Call Of Duty 4 Gunning For Halo 3

Who will win the battle for Greedmas?

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Infinity Ward is aiming straight at Halo 3 with the release of Call of Duty 4 in November, according to the developer's studio head and president, Grant Collier.

Speaking in an interview, Collier said:

?Some people say ?Oh gosh, there?s this big competition out there and so we should move our ship date because we?re feeling uncomfortable?. We love competition. I think for the 360 it?s pretty much Halo 3 that?s the competition so we?re going after who we think are at the top of the game right now and we want to take those guys on. On PC I guess I?m hearing a lot about Crysis right now... On PS3 we?re number one.?

It's just possible that the chaps at Free Radical might have something to say about that with the PS3 release of Haze imminent, but SPOnG has to give Collier points for bullishness.

Collier also explained why CoD4 isn't under development for the Wii, stating, ?The strength of the Wii is the control system, being able to have that precision control. If we were making a Wii game we would focus heavily on the control scheme. We wanted to make a game that, graphically, was the best game across as many platforms as possible, and where we can really make things look amazing is on the PC, the PS3 and Xbox 360.?

For more from Collier, check out SPOnG's interview with him here. When you're done, find out more about CoD4 on SPOnG's dedicated game page.

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ozfunghi 4 Sep 2007 13:12
"We wanted to make a game that, graphically, was the best game across as many platforms as possible, and where we can really make things look amazing..."

he means like CoD4 DS.

PreciousRoi 5 Sep 2007 00:00
Having played the multiplayer beta of both, I can say that theres no comparison.

CoD4 (multiplayer) is ultra-fast-paced, chaotic, absent anything resembling strategy or even tactics. The perks system lends it an oddly, in a quasi-realistic modern shooter, cartoonish feel. Sure to please the fast-twitch crowd, the single player campaign will be something I'll look forward to, but the multiplayer is not my cup of Earl Grey.

Halo 3 is...Halo 3. Deplored by the abovementioned fast-twitch crowd for its slower pace. Its not the most tactical shooter out there, but being more tactical than CoD4 is laughably easy. Plus, there are millions of fanboys howling for purple dayglo blood.

In short, CoD is a respectable franchise, but this iteration is not its best, although it would qualify as a Triple-A title almost anywhere except standing next to teh 3. But they aren't even on the same level. CoD4 will appeal strongest to people who never thought Halo was that cool in the first place, who are few, and likely insane.
hollywooda 5 Sep 2007 10:06
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