Bungie: Halo Reach Beta: Sub-Optimal Performance

But it's being worked on

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Bungie: Halo Reach Beta: Sub-Optimal Performance
The world and its cousin Hank was online and raring to play the Halo Reach Beta yesterday. But there were a few problems. So much so that Bungie has even commented on it.

"The Beta is not quite fully operational, but it should be moving at a pretty good clip now that our online team has applied some technological fixups", says an official posting.

"You should still expect suboptimal performance, but you should also now be getting games with relative ease. Once again, thanks for being patient. Unless of course you weren't patient at all and you made like a million posts to the feedback forum to complain about the outage even though there were already like a million posts already made complaining about the outage. If you were that guy, thanks for nothing!

"Again, we're not out of the woods just yet. If you experience any problems connecting or getting into games, please let us know about it. Politely, of course. Otherwise, have fun in the Beta!"

Source: Bungie.


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