Exclusive: Bungie speaks on Halo 2 slip chatter

MS Insider gossip claimed wrong

Posted by Staff
Exclusive: Bungie speaks on Halo 2 slip chatter
We brought you news last week of chatter coming from certain quarters within Microsoft that pointed to the massively anticipated Xbox shooter Halo 2 being tactically delayed in order to secure subscriptions.

As you will remember, we reported this as absolute gossip, and placed no weight behind it, other than it had come from a Microsoft source. Today we spoke directly and exclusively to Bungie about these claims. And here?s what we were told:

?Trust me, we're chuggin' along and things look amazing, but definitely nowhere near complete!?

All very strange indeed. We?re booked in to see the latest build of Halo 2 in the coming days so we?ll bring you feedback then. We are also expecting to chat in-depth and exclusively with Bungie, so expect the full skinny on Halo 2 then.


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