UPDATED: Breaking X05 news: Peter Jackson signs on for Halo movie

Exec producer revealed as film spin-off peps up

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UPDATED: Breaking X05 news: Peter Jackson signs on for Halo movie
Just breaking right now in Amsterdam is the news that Lord of the Rings-famed Peter Jackson has added his name to the crew of Bungie?s Halo movie spin-off.

As to whether Jackson will do anything as lead producer other than accept a pile of cash for appearing at a few press conferences remains unclear, though this news does lend considerable weight to Microsoft?s emerging celluloid heavyweight.

Expect updates as they break.


The movie is planned to hit cinemas in 2007. Now for some corporate quotes:

?As a gaming fan, I?m excited to bring HALO's premise, action and settings to the screen with all the specificity and reality today?s technology can provide,? said Jackson. ?Fran and I are intrigued by the unique challenges this project offers, and we?re delighted to be working again with our friends at Universal, and with our new ones at Fox and Microsoft. I?m a huge fan of the game and look forward to helping it come alive on the cinema screen.?

Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos, Co-Chairmen of Fox Filmed Entertainment remarked, ?HALO, Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh, Fox, Universal and Microsoft. That is one hell of a starting five, and we can't wait to play.?

?I couldn?t be more pleased, or proud, to continue our relationship with Peter and Fran on this film,? said Stacey Snider, Chairman of Universal Pictures. ?There are no filmmakers who better understand the delicate balance between technology and drama, and how the best use of today?s astonishing digital tools is in the service of not only spectacle but also a solid story. We are confident that the HALO feature film can be most fully realized under the creative direction of Peter, Fran and Weta.?

?Peter Jackson is one of Hollywood ?s most exciting innovators, and our partnership with him will greatly broaden the appeal of the HALO franchise,? said Bill Gates, Microsoft?s Chairman and Chief Software Architect. ?We?re confident he?ll create an epic that not only thrills existing HALO fans, but also introduces millions of moviegoers around the world to this amazing saga.?


Ditto 4 Oct 2005 21:51
One of the best directors ever works with the world's biggest, most evil corporation.

I hate MS.
LUPOS 4 Oct 2005 22:03
Adam M wrote:
I hate MS.

but i loves me some halo!

the books are a suprisingly interestign read which lend a lot of weigh to the rather thin story in halo2... i'm actualyl starting to get real excited forthis movie... please dont be crap, please dont be crap....

halo 3 continues from the movie... thats going to be interesting... so does the movie pick up from halo2's ending? im real curious to see how mr. 28 days later wraps that up into a cohereant movie watchable even by those who have not played the games/read the books.

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brandon_r87 4 Oct 2005 22:44
OK, BS spong. If i read that right you said the Halo movie is going to cinemas in 2005. No way, no how. Just now signing a director means that its going to take a while for the movie to be cast, filmed (or animated if they do that), and edited. I don't know if you've been smoking something weird that you shouldn't have or been making a few typos lately, but there is no way the movie is coming out in 2005. I think we'll see Halo 3 before the movie, assuming that Bungie is already crack-a-lackin on the next game.
LUPOS 4 Oct 2005 22:56
well seeing as it says that halo3 will follw the movie story wise i imagine you woudl see th emovie first or at the same time... as for the release date... seeing as its october i am assuming thats a typo... i know a certain managign editor whose getting a ruller to the knuckles tomorrow! (like i would honestly complain about anyone elses typing, HA!)

"rare bread" says I!!

config 5 Oct 2005 12:52
brandon_r87 wrote:
OK, BS spong. If i read that right you said the Halo movie is going to cinemas in 2005

Sorry! You're right, it was a typo. More a case of late-nights and work load rather than weed overload.

2007 is the release year.

fluffstardx 5 Oct 2005 16:19
Adam M wrote:
One of the best directors ever works with the world's biggest, most evil corporation.

I hate MS.

oh, how typical. Christ...
Look, some of us feel the same about Sony. Their little deal with the devil when their precious little cinema wing got sued for plagiarism (see: Underworld) demonstrates quite nicely their ruthless streak.

And what is so evil about MS? How they price their OS? Oh, waa. Mac charge $115 (roughly 65) for OS X and nobody bats an eyelid, but woe betide Windows costing 70. And how much is a Mac again?
Is it the amount of money they're making? Cry me a river, think of how much Google is bloody making and they're a Goddamn search engine.

For Christ sakes, Bill goes and dontaes a ton of cash a year to charities, helps out in attempting to wipe out world debt and poverty in Africa, and all people can do is go "bad Microsoft, wanting my precious monies! Making me need an OS and use their stuff! They wanna own the world, they does!"

Well guess what. SO DOES EVERY COMRPORATION. Don't like it? Become a socialist and an activist, AND DO SO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Just stop wagging your bloody finger.

Anyway... 2007? S**t. Halo 3's a LONG wait!
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