Bungie: Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Bungie: Loose Lips Sink Ships
Bungie's Brian Jarrard and Marcus Lehto have been putting Kotaku's Brian Crecente through what reads like an excruciating experience rung-out for zero words of any meaning.

The full piece - over here - contains such gems of taciturn goodness as:

Regarding a return of Marathon: "Could it come back? Yeah sure, anything is possible, Bungie owns the IP... I don't want to speak for the elders, but I have to imagine there is a strong desire to try something new." So, "Yes" and "No".

Regarding the next Bungie title, "There is no doubt about it, our goal is to hit our next title out of the park just like we did with Halo."

Regarding a new Halo, "I don't think we should never say never, but I can definitively say that the game that comes out after Halo from Bungie will be a brand new universe, a brand new experience. Something totally original from Bungie."

Those are two media trained guys.


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