Bungie to Showcase Destiny in March

Get a glimpse of the next ten years at the studio.

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Bungie to Showcase Destiny in March
Bungie will present its new project, Destiny, to the world at the San Francisco Game Developer's Conference in March. Writer and Design Director Joe Staten, as well as Art Director Christopher Barrett, will hold a panel at the event which will discuss "their world building techniques, from concept to production."

Due to the nature of GDC itself, the panel will likely be focused around game development techniques and how these have been applied to create Bungie's "brave new world." So it's unlikely that Staten and Barrett will show anything concrete for consumers - but it will no doubt be a fascinating discussion that will offer a lot of information about the direction that the studio is going.

Reads the panel description, "Two decades of success in the gaming industry is no small feat, but after ten years of Halo, Bungie found themselves faced with a tremendous challenge: to build a whole new world, filled with even more amazing mysteries, places, creatures, and opportunities for player investment."

GDC takes place between March 25-29, at the Moscone Convention Center.


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