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Full name: Take-Two Interactive Software

Headquartered in New York City, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is an integrated global developer, marketer, distributor, and publisher of interactive entertainment software games and accessories for the PC, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Boy Color and the Sega Dreamcast. The Company publishes and develops products through various wholly owned subsidiaries including: Rockstar Games, TalonSoft, Joytech and DMA Design. The Company maintains a publishing and distribution partnership with, and 19.9% equity interest in, both Gathering of Developers and Bungie Software. The company's Jack of All Games value added distribution arm maintains sales and marketing offices in Cincinnati, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Milan and Sydney. The Company recently formed Broadband Studios, Inc. to independently pursue technology and content opportunities within the emerging world of broadband game delivery.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Take 2's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1997 title, "Grand Theft Auto" (PC).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, N64 and Mac. Of these, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" (PS2), "Grand Theft Auto 3" (PS2), "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" (PS2), "Duke Nukem: Land Of The Babes" (PlayStation), "Red Dead Redemption" (PS3) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Sid Meier's Civilization VI" (Xbox One).

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UK Video Game Charts - FIFA's Back News

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Take-Two: Microtransactions are "to delight consumers" News

Or... to maintain the bank balance?

06 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA Tackled by Lara Croft News

At last! A reboot unseats a sequel from the Number 1 spot.

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Take 2: We Want More Franchises than Grand Theft Auto News

It needs to build more Bioshock and more Red Dead and stop relying on GTA

31 Jul 2013

Take Two Saves THQ from $30 Million WWE Lawsuit News

GTA maker gets development rights to WWE titles

14 Feb 2013

Take-Two: XCOM Shooter is Still in Development News

Releasing in fiscal 2014.

06 Feb 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Pushed Back to September News

Additional development time required.

31 Jan 2013

GTA V - Spring 2013 Release Leaked in Brighton News

GAME Group apparently lets release date loose

30 Oct 2012

Take 2 Really Needs a Hit News

Profits down for the last quarter

21 Sep 2012

Take 2: GTA V is "Making Substantial Progress" News

No release date because Rockstar hasn't given it one

21 Sep 2012

GTA TBA as Take-Two Q1 Fiscals "Below Expectation" News

Borderlands 2 third-highest pre-orders in company history.

01 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Won't LEGO of Top Spot News

Gfk Charttrack's take on boxed copy video games shows some new blood

02 Jul 2012

Take Two Needs a Good GTA V News

Max Payne 3 sells three million, 2012 "a year of creative, operational and strategic achievement" says Zelnick

23 May 2012

GTA V is Likely Reason for Bioshock Infinite Delay News

That is if you believe analysts guessing over journalists guessing.

10 May 2012

UK Video Game Charts - UFC Undisputed Number 1 News

Thank goodness it's not boxing, right?

20 Feb 2012

Good News for Take 2 Hides in SEC Filing News

An examination of Take 2's recent financial filing reveals an old scar is healed

03 Feb 2012

Take-Two Financials Plummet, Posts $41m Loss News

Quarterly income figures take a battering.

03 Feb 2012

Take 2 Files Confidential Treatment Order with US Government News

Rockstar owner wants something substantial kept schtum

20 Jan 2012

Take 2 - Max Payne 3 Slip Leads to Year Loss News

Take 2 pushes Max Payne to fiscal year 2013

17 Jan 2012

Strauss Zelnick's Zynga Zinger News

Take Two Chief Slams Farmville Makers as "Direct Marketing Company"

30 Nov 2011

Take-Two Raising Millions for Acquisition? News

Take-Two Interactive in Possible Acquisition

11 Nov 2011

Rumour: Duke Nukem Set for Gearbox Reboot News

There may be life in the old duke yet

22 Aug 2011

Take 2 Thanks Duke Nukem and L.A. Noire for Loss News

Zelnick is upbeat

09 Aug 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Hurts Take Two but L.A. Noire Helps News

Swings and indeed roundabouts

06 Jul 2011

Take Two Zelnick: More Duke Nukem and Slams Heavy Rain News

Yes, more Duke Nukem

21 Jun 2011

2k Games 'No Comment' on Eurogamer Claims of Blacklisting News

Duke Nukem review backlash

16 Jun 2011

How Much Did GTA IV Cost to Sell? This Much News

Take Two spills the beans...

25 May 2011

Take-Two Renews Contract With Rockstar Games Creatives News

Publisher gets to live another day.

