GDC: Bungie Confused Over Halo 3 Plans

More coming after ODST?

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Heroic Map Pack - courtesy Bungie.
Heroic Map Pack - courtesy Bungie.
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Judging by a Bungie talk at the Game Developers Conference, the company may be faced with a communications problem. It turns out there's more Halo 3 to come from Bungie, despite the proclamation that the ODST expansion would be the developer's last hurrah on the project.

"Halo 3 took two and a half years to make, and we're still working on it", said Bungie producer Allen Murray in a talk on his studio's production process. "We'll probably be working on it for two more years."

Back in February Brian Jarrard, community director for Bungie, said, "...we are viewing the ODST campaign and the included multiplayer maps as the final exclamation point in our ongoing efforts to extend the Halo 3 experience."

Halo 3: ODST is due out this year. That, in case your maths skills are a bit lacking, is decidedly less than two years away. Either someone at Bungie's changed their mind about Halo 3, or one of these guys is... well, wrong.

In his talk, Murray noted that Bungie has just finished a crunch on ODST and another, unnamed project.

Earlier in the week, Microsoft announced that the Mythic Map Pack Halo 3 DLC will be with us on April 9th.


SuperSaiyan4 26 Mar 2009 12:14
Wow Halo 3 only took that long to make??? Damn that was seriously rushed!!
Saturn 26 Mar 2009 22:01
Two years, how on Gods Earth is that rushed? but lets be honest... MORE HALO 3, for christ sake does Bungie work on anything else?
BunjiiRuush 26 Mar 2009 23:44
Yes, Halo 3 was rushed, and yes, you can clearly tell that it was, and yes, Saturn it was, and yes, it was clearly rushed, and yes, it was.
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