Halo 3 Due Autumn: Details Here

Xbox 360 killer app this autumn, official teaser ad revealed

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Halo 3 Due Autumn: Details Here
Do you own an Xbox 360 or do you want one? If so, then you will also want to play the mighty Halo 3 when it comes out, which will be later this Autumn, as developer Bungie (re)confirmed over the weekend.

The game is arguably the 360?s first major ?killer app? ? though many in the SPOnG office would argue that last year?s awesome Gears of War was the winner of that particular accolade.

To remind us that the game?s on its way to lift our autumn/winter blues later this year Bungie has also just released this teaser image for the game (right) as part of its weekly website update.

Bungie also mentions the fact that the Halo 3 beta ? which you can access by purchasing the rather marvellous GTA-beater, Crackdown which releases this coming Friday ? won?t be starting till sometime later in the spring:

"Crackdown will be available in stores starting Tuesday, 2/20, but the Halo 3 multiplayer beta start date is still being finalised. We're still aiming for a spring release, but it could be more like late spring"

Check SPOnG?s Halo 3 page for all the latest screens, art, news and updates.



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