25 May 2011

GTA & Bioshock Owner Announces "New Take Two" News

Slide indicates a change is afoot

09 Mar 2011

US Video Game Chart: Sales Down 5% News

Kinect and Move beefed Accessory sales.

18 Feb 2011

Analyst: Take-Two Up for Activision News

Apparent discontent within Rockstar.

14 Feb 2011

Take 2's Suffers in GTA Free Holiday News

But the outlook for 2010 is goood.

09 Feb 2011

Take-Two Worried About Further Government Investigation News

Faces greater scrutiny thanks to past dealings

20 Dec 2010

Take Two Sees Profits, 8m Red Dead Shipped News

No need for a second take

17 Dec 2010

GTA 5 for 2011 Means a Healthy Future for Take 2? News

Good times ahead for major publisher

25 Nov 2010

Take 2 CEO Resigns Goes to Asia News

He's going on his holiday

29 Oct 2010

"Business Seasonality" Makes Take-Two Change Financial Year News

Moves by almost five months

26 Oct 2010

Take-Two Boss: Digital Could be 40 Percent of Business by 2013 News

Doesn't see it as impacting on packaged biz heavily

19 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Macross No Match For Pokemon News

Mechs vs Pocket Monsters? There's only one way to find out...

15 Oct 2010

Gearbox Pitchford: Cancelled Duke Nukem Broke My Heart News

3D Realms and T2 at a deadlock.

08 Oct 2010

Take 2 CEO: New GTA Announcement When We're Ready News

Also talks of PS3 MOVE as "Wii in HD"

15 Sep 2010

Pressure Group Calls Mafia II a "Pile Of Racist Nonsense" News

Calls for game to be removed from sale.

19 Aug 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Toy Story Kicks Starcraft II's Nuts News

As does Call of Duty and Dance on Broadway

09 Aug 2010

EA and Take 2 "Wonderful Acquisition Targets" News

So says an analyst - who isn't Pachter

04 Aug 2010

UK Game Charts: Woody Kicks the S*hit Out of Crackdown 2 News

You're my favourite deputy!

26 Jul 2010

UK Charts - Red Deadened by Harry Potter News

Singularity fails to crack Top 10

28 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leaps Back On Top News

World Cup boosts Winning Eleven

25 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Mario Can't Leap Over Marston News

Solid Snake doesn't reach the Top 10.

21 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Xenoblade Cuts Mario Down News

Nintendo platform software dominates.

18 Jun 2010

Take 2: GTA IV & Red Dead Redemption Help Results - Max Payne Slips News

Doing less badly than expected.

09 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

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24 May 2010

Red Dead Redemption Trailer - Yeeee Haa! News

Please let the game play as well as it looks.

13 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA Holds Top Spot News

Just Dance earns over a million UK sales.

10 May 2010

Take 2 Gives Alabama Man $1 Million for Perfect Game News

Glorified rounders man wins lifetime of cash

06 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Former Take-Two Executives to Defend Fraud Claims News

Illegally backdating stock options is bad, mkay?

01 Apr 2010

U.S. Software Chart - BioShock 2 Leads Disappointing Month News

Total sales down 15 per cent.

12 Mar 2010

Could GTA V Be Announced Before E3? News

Analyst seems to think so.

05 Mar 2010

T2 Financials: BioShock 2 Ships Over 3 Million News

Grand Theft Auto IV sells over 15 million worldwide.

04 Mar 2010

Take Two - Layoff News 'Erroneous' News

No studio reductions

03 Feb 2010

Grand Theft Auto Add-Ons for PS3 & PC Dated News

Prepare for gay; bikers but not on acid

29 Jan 2010

Take Two CEO Offed from Board by Billionaire Shareholder News

Carl Icahn - who battled for Marvel - moves in.

21 Jan 2010

Take Two Sells Jack of All Games News

Distribution business goes north

22 Dec 2009

Take-Two: GTA IV DLC Too Damn Late News

Not enough people finished GTA IV

18 Dec 2009

Take Two Major Loss for 2009 News

See what a non-GTA year will do

18 Dec 2009

Take-Two Delays Max Payne 3, Reports Losses News

Quiet year leads to a cutting of profit forecast.

