VGAs: Halo Reach Reveal Will Be 'Phenomenal'

Spike TV's Video Game Awards the venue for Bungie showcase.

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Reach for the stars...
Reach for the stars...
Geoff Keighley made a guest appearance on ?Major Nelson?s regular podcast over the weekend, and said that Halo Reach will be ?biggest game of next year.?

Bungie?s prequel to the Halo trilogy is to be fully revealed for the first time at Spike TV?s Video Game Awards ceremony, on 12th December. But presenter Keighley has already seen what that will entail, and apparently it?s going to be very pretty indeed.

?At the VGAs we?re actually going to be able to go down on the planet Reach and see this game for the first time. It?s all going to be in-game stuff. This is not CG, this is not live action, like all the kids on Twitter are speculating. You?re going to get a first glimpse of the world of Reach, which is phenomenal.

?I think it?s going to be the biggest game of next year by far,? Keighley continued, ?Folks loved ODST and thought it was great, but when people see the huge leap forward Bungie?s taking with Reach... everyone I?ve talked to that?s been on the team and seen it is incredibly excited about that game.?

Sounds pant-shatteringly good, but then this is pre-VGA hype we?re talking about here. Those of you who live in the US will be pleased to be able to tune into Spike TV?s VGAs on the 12th at 8pm.


[insert funny name here] 9 Dec 2009 11:07
YEs! Halo Reach will make us believe again.
Halo: Reach please 10 Dec 2009 20:24
I'm definitely gonna be watching the VGAs this Saturday.
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