Kotick: Bungie Had No Alternative to Activision

But what do data centres and World of Warcraft have to do with it?

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Smilin' Bobby Kotick
Smilin' Bobby Kotick
You might know that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick likes money, but now he's revealed the extents to which his company is going to save the pennies. He has claimed that, as a result, Bungie "didn't really have any alternative" but to sign up with the publisher when it was shopping around for a partner post-Microsoft.

CVG notes that, while talking to investors, Kotick noted, "We have people that are dedicated to finding the lowest per Kilowatt hour cost of power. You know, Electronic Arts unlikely has somebody that really understands where you go [to get] from 5-and-a-half-Cents per Kilowatt hour to three-and-a-half-Cents per Kilowatt hour." That shows how far Activision will go to look after the pennies, but doesn't explain how that affects Bungie.

Maybe this does, though: "Or who's doing the best in developing new technologies for backup generation, or cooling systems, or the things you would do to satisfy the needs of the 32 data centres we run around the world. Or Credit and Correction online. Or how you police a small country/big city - which is what the eleven-plus million consumers of World Of Warcraft have every day.

"These are really complex things. Bungie didn't really have any alternative... We bring so much value to the process."

Data centres, World of Warcraft, credit and correction online, Bungie... just what is the developer working on?


deleted 24 Sep 2010 14:44
I reckon they are working on a Virtual Bobby Game, something called like, `My huge ego makes up for my small cock`,

I'm pretty sure they had alternatives, and from reading between the lines it sounds like Activison threw more money and favourable terms to Bungie than EA did.
Sly Reflex 25 Sep 2010 23:58
I am sure Bungie could have gone where ever it wanted, it was just that there were more bucks thrown at them by Activision than any of the other competitors out there.
DoctorDee 26 Sep 2010 05:25
FROM 5.5c/HWh to 3.5c, not only is that a HUGE reduction, but in England we're paying more like 18c/KWh.
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