04 Dec 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Crunches GTA IV's Record News

Crunches a week's record in a day

11 Nov 2009

Take-Two: DLC for All Games News

T2 talks the future of distribution

02 Sep 2009

Xbox 360 Rules Take Two's Earnings News

Wii is next up

02 Sep 2009

Take-Two has Natal Dev Kits - Where's PS3 Motion? News

Natal kits "embedded" in T2 studios

02 Sep 2009

Paying: Take-Two's $20 Million GTA Class Action News

Hot Coffee is served

02 Sep 2009

New Director Surfaces for BioShock News

28 Weeks Later man Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in talks with Universal

24 Aug 2009

Activision vs EA vs Take Two: CEO Earnings Check News

Who gets the big bucks - and why does Take Two's Feder only earn one dollar?

11 Aug 2009

Houser: GTA too Complex for a Movie News

But maybe it will happen.

27 Jul 2009

New Grand Theft Auto: November 2010 Earliest News

Take Two reshuffles

14 Jul 2009

Bioshock 2 Delays Hit Other T2 Titles News

Take-Two looks to 2010

14 Jul 2009

Rockstar Games: Sony to Lead the Market News

Ben Feder opens mouth...

08 Jun 2009

Take Two Delays Two Games News

Performed above expectations despite losses

27 May 2009

New GTA DLC: Pay if you're Glad to be Gay! News

New content to join Lost and Damned on disc

27 May 2009

FIGHT! 3D Realms Goes After Take-Two News

Legal battle probably more exciting than game.

19 May 2009

Take Two Goes Legal on Duke Nukem Apogee News

Things get nasty

15 May 2009

3D Realms Duke Nuked News

Future of Duke Nukem Forever murky

07 May 2009

OnLive Descends from the Cloud News

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony in trouble?

24 Mar 2009

Rockstar Confirms Max Payne 3 for Winter 09 News

Max is back... and frankly, he's not looking good.

23 Mar 2009

Take Two: Revenue Up, Losses Too News

Bioshock 2 and GTA IV episode 2 confirmed.

11 Mar 2009

EA Management Escapes Take-Two Judgement News

That's what we call good business.

04 Feb 2009

Unseasonal Extended Mafia II Video Released News

See the goods here

15 Jan 2009

Take Two and the Unhappy Xmas News

Not so much ho ho ho as How? How How?

23 Dec 2008

Xbox 360 vs PS3 Take-Two's Take News

Wii and rest of world... not so much.

18 Dec 2008

'Key' Rockstar Staffers New Studio News

Key employee contracts extended

18 Dec 2008

EA Suffering This Christmas News

Wii partly to blame?

10 Dec 2008

Take-Two: Down is the New Up News

GTA-maker feels good about independance

05 Dec 2008

Midway Faces De-Listing From NY Stock Exchange News

Mortal Kombat publisher in dire straights

21 Nov 2008

GTA IV DLC - First Hot Biking Images News

Biking heck!

20 Nov 2008

Now Take-Two Starts Selling Off Its Games News

A tiny PC title... but off it goes.

14 Nov 2008

Xbox 360 GTA IV New Content New Timing News

China Town Wars also delayed

14 Nov 2008

Electronic Arts and Take-Two: Did Anybody Win? News

A quick bit of stock-watch

07 Nov 2008

Mark Walhberg: Max Payne Film All About the Gamers News

Maybe he doesn't like the gamers so much...

16 Oct 2008

GTA: San Andreas Gets Xbox Original Treatment News

Microsoft and Rockstar hold hands some more

16 Oct 2008

Manhunt 2 Finally Dated for UK News

Coming nearly a year after US release

06 Oct 2008

Grand Theft Auto Maker Decides to Remain 'Independent' News

Take-Two to go it alone

02 Oct 2008

Grand Theft Auto Drugs Mini-Game Maxi-Pictures News

Plus: what does The Sun have to say?

25 Sep 2008

GTA Chinatown's Narcotic Mini-Games - Real or Press Fodder? News

Reactionary mainstream media, start your engines!

24 Sep 2008

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Goes all Knight Rider! News

New video right here

22 Sep 2008

Fresh GTA Chinatown Wars Details Emerge News

Full sandbox play and a 'Mature' rating

19 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Hugo Chavez Beats Off Tiger Woods? News

It's all-out war at the top.

16 Sep 2008

Take Two Tanks After EA Withdrawal News

Share and share alike

16 Sep 2008

Electronic Arts: We Don't Want Grand Theft Auto News

Take-Two still in talks with other parties

15 Sep 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Tiger Woods Hits a Birdie News

Nintendo nudged from the top

02 Sep 2008

Electronics Arts No Longer Tendering for Take-Two News

Dear Strauss, with great respect...

