More Halo 3 Merchandise Madness

Halo 3 gets obscenely cute

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More Halo 3 Merchandise Madness
Word has come from Firebox, which deals in "gadgets, games, boys toys and gifts", that Japanese art toy designer Kubrick has designed some Halo 3 Kubricks.

The cute little blighters, pictured here, will come as a set of four Spartan II soldiers in green, online red and blue, and an ?Active Camo? stealth version of the Master Chief.

The set will cost you 19.99 and will be available from a short list of retailers, including

Halo 3, if you hadn't noticed, hits shops on Wednesday next week. Keep your eyes on SPOnG for a full review, and sate your Halo-lust on SPOnG's dedicated game page in the meantime.


deleted 21 Sep 2007 17:22
You sure it isnt out on Friday?

....he he
Tim Smith 21 Sep 2007 17:32
haritori wrote:
You sure it isnt out on Friday?

Oh, very bloody amusing... oh, yes... why does the world have to be such a cruel plaice?*

*Mythically sadistic flat fish of the Cadigal clan... oh yes, it bloody is.

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