Halo Again

Details to be revealed about much anticipated PC version

Posted by Staff
Microsoft is set to wow the masses at E3 with a playable version of multiplayer Halo for the PC (being handled by Gearbox Software). Given the impact of the original title, any online adaptation is sure to be well received. Although there's no news on the single player mode as yet, it should contain a fresh assortment of guns, vehicles and maps.

Despite the excitement surrounding online Halo, Halo 2 (Xbox) will undoubtedly take centre stage at the E3 expo. Presented in a dedicated theatre, built specifically for the occasion, the in-game graphics engine and cinematics are set to be paraded in front of a horde of eager journos. With improved AI, crisper, smoother graphics, awesome soundscapes and more weapons, worlds and Warthogs, Halo 2 is set to be even more delicious than its predecessor


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