18 Aug 2008

Rockstar: GTA Hate an Honour News

Plus: no big expansion plans

14 Aug 2008

Now Malaysia Calls for GTA IV Ban News

If it's on sale in Malaysia, anyway

08 Aug 2008

Political Madness Gone Correct: GTA IV Hits PC News

Just in time for Christmas

07 Aug 2008

GTA Pulled from Retail Following Thai Taxi Murder News

Taxi driver killed

04 Aug 2008

Take Two: Electronic Arts Take Over is Possible News

Are we even near the end game?

22 Jul 2008

Take-Two Shrugs as Electronic Arts Extends Offer News

Other companies carrying out due diligence.

21 Jul 2008

E3: Take Two's Borderlands Brought in From the Cold News

New video and screens!

17 Jul 2008

Take-Two Courted by New Suitor? News

Plus: iTunes-like service in the works?

11 Jul 2008

Official: Rockstar's Bully Does Not Portray Bullying News

You work it out...

09 Jul 2008

Electronic Arts Won't Buy Take-Two Until August News

Another episode in the video game soap opera

08 Jul 2008

BioShock's Levine Still Negotiating with Take Two News

Doing little for share price

07 Jul 2008

The Charts: Indiana Jones Super Smashed News

What happened to Mario & Sonic?!?!

01 Jul 2008

Electronic Arts: Take Two is Cooperating News

Not about GTA per se

18 Jun 2008

Electronic Arts Class-Action Good Timing for Take-Two News

EA sued over football game 'price fixing'

12 Jun 2008

Take Two to Take the United States Government? News

GTA IV publisher contesting FTC request

11 Jun 2008

Ubisoft Won't Come Last to Activision or Electronic Arts News

French publisher "happy to see newly-weds"

11 Jun 2008

Take Two: GTA IV Propped Up UK Economy News

Rockstar title an economic phenomenon, it would seem

06 Jun 2008

BioShock 3 Announced Already? News

Movie scheduling remains vague

06 Jun 2008

Electronic Arts has Cost Take-Two Millions News

Management fees have cost it more...

06 Jun 2008

GTA IV Episodic Content Delayed News

To provide balance.

06 Jun 2008

Take Two Takeover: EA Still on the Case News

EA agrees to delay purchase

05 Jun 2008

The Charts: Is GTA IV Fit Enough to Survive Sales Drop? News

Nintendo takes 40% of Top 10

20 May 2008

Take-Two Interactive Responds to EA Extension News

Game on again...

19 May 2008

Electronic Arts Extends GTA IV Publisher Offer News

No better bid.

19 May 2008

New Burnout Paradise Island Video Appears News

Plus: new 'making of' video right here

19 May 2008

Electronic Arts Stalls in Take-Two Bid News

Has the bluster ceased?

19 May 2008

USA Console Sales All Tumble in April News

GTA IV yet to take effect?

16 May 2008

Sam Houser Happy as a Smaller Fish in a Bigger Pond News

Even though he was turned down for a job there...

12 May 2008

BioShock Gets Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Director News

Also Gladiator writer; you can't have it all.

09 May 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Claims GTA IV Victory News

UK figures announced by the Big M

07 May 2008

The Charts: GTA IV Fit to Take the Top? News

The many facts of GTA IV's success

07 May 2008

Take-Two Sues Chicago TA Over Pulled GTA IV Ads News

Publisher claims free speech violated

06 May 2008

Stand Off! Microsoft vs Sony in GTA IV Sales Wars News

What the platform holders have to say

02 May 2008

Electronic Arts Will Buy Take-Two say Investors News

You thought it was all over?

02 May 2008

Activision: Food and Fuel Could Drive Down Console Prices News

Plus: Activision breaking into sports?

01 May 2008

Rebellion CEO: UK Should Celebrate GTA IV News

Plus: the ratings system debate rages on

30 Apr 2008

Official GTA IV Maker Ready to Take Bids News

Projected sales of six million in first week

30 Apr 2008

GTA IV Freezing on PlayStation 3? News

Xbox 360s also affected?

