Activision and Bungie: It's "Xbox 720"

Legal document also reveals that Bungie is to develop four 'sci-fantasy, action shooter games,' code-named 'Destiny for Activision

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Activision and Bungie: It's "Xbox 720"
The Zampella and West case between EA and Activision (catch up with that in this article) meant that Activision had to make public a lot of documents, including the contract signed between it and Bungie. It contains some fascinating reading.

First up, it appears that even Bungie an Activision agree that 'Xbox 720' will do absolutely perfectly as the name for Microsoft's next-gen games console. The name sits nicely in the legalities of the contract. But there is more.

The LA Times has gone over the document (available here) and sums things up nicely, "The 27-page agreement calls for Bungie to develop four 'sci-fantasy, action shooter games,' code-named 'Destiny,' released every other year, beginning in the fall of 2013. Bungie also agreed to put out four downloadable expansion packs code-named 'Comet,' every other year beginning in the fall of 2014. Activision has never disclosed release plans for Bungie's titles.

"The first Destiny game will initially only be available on Microsoft's Xbox 360 consoles, as well as its potential successor, which the contract refers to as the Xbox 720. Later games would be made for Xbox consoles as well as Sony Corp.'s expected successor to the PlayStation 3, and on personal computers."

We're fine-tooth combing through the document right now. So stay tuned.

Full contract can be read as a PDF here.

Source: LA Times


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