UPDATED: Halo 3 - Mini Documentary Video

A brief glimpse into the brain of Bungie

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Updated: Hi Def videos now on-line - links at foot of article.

It goes without saying that there's slightly higher than average anticipation surrounding crack development team Bungie's forthcoming Halo 3 for Xbox 360.

And whilst we wouldn?t normally be very excited about a documentary about a trailer of a game, on this occasion it's different. Bungie has just released this seven minute long mini-documentary giving you a brief glimpse behind the scenes whilst the E3 trailer was being put together.

Frank O'Connor in his Weekly What's Update on Bungie.net says "In this fascinating short, you'll see some of the teamwork, thought processes and imagination that went into this Halo 3 teaser. You'll see the actual orchestra and choir session, some of the in-studio production work and interviews with some of the key folks who worked on the E3 presentation. You won't see everyone - lots of folks who slaved over hot keyboards to make this trailer a reality were simply too busy to be interviewed - and to them, our heartfelt appreciation.?

What?s particularly cool is in addition to the behind-the-scenes stuff, you also get to see the trailer from various new angles, plus you get to see a close up of Master-Chief?s armour and shots of the Covenant spacecraft. Check out the video right now via the links below, and come back later today when we'll have the 720p HD version, also available on Xbox Live marketplace in the coming weeks.

MPEG4 XviD (21.9MB)
Windows Media (18.8MB)

1020x720 (HD 720p)
MPEG4 XviD (66.0MB)
Windows Media (73.1MB)



Joel Beardshaw 7 Jun 2006 13:30
Thats good news. Their documentaries on Halo 2 where really interesting, and I'm glad to hear that they are contiuming the trend with Halo 3.
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