29 Apr 2008

GTA IV Queues - But Share Price is the Issue News

NASDAQ opening will indicate real value to Take Two board

29 Apr 2008

Guinness World Records Eyes Up GTA IV News

World record chroniclers expecting Rockstar game to be "phenomenon"

28 Apr 2008

Germany says Electronic Arts and Take Two Merger is OK News

We didn't even know they cared

28 Apr 2008

Can Grand Theft Auto IV Stay the Course? News

Analyst questions GTA IV longevity

28 Apr 2008

Confirmed: PlayStation 3 GTA IV Bundle News

Price and date revealed

23 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 Discs Won't Hold GTA V? News

Rockstar co-founder raises concerns over Xbox 360 disc space

23 Apr 2008

Take-Two Still Open to Discussion Post GTA IV News

T2 will begin formal discussion with interested parties post GTA IV launch

18 Apr 2008

Electronic Arts: Not All About GTA IV? News

EA changes bid and date.

18 Apr 2008

Take-Two Interactive AGM Nothing is Clear News

Directors get pay rise.

18 Apr 2008

Take-Two Interactive Cleared over Misleading Shareholders News

Company out of hot coffee... whoops... water.

17 Apr 2008

Take-Two Stockholders Don't Want a Change News

No new business filed before AGM

16 Apr 2008

GTA IV Edited for Weapon Insertion in "Private Area"? News

Australia and New Zealand news

16 Apr 2008

Take-Two Heads into Asia - Appoints Ex-EA Man News

Expansion plans ahoy!

14 Apr 2008

Mafia II - The Golden Age of Crime News

New screens!

14 Apr 2008

GTA IV Set to Smash Halo 3 Record? News

EA might like to reconsider its price?

07 Apr 2008

Sony Blase in Face of GTA IV 360-Exclusive Content News

Marketing VP says gamers don't care

31 Mar 2008

GTA IV - Guns, Cars, New Trailer! News

Get the goods here

27 Mar 2008

Take-Two Prepared to Work with EA News

Also full timeline

26 Mar 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Fight Back News

Army of Two lives up to its name

18 Mar 2008

GTA IV Multi-Player Details Revealed News

Vrooom and bang!

14 Mar 2008

Electronic Arts: We'd Make GTA Without Rockstar News

Everyday somebody walks in and somebody walks out.

14 Mar 2008

Take-Two Shortens Take-Over Deadline News

Tells shareholders to take no action

13 Mar 2008

Take-Two Losses Grow News

Company in bullish forecast shocker

12 Mar 2008

BioShock 2 Confirmed, Extra GTA IV Episodic Content Coming? News

Take-Two giving downloadable content a big push, or just ambiguous wording?

12 Mar 2008

Take-Two Management Prepares Exit? News

And gets sued.

11 Mar 2008

UK Prime Minister Meets with "Manhunt Mother" News

Gordon Brown meets MPs and mother of murder victim

06 Mar 2008

Rockstar's Xbox Bully Failings: Fuel to EA's Bid? News

Any storm from a port?

06 Mar 2008

Evil Acquirers Target Electronic Arts News

As Zelnick states independence

05 Mar 2008

Take Two to Report Earnings Before GTA IV Ships News

EA salivates...

04 Mar 2008

Jack Thompson Working with Electronic Arts News

Turkey's celebrate Christmas.

03 Mar 2008

Take-Two versus EA - Price Battle!! News

Who really stands to win?

26 Feb 2008

Take-Two Spurns Aggressive Electronic Arts Take Over News

EA eyes up hostile takeover

25 Feb 2008

Official Confirmation: GTA IV Set for April Launch News

Worldwide launch.

24 Jan 2008

Take Two: GTA IV in April Clue - Bioshock's Huge Sales News

And...BioShock Sold Two Million!

23 Jan 2008

GTA IV: Launch Date is April 25th News

Get your controversy barriers up and your feet to the floor.

21 Jan 2008

Take-Two Acquires Mafia Developer News

2K moves into the Czech Republic

08 Jan 2008

Xbox 360 NOT Getting Unannounced GTA IV Content News

Episodic content has slipped

20 Dec 2007

Manhunt 2: Take 2's Top Man Comments News

Don't get too excited...

18 Dec 2007

GTA IV Trailer Incoming! News

Box art unveiled

29 Nov 2007

Take-Two CEO: Bookshops Are Worse Than Games News

Points finger at literature and web

28 Nov 2007

GTA IV: NOT Delayed News

Deep breath, folks, it's OK

12 Nov 2007

Take Two Forks Out $1 Million To Dodge GTA Court Case News

Out of court settlement reached for Hot Coffee scandal

12 Nov 2007

Hot Coffee 2 – Manhunt 2 Hacked News

PSP version un-edited

02 Nov 2007

Manhunt 2 Can Be Sold To UK Gamers News

Legal loophole allows sale...

