Bungie's Destiny is Settled

The Activision all-formats title will be with you...

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Bungie's Destiny is Settled
Halo maker Bungie has joined in Harmony with Activision to announced the release date for Destiny the - you'll never guess - space/Sci-Fi based FPS that has Social aspects.

Yes, the game offers, "a unique social gaming experience to consoles by offering players a connected, living world that they can explore, combined with vibrant social spaces where they can congregate and celebrate achievements, and share remarkable adventures grouped with friends or solo." Here's the word:

"Today, in partnership with Activision, we are proud to announce that the worldwide launch of Destiny will happen on September 9th. Accordingly, the Destiny Beta will kick off in the summer of 2014, available first on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3."

Destiny is already getting garnering massive critical acclaim for its sci-fi/space-based FPS and social aspects which do not appear at all to be a whole bunch of moribund horses being flogged at all.

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