Bungie: Big News This Week

Halo 3 or something else? Birthday outing looms!

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Bungie: Big News This Week
Posted at the very end of business last week was a tantalising promise of something juicy from Halo-famed developer Bungie, with the studio's weekly update offering the slightest of glimpses of revelations you should be catching in the next five days.

"If you thought there was a lot of Halo information last week, wait ?til next week," Bungie stated in its weekly update.

"A bunch of stuff is going down to celebrate the 5th anniversary of a little game we like to call Halo. In November 2001, Halo launched alongside the Xbox console, and the rest is history. Next year, Halo 3 will conclude the story arc begun all those years ago and next week, we?ll take a long lingering look at the series to date. There will also be some pretty BIG surprises and maybe announcements. Who can say?"

Indeed? who can say? We're expecting a sneak peek at Bungie's FPS spin-off, perhaps some more concrete details on Halo 3, dribs and drabs of which have been trickling through the ether at a steady rate in recent weeks.

Stay tuned and we'll let you know. It's as easy as that.


YenRug 13 Nov 2006 13:46
So... most of the case is there purely to fit in the cooling system???
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