24 Oct 2007

Halo 3 An Indicator Of GTA IV Success? News

Bungie's shooter a harbinger of things to come?

10 Oct 2007

Good News For Take-Two News

Analysts drop yet another bollock.

02 Oct 2007

Government Responds To Manhunt 2 Petition News

"Not our problem"

18 Sep 2007

Take Two Teams Up With Nickelodeon News

Controversial publisher does it for the kids

11 Sep 2007

Rockstar's L.A. Noire Not Out Until 2009 News

Nor is Mafia 2. Welcome to development hell.

11 Sep 2007

Take 2 Flogs Joytech Peripherals News

Big Boy Barry gets a better job though!

07 Sep 2007

O.J. Simpson Ordered To Give Up All-Pro Football Earnings News

Murder victim's estate to receive all proceeds

08 Aug 2007

BioShock: Take 2 Gave It Time Says Levine News

My new corporate masters...

03 Aug 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV: Stonking ALL NEW Video HERE News

Looking For That Special Someone

28 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Ban: Take 2 “Burned By Past” News

Ban a result of hot coffee splash-back?

25 Jun 2007

Take-Two 'Suspends' Manhunt 2 Release News

Revision of content in the works?

22 Jun 2007

The Charts: Forza 2 Versus DiRT - Brrrmmm! News

The top of the Charts parks up

19 Jun 2007

Rumour: Microsoft Pays $50m For GTA IV Exclusive Content News

L.A. Noire not PS3 exclusive?

18 Jun 2007

Take2: Next-Gen Dev Costs Mean Job Losses News

Next-gen development costs cited

15 Jun 2007

New GTA Trailer Coming Soon – Details Here News

Meanwhile, Take Two to make significant job cuts

12 Jun 2007

Florida Attorney General Targets Manhunt 2 On Wii News

Wii control system becomes a problem

07 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2: Evil New Trailer News

Here's looking at you, Jack

05 Jun 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

Manhunt 2: 11 New Scary Screens News

lock up your children, folks, Take-Two's at it again

02 May 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

Manhunt 2: New Trailer Right Here News

And some new screens for afters

13 Apr 2007

Sony, Hasbro, Take Two Sued By Ghost Rider Creator News

Ghost Rider creator goes postal over conspiracy charges

11 Apr 2007

More Take-Two Boardroom Blues News

Take-Two CFO Resigns

10 Apr 2007

Take 2 Under SEC Investigation News

The woes continue

05 Apr 2007

Thompson Backs Down On Racketeering Claim News

Claims “the better to destroy Take 2”

02 Apr 2007

Take-Two's New Chairman Is Ex Crystal Dynamics News

No sale though...

30 Mar 2007

Take-Two: Still No Buyer News

Boardroom problems continue

27 Mar 2007

The Charts: Did PS3 Move Games Too? News

Wii's opening weekend outdone

27 Mar 2007

Jack Thompson Cites SPOnG In Court Filing News

SPOnG - and competitors - accused of conspiring with Take-Two.

22 Mar 2007

Take 2 In Sale Drama News

The blood keeps on flowing

19 Mar 2007

Jack Thompson Praises God, Maker of Videogames News

Strikes back at Take Two’s attempts to gag him

19 Mar 2007

Take 2: Blood In The Boardroom News

GTA publisher could be swallowed by aggressive investor group on PS3 launch day

07 Mar 2007

Latest Grand Theft Auto Trailer Right Here! News

Get your dose of Vice City action...

02 Mar 2007

Take-Two In New Hot Coffee Sex Talks News

Agrees to settlement talks

01 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Star Arrested News

This will certainly get the anti-games hacks up in arms

19 Feb 2007

Jack Thompson Faces Disbarment News

Anti-games crusader to face referee of Florida Supreme Court

05 Feb 2007

Take-Two Stock (Sort Of) Scandal News

"Get your stinking money (sic) paws of me your dirty apes!"

24 Jan 2007

Ex RockSt*rs Form New Company News

January is the coolest month for Rockstars

17 Jan 2007

Bully 2? Canis Be True? News

Yeah, but no, but yeah but... says major financial analyst.

