PS2 Wish List 2004: GTA

As inevitable as leaves falling from the trees. Deciduous trees, that is.

Posted by Staff
Despite Rockstar/Take 2’s recent flurry of controversy-courting escapades, we all still know that they’ll both be grinning from ear to ear, as financially content as Michael Jackson’s lawyers, come the release of the next Grand Theft Auto game next autumn. After all, by then, the PlayStation 2’s installed userbase will most probably have superseded the world’s population count, and it’s pretty much common knowledge that, if you own a Sony console, (cue stereotypical ‘hypnotic voice’) “You will buy the game!”

As with most of the predicted big players for next year, details are extremely sparse but rumours are rife. It’s become generally expected that the game will not be the much-vaunted GTA 4 but will, instead, take the form of the third instalment in the GTA 3 series, leaving the real number four in the capable hands of the PlayStation 3. As such, the game will utilise the Renderware-based GTA 3 engine and will more than likely follow up Vice City in the usual fashion, by presenting a new location for the action, complete with more missions, vehicles, characters and generally being bigger and better than the last one.

As far as the rumours are concerned, it’s recently been reported that Rockstar has registered - a “who is” on that domain brings up a Richard Kruger, from the company’s NY studio - suggesting that the San Andreas area of California may well provide the location for the action. Other mutterings suggest that current bad boy of the pop world 50 Cent will be involved with the game in some way, hinting at the possibility of a ‘gangsta rap’ soundtrack.

Obviously none of this is even vaguely concrete and, until the all-important ones deem the time appropriate to enlighten the world on one of the most anticipated games of all time, then it’s more than likely going to remain as secret as the plot of The Office Christmas Specials. Oh, wait a minute...


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