005 09:08
config wrote:

There was a little game called Final Fantasy VII. It was supposed to be really good. And it was - when it actually let you play the game.

I swear that three of the four discs were videos. Boring as hell.
NightCapper 9 Mar 2005 18:30
I want them to bring back the pistol and frags from halo 1. Halo 2 was the noob v. of halo 1. The need to make halo 3 a game of skill not who can get the best wepons the fastest and horde the p-ups. The pistol was skill because you had to aim it a certin way to get tsk. In H2 you just have to aim at the head and get a head shot, so noobish. I want to have to lead the person with the sniper not just put it on the head and fire and get a head shot. Ok they have made their point that they can make a game (H2) for the masses and every noob will like. Now it time to make a 1337 game that is geared toward the pros of fps games. A game that will blow open the pro circut and make pro gameing really for just the leet. Because H2 has watered down the pro circut, mlg has a 6 year old owning out there. . .lol would almost be impossable for him to own on H1 trust me i have seen him play both and he is much better at H2.
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