15 Jan 2007

Bioshock Latest – New Trailer and Website Unveiled News

Latest on Irrational Games’ most-wanted title for 2007

18 Dec 2006

Jack Thompson May Face Jail for Contempt News

Take-Two's legal eagles file "Petition for Order to Show Cause"

24 Oct 2006

New Tokobot is PS2-bound News

Tecmo’s cutesy mini-mechs swings onto home console.

09 Oct 2006

BioShock - Hi-Res X06 Trailer News

Underwater, nobody can hear you scream.

03 Oct 2006

BioShock comes to PS3: First Screens News

Hardly any shock there then. First stunning screens inside.

19 Sep 2006

BioShock - New 360 Screens Inside News

Latest media from Irrational's underwater bio-thriller.

12 Sep 2006

Jade Empire Comes to PC News

It’s special, so special...

07 Sep 2006

UK Charts: a Summer Holiday boost News

GTA stands firm at the top, Prey closing in

18 Jul 2006

The Warriors' Cyrus Sues Take-Two News

Legal ball-drop opens case

28 Jun 2006

Take Two: Subpoenaed Over Hot Coffee News

More trouble over rubbish sex mini-game.

27 Jun 2006

Share Slump: Wall St Analysts on the Games Industry News

Short-term bad, long-term good

19 Jun 2006

Rockstar and Federal Trade Commission – Settlement Reached News

Hopefully draws a line under Hot Coffee scandal.

09 Jun 2006

Snow Go - Take Two Cans Drug Game News

Replaces with My Little Pony’s First Gymkhana*

07 Jun 2006

UK Charts: Football, Movies, Football News

Oh, and a cracking week for Animal Crossing

23 May 2006

Oblivion does the business News

More than 1.7 million sold

11 Apr 2006

Charts: Godfather Muscles into Top Slot News

Marketing vs. Originality. Marketing wins.

04 Apr 2006

Take 2 Shell Out Cool $25m for GTA Devs News

Elsewhere, Jack Thompson in tedious Bully scandal.

14 Mar 2006

Take-Two's Financial Results News

Sales down, but plenty of GTA lolly still banked.

08 Mar 2006

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – New Screens News

Hands-on with contender for game of year.

01 Mar 2006

This Week's Videogames Charts: Rugby and Winter Sports on the up News

Plus, the UK doesn't Love Katamari.

07 Feb 2006

Take 2 Facing Another Major Lawsuit News

Beleaguered GTA publisher burnt by Hot Coffee. Again.

30 Jan 2006

Take 2 to release Tecmo’s Tokobot News

Whimsical problem solving PSP platformer

19 Jan 2006

Jack Thompson plans Take 2 shareholder showdown – Full report News

'Crusader' buys stock, prepares to... shout?

23 Dec 2005

Exclusive: Project Zero 3 Interview and Screens News

This man sees dead people. Really...

20 Dec 2005

Marketwatch Savages 'Worst Take Two CEO' News

Paul Eibeler slammed by analyst.

07 Dec 2005

Jack Thompson Has a Game Idea! News

Attention-seeking attorney's most desperate effort yet.

11 Oct 2005

Duke Nukem to Return in Time for Xmas? News

Could it be? Amazon listing points to December release.

04 Oct 2005

Sid Meier's Civilization IV Finds a New Home News

Take 2 and Firaxis get together.

27 Jan 2005

Shock as Sega Visual Concepts Studios Sold to Take 2 News

Companies forge closer bond with sales, distribution.

25 Jan 2005

Guy Game Banned - Under-Age Sex Photos to Blame News

Teenage kicks suspended in Texas.

22 Dec 2004

San Andreas not big enough for Wall Street, Take Two shares slip! News

Will multi-million selling 'stupid fantasy' be enough?

26 Oct 2004

Take 2 to drive Juiced from Acclaim's crumbling game garage? News

Juiced: showroom condition, 1 previous owner, $10 million o.n.o.

23 Sep 2004

Take 2 and SEGA Sign Exclusive Contract News

ESPN games to benefit from mighty corporate teamwork.

08 Jun 2004

Army Men is Back! News

Take 2 Interactive rescue the Green and the Tan from 3DO skip.

27 May 2004

E3 No-shows: Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto to Miss Key Show News

Deadlines approach for big franchises.

20 Apr 2004

GTA San Andreas to Miss E3? News

June slated for key franchise update.

16 Apr 2004

Take 2 Takes on Drakengard News

A new Square Enix game, a new publisher.

