Halo Reach Beta Details: Classes, Moves And Maps

Elites and Spartans mix it up one more time.

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Halo Reach Beta Details: Classes, Moves And Maps
More details of the Halo: Reach Beta have been revealed, including character class modifications and new gameplay modes. Chief of these is the Generator Defence mode, where players are regularly shuffled into Elite and Spartan teams who must destroy and protect a field of generators respectively.

Differences in gameplay style between the warring Spartans and Elites are more dramatic in Reach as well, with the latter being more agile than the former and being better at individual combat. The idea is that a Spartan player doesn't want to be caught alone with an Elite fighter.

Conversely, the Spartans' strength is in its numbers, and are more proficient in weapon accuracy. As the Elites are much bigger in size, it gives them a considerable advantage from a distance. The Spartans also come with a sprint ability that allows them to keep up with their alien foes, but Elites also have a special ability in the form of an evade.

These moves are known as Evasive Armour Abilities, and a couple of these can be used by either side. Jetpacks can allow players to gain higher ground, while certain weapons come complete with specific armour benefits that can help you in battle. An Armour Lock gives players a last resort chance to deflect incoming fire from enemies and vehicles until backup arrives - but it roots you to the spot and only lasts a certain time.

We now also know the names of four multiplayer maps that can be played in the Halo: Reach Beta - Overlook, Swordbase, Powerhouse and Boneyard - all of which are taken from the single player campaign mode. Playing online matches (and even fighting through single player) will earn you credits that can be spent on Spartan customisation too.

Sounds like there's going to be a hell of a lot of fun in store for lucky Beta players come May.

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