16 Mar 2004

Red Dead Revolver! New Screens! News

The game that avoided Boot Hill rides high!

26 Feb 2004

Bank of America Calls for Take 2 President's Resignation! News

Transition to big player sees financial troubles at highest level.

05 Feb 2004

PS2 Wish List 2004: GTA News

As inevitable as leaves falling from the trees. Deciduous trees, that is.

28 Dec 2003

Grand Theft Auto Stolen? News

Shock claims from Scottish designer.

19 Dec 2003

Red Not Dead Revolver News

Rockstar saves cult Capcom title.

19 Dec 2003

More Vice City Protests News

US retail giant bears the brunt of Haitian uproar.

15 Dec 2003

Capcom lost millions on Grand Theft Auto! News

Oof! Feeling the pinch of anti-violence gaming.

30 Sep 2003

The price of Grand Theft Auto? $100 million - murder case continues News

Landmark case as questionable game content makes a mark.

24 Sep 2003

Grand Theft Auto in court over killings News

Socially irresponsible gaming: the aftermath.

10 Sep 2003

Take 2: ‘We’ll buy anything’ News

GTA monster swallows TDK.

04 Sep 2003

Max Payne sequel screens appear News

Take 2 takes a second pop at the world's happiest man.

25 Jun 2003

GameCube avoids Mafia News

It’s demographics, see?

05 Jun 2003

Rockstar makes Grand Theft Auto 4 commitment – PlayStation 3 chatter re-emerges News

But Sony exclusives could be history.

30 May 2003

Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City not confirmed for GameCube and Xbox News

Take 2 CEO doesn’t confirm multi-format outings.

30 Apr 2003

The Italian Job finds favour with US magazine News

And what will the Japanese Michael Caine sound like?

14 Mar 2003

Grand Theft Auto 3 GBA for America this month? News

In America at least, according to Nintendo’s cryptic release schedule.

12 Mar 2003

Xbox Platinum Hits range causes deja vu News

MS budget range revealed!

28 Jan 2003

Vice City in Christmas Number 1 shocker News

World reels as Rockstar shock 'em up proves hugely popular

03 Jan 2003

Vice City runs into trouble down under News

Censored version in the works.

11 Oct 2002

Ethical sidestep sees Vietnam themed FPS News

Take 2 announces Vietcong for PC.

26 Jun 2002

Take 2 reports finances News

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

10 Jun 2002

State of Emergency announced for Xbox News

Fun in small doses, new features expected.

18 Mar 2002

Take 2 scores a hat trick News

Take 2 Interactive blasts in at numbers one, two and three in the Playstation 2 charts.

01 Mar 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

National Rock & Hip Hop Club Tour News

Rockstar Games and State of Emergency are sponsoring a massive UK club tour.

25 Feb 2002

Take 2 gears up with GameCube Developments News

It's not a toy!

15 Feb 2002

Italian police try to ban Mafia game News

Too much mob action for Italians to handle

08 Feb 2002

Take 2 loses Australian GTA 3 ban appeal News

Content revision planned

13 Dec 2001

Grand Theft Auto 3 banned in Australia News

Super-violent game almost slips the net

12 Dec 2001

Storm causes Red mist as Ubi Soft tackles Take 2 News

Claims made as takeover turns sour

05 Dec 2001

Take 2 in new buy-out speculation – Activision now rumoured News

Take2 double take as Acclaim backs away

11 Oct 2001

Acclaim and Take 2 Merger Rumour Update News

There is growing speculation in the games industry that Acclaim Entertainment and Take 2 Games are on the brink of a large scale merger.

18 Sep 2001

Max Payne Grosses Out News

Record sales figures for Remedy game.

17 Aug 2001

New Smuggler’s Run 2 shots hit the web News

Latest Rockstar crime-em-up image overload

15 Aug 2001

GOD in financial trouble? Rumor update… News

Is GOD about to leave this planet?

16 Jul 2001

Take 2 to publish City Crisis for the PlayStation 2 News

Helicopter do-goodery snapped up by Take 2

27 Jun 2001

Rune Confirmed For Playstation 2 – Latest Shots News

Another PC to PS2 conversion.

21 Jun 2001

4 x 4 Evolution revolution solution for PlayStation 2 News

On-line multi-player racing makes its way onto Sony’s next-generation platform in the shape of Take2’s 4x4 Evolution.

18 Jan 2001

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